Bury directory 1781 and 1791

Bury directory 1781 and 1791
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Bailey’s Northern Directory 1781 -Bury
BARTON Samuel, fustian manufacturer
FORD John, calico printer
HARKER John, fustian manufacturer
KAY Robert, woollen manufacturer
OPENSHAW Thomas, woollen manufacturer
PILKINGTON James, woollen manufacturer
TAYLOR Edmund, fustian manufacturer
WALKER William, woollen manufacturer

1791 Universal Directory – Bury

[…In cases of election, great Information is to be derived by a reference to the Freeholders in each town, the letter F being annexed to every persons name who possesses a vote….]

Bury is a market-town, situated 9 miles North of Manchester, in a fertile valley on the banks of the river Irwell. The market is on Thursday. There are three fairs in the year, viz. on the 5th of March, 3rd of Mary, and 18th of September, for horned cattle &c. It is famous for it’s manufactories of cotton; and the business of calico-printing is carried on to a very great extent. The church (formerly an ancient Gothic structure) was rebuilt in the year 1780. There is a chapel of ease; one meeting-house for dissenters; one for Methodists; and another for independents. There is an elegant grammar-school which was well-endowed by a Mr KAY of Woodhill, near Bury; Likewise a charity-school for the education of 80 boys and 30 girls, founded by the Rev John STANLEY, late rector of Bury. Near the church stands the rectory, now the residence of William YATES Esq. At the North-end of the town, they are building an elegant square to consist of 60 houses known by the name of Union-square. The post arrives every morning at 7 o’clock; and sets out again at 6 in the evening of the same day. A stage coach runs between Bury and Manchester three days every week. Viz. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from the Coach and Horses, Union-street to the Boar’s-head, Hyde’s-cross. An act is obtained for a canal from Bury to Manchester; Its course winds along the banks of the river Irwell. Carts go regularly three times every week from Bury to Manchester and take in loading at the Bear’s-head and White Horse, Hanging-ditch, Boar’s-head, Dangerous-corner, and Dog and Partridge, Fennel-street. Bury is distant from Rochdale 7 miles; Bolton 6 miles; Haslingden 9 miles; and 192 from London. Several Roman coins have been formerly dug up here. A dreadful accident happened here July 5 1787, by the fall of the theatre, by which more than 300 persons were inclosed among the ruins; many were killed, and others greatly bruised, and very few escaped unhurt.
The following are the principal inhabitants:

HILL Charles, (F) Gent
HAMER John, (F) Gent
NUTTALL John, (F) Gent
SHAW Alexander, (F) Gent
WHITEHEAD James, (F) Gent

HODGSON Rev FRAN, (F) Schoolmaster
HARGREAVES Rev James, (F) Curate
ORTT Rev Richard, (F) Schoolmaster

ALLEN Kay, (F) Surgeon
CUNLIFFE Ellis, (F) Surgeon
LEE Ralph, Surgeon
PLATT Thomas, Surgeon

ORAM Thomas, Attorney
SHAW Lawrence, (F) Attorney
UNSWORTH John, Attorney
WOODCOCK Samuel, Attorney

