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Abigaill Day, daughter of John and Abigaill Day, was born November 1, 1693

Abigail Day and Thomas Skinner were married January 4, 1720/1

Thomas Skinner ran to the Indians: muster roll of Capt. Joseph Heath and Company from May 2, to 14 Nov 1723 [Letters of Col Thomas Westbrook and others relative to Indian affairs in Maine (vol 48, p 281)]

Seth Makepeace, of Norton, to Thomas Skinner, Jr, of Norton, for consideration of 12, conveyed 8 acres of land lying & being in town of Norton, which was laid out by Benjamin Wilbore, of Taunton, May 31, 1735. Witness, Joseph Tiffany. Recorded Feb 2, 1756 (vol 41, p 496)

Mehitable Wilbore, of Taunton, to Thomas Skinner, Jr, of Norton, for consideration of 25 14s, conveyed one parcell of land in Norton, being part of the tract called Taunton North Purchase, containing by estimation 7 acres of meadow land, laid out for Joseph Wilbore May 27, 1708. Witnesses, Nov 27, 1724, Seth Williams, Elizabeth Dean. Recorded Feb 2, 1756 (vol 41, p 497)

Morgan Cobb, ye second of that name in Taunton, County of Bristol, paid by Thomas Skinner, Jr, for a parcel of land scituate, lying, and being in said Norton, 27 April 1731. Witnesses, Josiah Cobb, Simon Cobb. Recorded March 9, 1757

In 1732, the Grovers, Skinners, and Williams, etc., to the number of 25 or 30 families, having for many years attended meeting in Taunton, Norton, or Wrentham, petitioned for a meeting house. Mr. Thomas Skinner was chosen Deacon

Thomas Skinner was born March 16, 1732

Abigail Skinner married Seth Richardson, of Attleboro, October 25, 1739 in Norton

Abigaile Skinner and Seth Richardson of Attelborough, Oct. 25, 1739
Seth Richardson [jr. int.], of A., and Abbigal Skinner of Norton, Oct. 25, 1739

Children: Jonathan Richardson, b. Jan. 1, 1739-40 & married Hannah Franklen Aug. 6, 1761 ; Abigal Richardson, b. May 14, 1745 & married John Foster July 21, 1763 ; Seth Richardson, b. July 24, 1747 & died Feb. 15, 1752 ; Benjamin Richardson, b. Mar. 22, 1749-50 ; Anne Richardson, b. Feb. 10, 1753 ; Silas Richardson, b. Aug. 30, 1753 ; Seth Richardson, b. Sept. 15, 1755 , married Salle French Jan. 12, 1778 & died Jan. 29, 1824 ; Francis Richardson, b. June 11. 1758 ; Anna Richardson, b. Apr. 1, 1760 & published intentions to marry Henry Peck, son of Ann Skinner, Feb. 10, 1780 ; Silas Richardson, baptized Oct. 9, 1763

