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  [ mom and dad ] welcome to the Bunn Crib
(A Family History Website)

Like so many other researchers, curiosity was the spark behind this website. Specifically, curiosity about my father's family. After he passed away in 1997, I realized how little I really knew about his (and my own) ancestry. The curiosity has evolved into a full-blown obsession and resulted in this website. This site will, for the moment, be one that focuses on the Bunn families that settled in Mississippi, especially around the Monroe County area. This group evidently came from Georgia and before that, North Carolina. Hopefully, a link can be established between my gg-grandfather, Bennett Bunn and one of the Bennetts in North Carolina. I hope you will take the time to visit most of the site and leave comments or suggestions for me as needed. Be sure to check back from time to time as this site expands and maybe we can make a connection. Finally, be aware that the information presented here is by no means 100% accurate but is meant only as aid in helping the Mississippi Bunns piece together their family history.

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. - Alex Haley

    Family Images

Updated 4/25/00    Picture Gallery : Here you'll find various photographs of family members, past and present.
Updated 3/29/00    Geographical Gallery:  Just a few of maps that I have collected.
Updated 4/4/00    Miscellaneous Gallery :  Here are some images that are neither photographs nor maps that have family significance.
Family Data

Updated 3/30/00    Bunn Marriages:  A listing of all Bunn marriages I have gathered.
Coming Soon!    Bunn Land Records:  Mostly a list of land transactions involving my immediate line.
Coming Soon!    Bunn Tax Rolls:  Bennett and George W. Bunn tax roll entries in Monroe County.
Coming Soon!    Articles of Contract:  A contract between Judah Bunn and B.V. Jones.
Updated 4/11/00    Joe A. Brasfield:  Last will and testament of Joe A. Brasfield - 1937.
Coming Soon!    Bunn Military Records:  Includes civil war pension records and muster rolls for George W., Eli C., and Matthew H. Bunn.
Odds and Ends

Updated 4/1/00    Bennett Bunn :  Descendant Report for Bennett Bunn.
Updated 4/1/00    Zachariah Lovelace :  Descendant Report for Zachariah Lovelace
Some Genealogy Links

 Updated 3/29/00    Bunn Family of NC:  A link to Tom Bunn's excellent site on the Bunn families from North Carolina.
Updated 3/29/00    Monroe County:  The official Monroe County website
Updated 3/29/00    State Archives:  The official Mississippi State Archives website
Updated 3/29/00    41st Infantry:  This site lists all the historical records of the 41st Mississippi Infantry from the Monroe County area.
Updated 3/29/00    BLM:  Search the Bureau of Land Management for your ancestor's land pantents.
Updated 3/29/00    Chattanooga Cemetery:  Search the Chattanooga Confederate Cemetery and the Watkins List for your ancestors.

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©2000-Barry Bunn. Information contained on these pages is for general reference to assist fellow researchers tracing their family roots. It is not designed to be, and should not be used as, the sole source of genealogical information on these lines.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Danny C. Bunn, Tom Bunn
Please direct all inquiries to: Barry Bunn, 5616 High Creek, Dallas, Texas 75249, E-mail Barry Bunn

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