Traders &c
AINSWORTH James, Butcher
AINSWORTH James, Hatter
AINSWORTH John, Butcher
APPLETON Peter, Carpenter
APPLETON Samuel, Carpenter
ASHWORTH James & Co, Fustian-dyers
ASHWORTH John, Currier
ASHWORTH Robert, Hatter
BAKER John, Mule and Jenny-maker
BARKER Thomas, grocer
BARLOW Richard, (F) Stay-maker
BARRET Crispin, Clogger
BATTERSBY Edmund, Shoe-maker
BATTERSBY Joseph (Victualler)
BATTERSBY Robert, (F) Victualler
BATTERSBY Robert, Woollen-manufacturer
BENTLEY Alice, (F) Victualler
BENTLEY William, (F) Clothier
BENTLEY William, Draper
BOOTH John, (F) Brick-maker
BOOTH John, Draper
BOOTH Major, victualler (Golden-lion)
BOOTH Martha, Grocer
BOOTH Roger, Woollen-manufacturer
BOOTH William, glass-man
BRANDWOOD Joseph, Victualler
BRIDGE Booth, (F) Mealman
BRIDGE Henry, (F) Victualler
BRIDGE Robert, (F) Victualler
BRIDGE Thomas, (F) Paviour
BRIDGE William, Butcher
BRIESLEY Thomas, Apple-dealer
BROWN ____, Cabinet-maker
BUCKLEY Samuel, Town Crier
BURCH Richard, Carrier
BURRELL William, Woollen-manufacturer
BURTON James, Potatoe-dealer
BUTLER James, Taylor
BUTTERFIELD Henry, Pig-killer
BUTTERFIELD James, shoe-maker
BUTTERWORTH Samuel, Cabinet-maker
CHADWICK Alice, (F) Shoe-maker
CHADWICK James, Baker
CHADWICK John, Grocer
CHURNSIDE George, Stone-mason
CLARKE Betty, Cloth-dresser
CLEGG John, Grocer
COLLIER Charles, Taylor
COLLINS Robert, Loom-maker
COOPER Thomas, Victualler (Post-office)
CROMPTON James, Schoolmaster
CROMPTON Ralph, shopkeeper
CROMPTON Ralph, Victualler (Bell)
CROMPTON Robert, Paper-maker
CROMPTON Tho. Fustian-manufacturer
CROMPTON Thomas, (F) Paper-maker
CROPPER Jos. Victualler (Union Arms)
CROPPER Silence, Grocer
DAWSON John, Fustian-cutter
ENTWISLE James, Shoe-maker
FITTON John, Plumber and glazier
FITTON John, Tallow-chandler
FLETCHER A. (F) Woollen-manufacturer
FLETCHER James, (F) Butcher
FLETCHER John, (F) Victualler
FLETCHER John, Plumber and glazier
FLETCHER Mary, (F) Victualler (Cross)
FLETCHER Richard, (F) Farmer
FLETCHER Samuel, (F) Ship Woollen manufacturer
FLETCHER Thomas, Reed-maker
FLETCHER William, Chair-maker
GORTON James, Glazier
GORTON John, Taylor
GREEN Joseph, Cooper
GREENHALGH James, Victualler (Swan)
GREENHALGH John, Shuttle-maker
GREENHALGH William, Schoolmaster
GREENLAGH John, Taylor
GREENLEAVES Betty, Mantua-maker
GREENLEAVES John, Fustian-cutter
GREGSON John, Shuttle-maker
GREGSON John, Taylor
GRUNDY David, Carrier
GRUNDY Edmund, (F) Woollen-manufacturer
GRUNDY James, Woollen-manufacturer
GRUNDY Jn. (F) Woollen-manufacturer
GRUNDY John, (F) Bedder
GUEST William, Blacksmith
HACKING Alice, Grocer
HALL ROBERT, Shoe Warehouse
HALL Thomas, Dealer in Old Clothes
HAMER Daniel, Tanner
HAMER John, Grocer
HAMER Samuel, (F) Shoe-maker
HAMPSON John, Grocer
HARDMAN John, Glazier
HARDY John, (F) Pattern-dresser
HARTLEY John, Fruiterer
HASLAM Jane, Draper
HASLAM Thomas, Cotton-manufacturer
HASLAM Thomas, Hatter
HAWORTH Robert, Printer, Stationer & Agent to the Phoenix Fire-Office
HEIGHS James, Carpenter
HERRING Martin, Fishmonger
HODGSON Rich. Fistian-manufacturer
HOLKER Sam. (F) Woollen-manufacturer
HOLLAND James, Watch-maker
HOLME Richard, Cotton-spinner
HOLT Alice, Boarding-school
HOLT Edward, Schoolmaster
HOLT Geo, (F) Woollen-manufacturer
HOLT Richard, Mercer and Draper
HORROX James, Butcher
HORROX Nathan, Butcher
HORROX Samuel, (F) Bedder
HORROX Thomas, Schoolmaster
HOWARD Jane, Grocer
HOWARD Samuel, Victualler
HOWARD William, (F) Grocer
HOWORTH Richard, Cotton-carder
HOWORTH Robert, Carpenter
HOWORTH Samuel, (F) Ironmonger, &c.
HUTCHINSON Betty, Pot-dealer
HUTCHINSON Robert, Grocer
HUTCHINSON William, (F) Woollen-manufacturer
KAY James, (F) Gingerbread-maker
KAY James, Glazier
KAY James, Woollen-manufacturer
KAY John, Mercer and Draper
KAY John, Woollen-manufacturer
KAY Joseph, Carpenter
KAY Richard, Cotton Cheque-maker
KAY ROB. & Co. Woollen-manufacturer
KAY Robert, (F) Shuttle-maker
KAY Thomas, Draper
KAY Thomas, Stay-maker
KAY William, Taylor
KAY Wm. Victualler & Breeches-maker
KENYON Jonathan, Victualler
KNIGHT Henry, Dyer
KNIGHT Thomas, Dyer
LANCASHIRE Joseph, Victualler
LEE John, (F) Butcher
LEECH James, Carpenter
LEIGH Robert, Supervisor
LEMMINS William, Excise Officer
LIVESAY Betty, Mantua-maker
LIVESAY Charles, Taylor
LIVESAY Richard, (F) Carpenter
MARGERSON James, (F) Butcher
MASON John, (F) Farmer
METCALF Rachel, Mantua-maker
MORRIS James, (F) Boot & Shoe-maker
MORTON Lucy, Milliner
MOSS John, Timber-merchants
MURRAY Edward, Painter
NABB John, House-builder
NIELD Daniel, Schoolmaster
NIELD John, Grocer
NORRIS Christopher, Mercer and Draper
NORRIS Mary, Milliner
NORRIS William, jun. Tallow-chandler
NORRIS William, sen. (F) Hop and Porter-merchant
NUTTAL Edward, (F) Grocer
NUTTAL James, Cabinet-maker
NUTTAL James, Carrier
NUTTAL Jn. Victualler (Coach & Horses)
OGDEN James, Waggoner
OLIVANT Thomas, Sadler
OPENSHAW James, Fustian-manufacturer
OPENSHAW Samuel, hatter
ORTT Peggy, Boarding-School
OWEN Matthew, Wheelwright
PATEFIELD Robert, Taylor
PATEFIELD William, Taylor
PEACOCK James, Gardener
PEEL, YATES & Co. Calico Printers
PILKINGTON George, (F) Fustian-manufacturer
PILKINGTON James, Fuller
PILLING James, (F) Liquor-merchant
PILLING John and James, Blacksmiths
PLATT Roger, Blacksmith
POLLIT James, Fustian-manufacturer
POLLIT Thomas, Fustian-manufacturer
PORTER Thomas, Bedder
RAGG Thomas, Bread-baker
RANDLE John, Tinplate-worker
RICHARDS Joseph, Hosier
RIGBY Susannah, Mantua-maker
SALTER Thomas, Peruke-maker
SCHOLES James, Woollen-manufacturer
SCHOLES John, fustian-manufacturer
SHACKLETON William, Shopkeeper
SMITH James, (F) Farmer
SMITH James, Rag-merchant
SMITHURST John, Haberdasher & Hosier
SPENCER Betty, grocer
SPENCER David, Pawnbroker
SPENCER Henry, Cotton-manufacturer
SPENCER James, Taylor
SPENCER Mary, Malt and Hop-dealer
STANDERING Rachel, Grocer
TAYLOR Betty, Mantua-maker
TAYLOR John, Bedder
THORNTON James, Whitesmith
THORP Edmund, Peruke-maker
THORP James, Gardener
TOOTELL Charles, Slater
TOOTELL Joseph, Slater
UNSWORTH George, Grocer
WALKER John, Victualler (White Lion)
WALKER William, (F) Woollen-manufacturer
WALMESLEY James, Victualler
WALMESLEY William, Pot-maker
WARDLE John, Victualler (Red Lion)
WARDLE Thomas, (F) Bricklayer
WARDLEWORTH Thomas, Butcher
WHEATLEY Jeremiah, Stocking-weaver
WHITEHEAD Henry, Hair-dresser
WHITEHEAD J. Taylor and Habit-maker
WHITEHEAD James, Reed-maker
WHITEHEAD James, Shuttle-maker
WHITEHEAD John, Taylor
WHITWORTH Edmund, Wasp-maker
WILD Robert, Gardener
WILDE James, Gardener
WILKINSON John, Blacksmith
WILLIS Adam, Liquor-merchant
WOOD Abraham, (F) Victualler
WOOD Abraham, Hardware-man
WOOD Isaac, Butcher
WOOD James, (F) Hatter
WOOD Jeremy, Engine-maker
WOOD Joseph, (F) Victualler
WOOD Joseph, Cotton-carder
WOOD Robert, taylor
WOOD Samuel, Hatter
WOOD Thomas, (F) Schoolmaster
WOOLFINDER Richard, grocer
WOOLNER John, (F) Shoemaker
WOOLSTENHOLME Mary, Shopkeeper
WRIGLEY James, (F) Grocer
WRIGLEY Ratcliff, (F), Blacksmith

