Bury directory 1818

Bury directory 1818
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Extracted from Lancashire general directory for 1818 containing the names, trades, and residence of the principal inhabitants in the town and neighbourhood of Bury - originally published by T Rogerson Manchester 1818

ACKROYD Edward stocking manufacturer, 39, Rock st
AGAR Thomas, watch and clock maker, 38, Fleet st
AINSWORTH John, silk dyer, Cross Keys yard
AINSWORTH John, butcher, 5 Silver st
ALANSON John, gentleman, 16, Union Square
ALLARD Rev William, minister of the Presbyterian Chapel, 19, Union Square
ALLEN William 40, Bury Lane
ANDREWS Mrs R gentlewoman, Redivals
APPLETON Samuel, joiner, builder and timber-merchant, 11 Rock St
APPLETON William, victualler, Ring oíBells, 22 Rock st
ASHWORTH Elizabeth, hat manufacturer, 40, Clarke St
ASHWORTH Able, baker and confectioner, Union St
ASHWORTH Robert, blacksmith, 40, Millgate
ASHWORTH Giles, calico printer, Edgeworth moor
ASHWORTH James, printer, 9, Fleet st
AUSTIN William, butcher, 30 Fleet st
BAKER John, gentleman, Union Square
BANNISTER Edward, blacksmith, Stanley st
BARKER Sarah, straw bonnet maker, Union square
BARKER Grace, baker and flour dealer, Stanley st
BARKER Phillip, joiner, near New rd
BARKER James, tailor and habit maker, Union square
BARLOW John, grocer and flour dealer, Heap bridge
BARLOW James, victualler, White Bear, Market place
BARLOW Mrs Jane, silver st
BARLOW Richard, stay maker, 40 silver st
BARLOW Matthew, nail maker, bottom of Millgate
BARLOW Robert, moulder, near Dog Town
BARNES Henry, grocer and flour dealer, Pitts iíth Moor
BARNES Richard, baker and flour dealer, Moor side
BARNES John, bleacher, Elton fold, h. Tenters
BARNES James, crofter, near Bury bridge
BARNES Anne, bleeder with Leeches, Millgate
BARRATT William, butcher, Fleet st
BARRATT John, clog and patten maker, Rock st
BARRATT Thomas, clogger, Water st, Moor side
BARRITT John, saddler and harness maker, Fleet st
BARRITT Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Clarke st
BARROW John, woollen dyer, Whitehead bridge, New rd
?BENNETT Thomas, brass and iron founder, New rd, h. Union sq
?BEST Barker, & Co. calico printers, Hollins
?BATTERSBY Robert, woollen manufacturer, mill, Bury bridge, warehouse, Butcher lane
?BATTERSBY Robert, butcher, Union sq
?BATTERSBY John, woollen manufacturer, h. King st
BENTLEY James, cattle dealer, Heaton fold
BENTLEY Joseph, victualler, auctioneer and sworn appraiser, Eagle and Child, Fleet st
BENTLEY John, calico printer, Clarke st
BENTLEY John, printer, Bury lane
BENTLEY Michael, printer, Bury bridge
BENTLEY George, painter, Peel st
BENTLEY Miles, plumber, Paradise st
?BENN William, hair dresser, Millgate
BIRCH Richard, gentleman, Moor side
BIRCH Nathan, calico printer, Elmet
BIRCH William, shoe maker, Porterís yard. Millgate
?BIMELEY Thomas, pawn broker, Moor side
?BIMELEY Brothers, fulling millers, Bridge hall
?BIMELEY Thomas, woollen weaver, Tenters
BOLTON John, block cutter, Bolton st
BOOTH John, boot and shoe maker, Stanley st
BOOTH Richard, farmer, Buckley wells
BOOTH George, hat manufacturer, Rock st
BOOTH Richard, grocer and flour dealer, Heaton fold
BOOTH Thomas, plumber and glazier, Bolton st
BOOTH James, plumber and glazier, Rock st
BOOTH Richard, printer, 41, Bury lane
BOOTH Thomas, surgeon and man-midwife, Bell near Moorside