Mr. Benjamin Richardson of Norton and Miss Bethiah Skinner of Mansfield were Joined Together in Marriage the 25th of July 1771 by the Rev. Roland Green
On this fourteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and eighteen Benjamin Richardson a Citizen of the United States, now resident at Dana in the County of Worcester, declare that in the War of the revolution at the Commencement of it in the yar of our Lord seventeed hundred and seventy five I entered and was engaged in the land service of Massachusetts for the term of eight months, against the Common Enemy: and afterwards from time to time until AD 1779, I was engaged in said service in short excursions.
that in the month of July AD 1779 I entered and was engaged in the land service of the United States on the continental establishment for the term of nine months, and served accordingly from that time to the end of said term in April following as a Private against the Common Enemy, without any interruption or absence:
that I belonged to the company under the command of Capt Adam Fish in Col. Bradford's Regiment in the Massachusetts Line and that I left the service in the month of April AD 1780 when I was regularly discharged and that by reason of my reduced circumstances in life and poverty, I stand in need of assistance from my country for support, being now of the age of sixty eight years, and I have lost or mislaid all papers, accompanying my enlistment and discharge from the service
On this twenty first day of August in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and thirty two Benjamin Richardson a resident of Dana in the County of Worcester, aged eighty two years declared that he marched to Lexington as a minute man on the alarm, and served to the first day of May 1775 when he enlisted as a private in Capt. Caleb Richardson's Company in Col. Walker's Regiment for eight months and was stationed in Roxbury near Boston and at the end of his service he was verbally discharged being the last day of December 1775
That in July 1776 he enlisted for the term of five months as a private in Capt. Caleb Richardson's Company in Col. Carey's Regiment and was stationed first in the City of New York, then moved up the river about two miles to a place calles Chelsea, and remained there till the battle on Long Island, then at Harlem heights, and was near to White Plains at the time of the battle within hearing and was near Croton bridge at the end of his enlistment where he was verbally discharged
That some time in June 1777 he enlisted as a private in Capt. Israel Trow's Company for three monts and was stationed first in Providence and that then at South Kingston near Point Judith, where he was verbally discharged
That in August 1778 he was drafted in Capt. Elisha May's Company of Col. Daggett's Regiment and served from monday to the next Saturday night in General Sullivan's expedition where the Americans were driven from the Island of Rhode Island
That in July 1779 he enlisted in Capt. Adam fish's Company in Col. Bradford's Regiment for nine months on the Continental establishment, that his time commenced at Springfield Mass from thence to West Point on the North River, where he was regularly discharged, but has been lost
that he was born in Attleboro' Precinct in the County of Bristol - March 22, 1750 old style, he understood his age was recorded on the records of Attleboro' & that he resided in Attleboro' when he performed the said Militia services and at Rehoboth when he performed the service on the Continental establishment & that he moved to Dana in 1797 & has resided there ever since
he had previously been granted a pension -numbered 150-but has been stricken from the rolls on account of property
Benjamin Skinner of Dana testify that Bethiah Richardson the Widow of Benjamin Richardson is my sister Dated at Dana this sixteenth day of May AD 1837
Benjamin Richardson, of Dana, testifies that his father Benjamin Richardson, late of Dana, died on the twentieth day of February now last past, leaving my mother Bethiah Richardson his widow
On this eighteenth day of May AD 1837 Bethiah Richardson, a resident of Dana aged ninety years, declared that she is the widow of Benjamin Richardson who was a private in the army during the war of the revolution and was a pensioner
On this neneteenth day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight Bethiah Richards, aged ninety one years declares that she is the widow of Benjamin Richardson who was a private in the Massachusetts continental line and state troops for a term in the whole of more than two years with supporting statements by her brother Benjamin Skinner and her son Benjamin Richardson
Married by Rev Thomas Holt One thousand seven hundred and eighty nine, November twenty sixth Silas Richardson to Miss Abigail Thayer, both of Hardwick

One thousand Eight hundred and twenty nine, February first: Silas Richardson died aged sixty seven
On this 19th day of December AD 1855 Abigail Richardson a resident of Hardwick, aged eighty four years, declared that she is the widow of Silas Richardson who served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War and that her husband enlisted from the town of Attleborough and that it is her impression from what she has heard him state that he served six months or more in the war
Sarah F. Heath, a resident of the Town of Attleborough in the County of Bristol and State of Massachusetts, declares that Silas Richardson, late of Hardwick in this state was my great uncle, that I have seen and conversed with him and he had told me that he entered the Revolutionary army while he lived in Attleborough, tha the went to the town of Hardwick after he left the service and then married Abigail Thayer with whom also I have been firmally acquainted
On this twenty third day of October AD One thousand Eight hundred and fifty six, Abigail Richardson, aged Eight five years, a resident of the town of hardwick declares that she is the widow of Silas Richardson, who was a private in the Revolutionary War, and for whose service in said war she has recieved and now holds a pension certificate dated June 21, 1856 and makes application for any Bounty Land Warrant to which she may be entitled

Seth Richardson died January 10, 1785, in his 69th y
Abigail Richardson, widow of Seth, died April 26, 1811, in her 91st y

1740: Thomas and Abigail Skinner were admitted to the church at Norton

Tabitha Skinner married Benjamin Capron, of Attleboro, October 12, 1748 in Norton

Tabitha [int. Tabethy Skinmer] Skinner and Benjamin [int. Benjamen] Capron of Attleboro [int. Atelborrough], Oct. 12, 1748
Benjamin Capron, of A., and Tabathy Skinner of Norton, Oct. 12, 1748