The principal villages and seats are as follow:
Chamber House near Bury, the seat of Robert PEEL Esq MP for Tamworth
Woodhill, the seat of John YATES Esq, 1 mile distant
Heywood-hall, the seat of James STARKEY, Esq. High Sheriff for the county, 4 miles distant
Redvales, the seat of Joseph STARKEY Esq, 1 mile distant
Walshaw House, the Rev. John HUGHE’S boarding-school, 3 miles distant
Spring Sides, the seat of the Rev. Sir William CLERKE, Bart. Rector, 2 miles distant
Limefield, the seat of John GRUNDY, 1 mile distant
Chesham, the seat of Kay ALLEN, 1 mile
Chesham-fold, the seat of Messrs. Samuel and Robert KAY, 1 mile distant
Bass-lane, the seat of Mr James KAY & Sons, 2 miles distant
Brandlesome, the seat of William LOMAX, 2 miles distant
Woolfold, the seat of William MILLETT, 2 miles distant
Bamford Hall, the seat of William BAMFORD, Esq. 4 miles distant
Redvales Manor-house, the seat of James OPENSHAW, 1 mile distant
New House, the seat of Richard MANGREAVE, Esq. 3 miles distant

Three miles from Bury is the populous village of Tottington which is a royal manor.
Holcombe is 5 miles distant, where are the calico-printing works of Messrs. WARREN and KAY.
Edenfield is 5, and Heywood 3 miles distant.