With possible connections to the BROWNE FAMILY of ENGLAND.
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Beginning with John1 Budd’s forebears in England:
John Budde of Seale, Surrey, England m. 8 July 1565 at Seale, Katherine Loveland.
She d. Oct. 1590. Their children all baptized at Seale;

1. Mary, bap.23 May 1566, mar. Thomas Marshall.
2. Alse, bap.2 Nov. 1568, bur. Nov. 1570.
3. Joan, bap. 30 Mar. 1571. 
4. Anne, bap. 19 May 1572.
5. Agnes, bap. 3 Aug. 1573 mar. Henry Dunne.
6. William, bap. 8 July 1576, mar. Juliana Brinffelde; their children:
John, bap. 21 Dec. 1602, Mary, bap. 2 Nov. 1606, William, bap. 19 Feb.1608/9. 
* 7. John, bap. 22 Feb. 1579, (father of John1 Budd; see below).
8. Robert, bap. 2/16 Aug. 1580, bur. Jan. 1611/12.
9. Jane, bap. 26 Feb. 1583, 
10. John, bap. 29 Mar. 1584/5, 
11. Richard, bap. 14/24 Apr. 1588, mar. Judith Sturt of Guildford; their children: 
  Judith 1615, Oliefe 1616, Elizabeth 1619, Anne 1620, Sarah 1622, Anna 1625.
These are the father*, the aunts, uncles, cousins, and the grandparents of our immigrant ancestor, John1 Budd.

*John Budde of London and Pirbright, Surrey, son of John Budde and Katherine Loveland, bap. 22 Feb. 1579 at Seale, d. at Pirbright, Surrey, ?May, 1654, (mar?) Catherine Browne, bap. ca. 1578-82, dau. of Anthony Browne, Esq., bap. 1553, d. 1592 (son. of Sir Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montague), and Mary Dormer, bur. 1637, dau. of Sir William Dormer of Eyethorp, Bucks.

Note: It is unlikely that this John Budde and Catherine Browne were actually married, but there is strong supporting evidence that she was the mother of our immigrant ancestor, John1 Budd.

Children of John Budde of London and Pirbright:

1. John1 Budd(e), bap. 16 Oct. 1599 at St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London (his baptismal certificate gives father as John Budde, but no mother's name), d. 1670. (See below.)
2. Katherine Budde, bap. 8 Mar. 1634/5, mar. 27 Mar. 1654 John Withall, bap. 18 June 1633, son of Richard of Puttenham and Woking, Surrey. Their children all bap. at Horsell, Surrey:
Thomas 21 Sept. 1662.
Anne 22 May 1664.
Catherine 2 Dec. 1666.
Elizabeth 6 Mar. 1669.
Richard 29 Sept. 1672.
Note:  This daughter Katherine was born when her father was age ca. 55. We have not yet searched her mother's name. At the time of her marriage to John Withall in 1654, she was living in Worplesdon, Surrey with the family of Richard Huntingford who was her guardian. She was a half-sister to our ancestor, John Budd.
Note: The will of *John Budde of Pirbright (proved at Westminster on 10 May 1654) names only these two children, John1 and Katherine, and his two kinsmen, John Budd of Tongham and William Budd of Aldershott who were his nephews, sons of his brother William. A copy of the original will, may be obtained from the Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, London, England WC2A 1LR.

From England, 1637, to America:

1. John1 Budd(e), bap. 16 Oct. 1599 at St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London d. 1670, Rye, N.Y., mar. 21 Nov. 1620 at Chichester St. Andrews, Sussex, Eng. Catheryn Butcher, bap. 24 Sept. 1598, dau. of Richard Butcher and Catheryne Hargrave.

Their children:

Katherine, bap.18 Oct.1621, Chichester St. Andrews, bur. 1634, Felpham, Sussex.
John2 (probably b. 1623), bap. 12 May 1625, St. Mary Whitechapel.
Mary, bap. 17 July 1625, Chichester St. Pancras, Sussex.
Sarah, bap. 1627, Chichester St. Pancras, bur. 1636 Felpham.
Jane, bap. 1633, Chichester St. Pancras
Judith, bap. 1635/6, Felpham
Anne/Anna, b. 1637 (There is no parish record of her baptism in England, and yet she was of John1 Budd's family of six when they arrived in New Haven.)
Note: The family of Catheryn Butcher included seven other children, all bap. at Chichester St. Andrews, Sussex:
Dorrithe 30 Sept. 1584.
Bartholomewe 14 Aug. 1586.
John 24 Sept. 1588.
Elizabeth 10 Sept. 1591. - She was sister to Catheryn who mar. John1 Budd
Catheryne 21 Sept. 1592. - This one probably died, and so they used the name again, 
                                               thus the Catheryn who married John1 Budd
Roberte 1 Apr. 1594.
Marie 28 May 1601.
Note:  There was an Elizabeth Butcher mar. Edward Perkins, bap. 1625/6 in Brighton, England, on 20 Mar. 1649 in New Haven, Ct. He was son of Edward Pirkines. This Elizabeth was probably a daughter of one of Catheryn Butcher's brothers, John or Roberte and therefore Catheryn's niece  who mar. John1 Budd.
2. John2 Budd, son of John1 Budd(e), bap. 12 May 1625, St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London, d. 5 Nov. 1684, mar. 1653, Southold, Long Island, N.Y. Mary Horton, b. 1633 Hampton, Mass., d. after 1687 Southold, Long Island, dau. of Barnabas Horton and Mary Langton. Their children all born Southold;
Mary b. 1654, mar. 1st Nichols, 2nd Christopher Youngs.
Hannah b. 1657, mar. Jonathan Hart.
John3 b. 1659, mar. Esther (?).
Ann b. 1667, mar. Benjamin Horton, son of ?Joseph2 Horton and Jane Budd?
Joseph3 b. 1669?, mar. Sarah Underhill.
Sarah b. ca. 1670, mar. Benjamin Conklin.
From this point on, with the children of John2 and his sisters Jane and Judith, the descendants of this family line have married and multiplied and spread throughout much of America, and some in Canada a fine and noble lineage. For you who are one of them, this research is presented. M.B.H.

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