BOOTH James, book-keeper, Bolton st
BOOTH M. victualler, Blakeworth bridge
BOOTH John, Brooksmouth
BOOTH William, tailor, Clarke st
BOOTH John, glazier, Horrocks yard, Rock st
BOOTH William, crofter, Buckley wells
BOOTH Robert, slater, Moor side
BOOTH John, crofter, Brooksmouth
BOWERS John, wheelwright, Moor side
BRADE Robert, dyer and draper, Bury bridge
BRADE Thomas, boot and shoe maker, near Bury bridge
BRADLEY Richard, cooper, Millgate
BREARLEY John, woollen manufacturer, Redivals
BRIDGE Thomas, grocer, Millgate
BRIDGE John, book-keeper and shopkeeper, Brooksmouth
BRIDGE John, print block cutter, Buckley wells
BRIDGE Richard, butcher, Stanley st
BRIDGE John, corn and flour dealer, Silver st
BRIDGE James, carrier to Manchester, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Sedger hey
BRIERLEY Charles, woollen manufacturer, Union sq
BROADHURST Betty, baker, Moor side
BROOKS James & Nathan, plasters and painters, Clarke st
BROOKS Richard, pawn broker, Union sq
BROOKS John, plasterer, Bedlam green
BROOKS John, victualler, Pack Horse, Fishpool brook
BROOKS Samuel, baker and flour dealer, Millgate
BROOKS John, weaver, Paradise st
BROOKS Thomas, printer, Paradise st
BROWNING Nathaniel, chair mender, Butcher lane
BROWN John, tallow chandler, Market place
BROWN Richard, shoemaker, near Silver st
BROWN Robert, joiner and cabinet maker, Clarke st
BUCKLEY Anne, dress and straw bonnet maker, Union sq
BUCKLEY David, calico printer, Clough st
BULLEN Henry, Moor side 
BURCH Nathan, shopkeeper, Union st
BUSHBY Rev Edward, head master of the Grammar School
BUTTERFIELD James, linen draper, and she warehouse, Fleet st
BUTTERFIELD Thomas, shuttle maker, near Stanley st
BUTTERWORTH Elizabeth, victualler, Eagle and Child, Stanley st
BUTTERWORTH James, fulling miller, Island, near Bury bridge
BUTTERWORTH Mrs Isabella, Union sq
CALROW William and Thomas, merchants and cotton spinners, Woodhill
CALVINIST CHAPEL, Bethel, minister Rev Mr Turner, Union sq
CARR Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Clough st
CARR Robert, block cutter, King st
CARTER Edward, clog and pattern maker, Fleet st
CARTER Thomas, clogger, Stanley st
CARTER Thomas, clog and pattern maker, Millgate
CASS Elizabeth, victualler, Red Lion, Fleet st
CASS John, shoemaker, Moor side
CASS Joseph, woollen manufacturer, Hamerís yard
CHADWICK John, fulling miller, Hampson mill
CHADWICK, Isaac, woollen manufacturer, h. Stanley st
CHADWICK Kay, tailor, &c. Clarke st
CHADWICK James, grocer and flour dealer, Pigs-lee
CHADWICK Michael, baker, corn and flour dealer, Rock st
CHADWICK & PORRITT, woollen manufacturers, Stanley st
CHARLES, James, shoe maker, Millgate
CHEETHAM Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Clarke st
CLEGG Joseph, fustian, pillow, jean manufacturer, &c. Union st
CLEGG Susanna, clothes dealer, Millgate
CLEMISHAW Betty, grocer and flour dealer, Henry st
CLEMISHAW Alice, earthenware dealer, Millgate
CLEMISHAW John, baker and flour dealer, Silver st
CLEMISHAW David, joiner, Bolton st
COLLIER Charles, tailor, Union sq
COLLINS Robert, weaverís joiner, Clough st
COOK William, book-keeper to the Old Quay Co. Bury bridge
COOP Henry, calico printer, Union sq
COOPER Thomas, vict, Bridge, Blakeworth bridge
COOPER John, clog and pattern maker, Bury lane
COOPER Francis, clog and pattern maker, and dealer in shoes, Bury lane 