Children: Elanar Capron, b. Dec. 23, 1749 & married Jeams Pullen, jr. Aug. 15, 1772 ; Benjamin Capron, b. June 3, 1752 & married Sarah Capron Aug. 27, 1773 ; George Capron, b. Nov. 2, 1754 ; Elizebeth Capron, b. Feb. 8, 1757 & published intentions to marry John Woodcock Apr. 24, 1775 ; Tatha Capron, b. July 8, 1759 & published intentions to marry Lemuel Macomber Jan.11, 1777 ; Margitt Capron, b. July 8, 1761 & published intentions to marry Simeon Cole, jr. Sept. 11, 1779

Benjamin Capron, died February 23, 1800, in his 73d y
Tabatha Capron, widow, died January 25, 1807, in her 84th y

Susanna Skinner married David Harden Mach 20, 1751 in Norton

Susanna [int. Sussannah] and David Harding, Mar. 20, 1751

Ruth Skinner married Abiel Peck, of Attleboro, July 11, 1751

Ruth Skinner and Abiel Peck of Attleborough, July 11, 1751
Abial Peck, of A., and Ruth Skinner of Norton, July 11, 1751

Children: Ezrah Peck, b. Jan. 12, 1752 & died Jan. 13, 1752 ; Abial Peck, b. Jan. 1, 1753 & died Jan. 8, 1753 ; Rachel Peck, b. May 6, 1754 ; Abiel Peck, b. May 15, 1756 ; Rebekah Peck, b. Aug. 7, 1758 ; Ruth Peck, b. Feb. 14, 1761

Abiel Peck died December 16, 1802 in New Brunswick
Here lies interred the body of Abiel Peck, a native of Boston, and one of the first settlers of this place, who, on the 16th of December, 1802, undortunately perished in a boat, in the 73d year of his age, leaving upwards of threescore descendatns to lament his melancholy fate

Thomas Skiner [int. Skinner Jr.] and Hannah Bates of Wrentham, Nov. 14, 1751

Thomas Skinner married Hannah Bates, of Wrentham, November 14, 1751

Children: Thomas Skiner, b. Aug. 6, 1752 ; Hannah Skiner, b. Aug. 10, 1754 & married Nathaniel Hodges May 24, 1774 in Mansfield

Thomas Skinner died May 12, 1819
Hannah Skinner, widow of Thomas, died February 21, 1823 aged 93 y

Ann Skinner married Hezekiah Peck, of Attleboro, February 5, 1755

Ann Skinner and Hezekiah Peck of Attleboroug [int. Attleborough], Feb. 5, 1755
Hezekiah Peck, of A., and Ann Skinner of Norton, Feb. 5, 1755

Children: Anna Peck, b. Dec. 7, 1761 & published intentions to marry Menassah Short of Rehoboth Nov. 22, 1779 Brief by Manassath Short with his signature ; Hazuciah Pek, b. May 22, 1755 & published intentions to marry Hephzibah Dryar of Rehoboth July 14, 1779 ; Henrey Pek, b. Dec. 10, 1756 & published intentions to marry Anna Richardson, daughter of Abigail Skinner, Feb. 10, 1780 ; Jonathan Peck, b. July 29, 1769 & married Sabrey Capron Dec. 4, 1796

On this Eighteenth day of September in the year One Thousand Eight hundred and thirty two Henry Peck a resident of the Town of Harrisburgh in the County of Lewis and State of New York aged seventy six years declared that in the year, 1775, sometime in the spring, he enlisted as a volunteer in the Massachusetts Milita under Captain Caleb Richardson Lieutenant Enoch Robinson in the Regiment commanded by Col. Leonard and served four months, marching to Roxbury at the time the British had possesion of Boston
that he and his Brother enlisted for Eight months one to serve one half of the time and the other the remainder and that his Brother served the first four months and he the remaining four months and that he left the service sometime in the fall of that year
that in the year 1776 he was called out four or five times under Captain Alexander Foster, Lieutenant Michael Sweet, in the Regiment commanded by Colonel John Daggert, but cannot recollect the precise time he served at each call out, but sometimes he served three weeks and sometimes ten to fifteen days. He served in this manner from 1776 to 1780, at least two months in each year in addition to the time that they marched to Warren and Brister Massachusetts
that he also served in the year 1776 two months under Captain Israel Trow, Lieutenant Isaac White, Ensign Michael Sweet & marched to Provicence Rhode Island and to Naraganset, RI
Also in the year 1777, about fifteen days under Captain Stephen Richardson Lieutenant Daniel Richardson, Ensign Elijah Caprice, and marched to Newport, RI at the time General Burton brought General Prescott from the Islands
he also served six weeks in this year under Captain Caleb Richardson & marched to Little Compton, Massachusetts and that he served as a volunteer at all times above specified and the service was all rendered in the Massachusetts Milita
that he was in actual service as above stated at least one year and six months and that he resided when he entered the service in the Town of Attlebury, Bristol County, Massachusetts and knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify this service affidavit of Joseph Chadwick with signature
Henry Peck aged Seventy six years deposeth that by reason of old age and the Consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than at least one year and six months as a private in the Massachusetts Militia and for such service claims a pension. he further states that no clergyman resides in the Town of Harrisburgh, his residence this 9th day of May 1833
the 28th day of August 1833 Henry Peck of Harrisburgh, Aged Seventy Six years in December last, deposed much as before about his military service, adding marches to Tiverton & Greenwich, RI; to Royalton, Newport & Haverhill, NH
Secretary's Office, June 6th, 1834: the name of Henry Peck, as a private, is borne on the Muster Roll of Capt. Israel Trow's Company in Col. Josiah Whitney's Regt. where he is
allowed from may 14th to July 6th 1777, for services and travel fifty-one days.                                                                                                                                                         - 1m 21d
the name of Henry Peck is borne on a Pay Roll of Capt. Alexander Fosters' Company, in Col. John Daggett's Regt. where he is allowed from Decembr 8th, 1777, twenty-five days.- 0m 25d
the name of Henry Peck is borne on a Pay Roll of Capt. Alexander Fosters' Company, in Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regt. where he is allowed from July 27th to August 12th, 1778,
for services and travel, seventeen days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - 0m 17d
the name of Henry Peck, as a corporal, is borne on a Pay Abstract of Capt. Caleb Richardson's Company, in Col. John Hathaway's Regt. where he is allowed from March 25th to
April 15th, 1779, twenty-one days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - 0m 21d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - 3m 24d
Henry Peck claimes for services as a substitute for Hezekiah Peck, under Capt. Caleb Richardson, in 1775. The roll of Capt. Caleb Richardson's Company, from April 24th to August 1st, 1775, is found in this office, and the name of Hezekiah Peck is borne thereon, and is allowed for services and travel three months and eight days
February 18, 1853 deposition of Hannah Chadwick, of Lowville, Lewis County, NY, declaring that her father Henry Peck died June 10th 1838 in Harrisburgh, Lewis County, NY & that her mother Anna Peck, widow, died August 27, 1841 in Harrisburgh, leaving the declarant, Calvin Peck, Hezekiah Peck, Silas Peck, Abigail Thomas, Nancy Peck & Eliaenel Weller as their only living children and request that any pension still due her parents be remitted to their children
March 8th, 1853 Hannah Chadwick, fifty three year old daughter of Henry Peck requested information regarding the service of Henry Peck, native of Attleborough, during the Revolutionary War, specifically as a substitute for his brother Hezekiah Peck, guard duty at Breed's Hill, as a militiaman agaist tories & Indians on the Connecticut River-on one occassion under Captain Lane-and his service as a quartermaster
The claim on behalf of Henry Peck was rejected as six months actual service could not be proven nor verified

Hezekiah Peck died October 14, 1775, in his 44th y
Anne Peck, widow of Hezekiah, died June 4, 1822, in her 89th y

March 15, 1748, Abigail Skinner, administrator of the estate of Thomas Skinner, late of Norton, was appointed guardian of his children, Thomas, Ruth and Ann, minors over 14 (vol 11, p 650)

The Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Skinner, 2nd, dec'd, was taken March 29, 1749 and valued at 2741.00.6

July 13, 1752, Abigail Skinner turns in account as administrator: rec'd 168.4.1, paid out 31.0.5

July 5, 1754: Benjamin Williams, James Titus & Ichabod Shaw were appointed by Honorable George Leonard to make true account of the Estate of Thomas Skinner, 2nd, dec'd

Thomas Skinner, 2nd, late of Norton; widow's dower set to Widow Abigail land which was some that "belonged in July, 1714, to Mr. Thomas Skinner, father of the deceased" (vol 16, pp 35-37.)

1763, Administration of estate of widow Abigail Skinner, late of Norton, given to Thomas Skinner (vol 18, p 394)

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