COOPER John, clog and pattern maker, Union st
CROMPTON Benjamin, printer, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, dealer in music, musical instruments, agent to the Phoenix fire office &c librarian to the Bury subscription, Fleet st
CROMPTON Thomas, overseer and parish clerk, Wild
CROMPTON William, sexton, Church yard
CROMPTON Mrs Harriet gentlewoman, Church field
CROMPTON Henry, druggist and grocer, Union sq
CROMPTON William, gentleman, Church field
CROMPTON Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Union sq
CROMPTON Thomas, organist of St Martyís, h. Union st
CROMPTON Thomas, tailor, Wild
CROMPTON James, woollen weaver, Stanley st
CROMPTON John, calico printer, Hamerís yard, h. Clarke st
CROPPER Edmund, shoe maker, Millgate
CROPPER James, boot and shoe maker, Union sq
CROSS James, schoolmaster
CROSS Thomas, printer, silver st
CROSSLEY Frank, gardener, Moss lane
CUNLIFFE & PARKES, surgeons, Silver st
CUNLIFFE Robert Ellis, solicitor, Redivals
DANNETT Mrs Mary, gentlewoman, Union st
DAVENPORT James, woollen manuf, Back oíth Square, h. Spring gardens
DAVENPORT Peter, blacksmith and wheelwright, Redivals
DAVENPORT Thomas, overlooker, New st, Bury lane
DAVENPORT Mary, straw bonnet maker, Millgate
DAWSON John, linen and woollen draper, Bolton st
DAWSON Benjamin, grocer, flour, malt, hops dealer, &c. Rock St
DAWSON James, baker and flour dealer, Clough st
DAWSON James, printer, Stanley st
DEAN John, pattern drawer, Bury lane
DEARDEN Henry, basket and skip maker, toy dealer &c. Millgate
DEARDEN Anne, widow, King st
DEARDEN Robert, joiner, Moor side
DICKENSON Rachel, schoolmistress, Bury lane
DICKENSON Thomas, gardener, Tenters
DIGGLES Mrs Elizabeth, Henry st
DIXON Thomas, victualler, Kingís Arms, King st
DIXON George, millwright, Clarke st
DIXON Betty, victualler, Black Bull, Stanley st
DOWNHAM Joseph, joiner and cabinet maker, Tenter field
DOWNHAM Mary, milliner, Millgate
DUCKWORTH Robert, victualler, Blue Bell, Moor side
DUCKWORTH James, confectioner, Fleet st
DUCKWORTH Rothwell, green grocer, Rock st
DUCKWORTH Joseph, printer, Peel st
DUCKWORTH John, dyer, Tenter field
DUTSON John, victualler and shopkeeper, Old Boarís Head, Moor side
ELY Mrs Alice, Tythe barn rock
ENTWISTLE Joseph, tailor and draper, 37, Rock st
ENTWISTLE Samuel, shoe maker, Horrocks yard, Rock st
FELL Benjamin, chair maker, 48 King st
FINNINGS Turner, linen and woollen draper, 38 Rock st
FISHWICK Richard, woollen manufacturer, Bell, Moorside
FISHWICK James & Robert, woollen manufacturers, Chesholme
FISHWICK Joseph, agent to the Warrington Glass Company, Chesholme
FITTON Sarah, milliner and dress maker, 26 Stanley st
FLETCHER Samuel & Son, woollen manufacturers and fulling millers, Bury bridge
FLETCHER Samuel, senior, vict. Ship Inn, Bury bridge
FLETCHER Sarah, vict. Grey Horse, Market-place
FLETCHER Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Lane Ends, Elton
FLETCHER Samuel, joiner, woollen manufacturer, h. Bury bridge
FLETCHER James, plumber and glazier, Rock st
FLETCHER John, farmer, Bury bridge
FLETCHER Mrs Alice, gentlewoman, Fleet st
FLETCHER Richard, butcher, 25 Rock st
FLETCHER John, vict. and agent to Hargreaves land carrier, Waggon and Horses, Clarke st
FLETCHER James, gentleman, Union st
FLETCHER Thomas, reed maker, Union st
FLETCHER William, chair maker, Millgate
FLETCHER James, weaver, 23 Union square
FLETCHER & HORROCKS, copperas manufacturers, Pigís lee
FOGG John, printer, 32 Millgate
FOGGAN John, baker and flour dealer, Millgate
FORBES Alexander, whitesmith, Millgate
FORBES Maria, straw hat maker, Millgate
FORSTER Ralph, 34 Bury lane
FOSTER John, surgeon, 21 Union sq
FRAZER Alexander, tea-dealer and draper, Millgate
FROST Joseph, bleacher, Balding stone
GARNER George, book-keeper, Wood hill
GEE Peter, printer, Tenters
GIBSON Richard, dyer, Pigís lee
GILL James, baker and shopkeeper, Market place
GLOVER J, travelling draper and tea dealer, Union st
GOODLAD William, surgeon, Silver st
GORTON Mary, shopkeeper, Millgate
GREEN George, joiner, Butcher lane
GREEN Margaret, cooper, 15, Rock st
GREEN Christopher, printer, ?20 Bury lane
GREEN Thomas, printer, 22 Peel st
GREENHALGH John, cotton manufacturer, Bird hole
GREENHALGH Richard, cotton manufacturer, 8 Silver st
GREENHALGH Kay, joiner, builder and bricklayer, New rd
GREENHALGH James, grocer and flour dealer, Heap bridge
GREENHALGH Richard, hatter, Henry st
GREENHALGH James, tailor, Butcher lane
GREENHALGH Mary, victualler, Spread Eagle, Lane end
GREENLEAVES James, woollen presser and cloth dresser, Lime field
GREGSON Thomas, printer, Gannell, Moor side
GRIERSON James, victualler, Britannia, Redivals
GRIFFITH William, bricklayer, near Silver st
GRIMSHAW Anne, widow, Bury lane
GRUNDY Dennis Esq h. Union sq
GRUNDY John, Sons and Wood, merchandise and woollen manufacturers, Silver st
GRUNDY Dennis & Sons, woollen manufacturers and merchants moor side and Hunterís lane, Manchester
GRUNDY Samuel, solicitor, 33 Clarke st
GRUNDY John, merchant, h. Silver st
GRUNDY John, victualler and carrier to Manchester and Bolton, Volunteer, Union st
GRUNDY Edmund, woollen manufacturer, 57 Millgate
GRUNDY James, Manchester carrier, Iron lane, Stanley st
GRUNDY John, dyer h. Moor side
GRUNDY Samuel, warehouseman, 6 Millgate
HUGH Rev Abraham, minister of New Methodist chapel, Bury lane
HALL & THORPE, dyers, Hampson mills
HALL John, joiner and builder, Butcher lane, h. 33 Union sq
HALL Robert, manufacturer of women and childrenís caps in satin, stitch and tambour work, Redivals
HALL John, cotton manufacturer, Chesholme
HALL John, shoe maker, 27, Stanley st
HALL Mrs Mary, 20 Stanley st
HALL David, shopkeeper and shoe maker, 65 Millgate
HALL Lydia, milliner, Millgate
HALL James, bobbin turner, Moor side
HALL Adam, Brookshaw
HAMER Richard, merchant, h. Bury lane
HAMER Daniel, cotton manufacturer, 13 Union sq
HAMER Bartholomew, woollen manufacturer, Fleet st
HAMER Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Silver st
HAMER Richard, tailor, 23 Silver st
HAMER James, book keeper, Hamerís yard, Rock st
HAMER John, crofter, 59 Millgate
HANDLEY Elizabeth, victualler, Eagle and Child Inn, Silver st
HANKIN John, excise officer, Clarke st
HANSON William, woollen spinner, Rock st
HARDMAN William, merchant, h. Chamber hall
HARDMAN William, farmer, Heaton fold
HARDMAN James, fulling miller, Lower mill
HARDMAN Robert, felt maker, Moor side
HARDMAN Alexander, blacksmith, near Market place
HARDMAN Phoebe, widow, 8 Clarke st
HARGREAVES John, Woollen spinner, Fletcher yard
HARRIS Rev. George, 37 Stanley st
HART Miss Olivia, gentlewoman, New rd
HARTLEY Joseph, druggist and grocer, Fleet st
HARTLEY Thomas, wheelwright and blacksmith, How lane
HASLAM John, linen and woollen draper, 12 Silver st
HASLAM Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Chesholme
HASLAM Samuel, carrier to Manchester, Tuesday and Saturday, Stanley st
HASLAM John, cotton carder, 67 King st
HASSELL John, shoe maker, Bury lane
HAWORTH, HARDMAN, NORRIS and HAMER cotton spinners and manufacturers, calico printers and merchants, Bury bridge and Elton
HAWORTH Edmund, merchant, h. Stocks, near Manchester
HEALEY John, warehouseman, Stanley st
HEALEY Abraham, printer, Clarke st
HEAP & Sons, calico printers, Cobhouse Nabb
HEAP Miss ANNE, 15 Stanley st
HEAP James, printer,11 Fleet st
HEATON Ralph, schoolmaster, 7 Wild
HIBBERT & MOOR Misses, boarding school for young ladies, Moor side
HELLIWELL Richard, grocer and flour dealer, Bury lane
HEMINGWAY Daniel, shoe maker, Horrocks fold
HERON Martin, fruiterer, 13 Fleet st
HETHERINGTON John, calico printer and dealer in paper, rags, &c. Clarke st
HICKSON William victualler, Masonís arms, Balding stone
HILL Benjamin, cotton manufacturer, Millgate
HILL Mary, dress maker, 4 Wild
HILL Thomas, tailor Millgate
HINDLE John, rope and twine manufacturer, 9 King st
HODSON Miss Susannah, Silver st
HODSON Richard, cotton manufacturer, 12 Union st
HOLKER Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Millgate
HOLKER Samuel, woollen manufacturer, Chesholme
HOLLAND John, book keeper, Moss lane
HOLT Beever, & Co woollen manufacturers, Hampson mill
HOLT Joseph, importer, wholesale and retail dealer in foreign wines, spirits, malt, hops &c. Market place
HOLT John, hat manufacturer, Moor side
HOLT & COOP, woollen printers, Union sq
HOLT James, woollen printer, Moor side
HOLT George, crofter, Crosson brow
HOLT Leonard, weaver, Brooksmouth
HOLT Anne, dress maker, 14 Clarke st
HOLT Charles, millwright and shopkeeper, 23 Fleet st
HOLT Joseph, printer, Stanley st
HOLT John, woollen weaver, 55 Millgate
HOLT Thomas, fulling miller, Crassons
HOOD Rev. Richard, minister of Heywood chapel, h. Millgate
HOPE Robert, farmer, Wood hill
HOPKIN Robert, printer, Moor side
HOPKIN Richard, printer and shopkeeper, 22 Clarke st
HORROBIN Richard, weaver, Paradise st
HORROCKS & FLETCHER, copperas manufacturers, Pigís lee bridge
HORROCKS Samuel, victualler, White Lion, 36 Rock st
HORROCKS Spencer, victualler, Kingís Head, King st
HORROCKS Thomas, commercial academy, Henry st
HORROCKS Hannah, school mistress, 26 Union sq
HORSEFIELD Moses, iron moulder, 9 Bury lane
HOWARD Thomas, gentleman, Dirt hole
HOWARD John, boot and shoe maker and warehouse, 62 Millgate
HOWARD Thomas, victualler, Boarís Head, Fleet st
HOWARD Robert & Richard, tallow chandlers, back of Hand and Shears, Fleet st
HOWARD Robert, butcher, 46 Fleet st
HOWARD Elizabeth, grocer and flour dealer, 36 Clarke st
HOWARD James, butcher, Bury lane
HOWARD Robert, linen draper and pawn broker,3 Fleet st
HOWARD Mrs Mary, gentlewoman, Union st
HOWARD John, cotton manufacturer, Butcher lane
HOWARD Richard & Son, cotton manufacturers, Woolfold
HOWARD Richard, shoe warehouse and dealer in earthenware, 30 Fleet st
HOWARD William, victualler, Hope and Anchor, Bury lane
HOWARD William, victualler, Bridge, Heap bridge
HOWARD Anne, circulating library and childrenís school, Union sq
HOWARD Mary, baker and flour delaer, 29 Millgate
HOWARD Robert, chair maker, 5 Rock st
HOWARD James, butcher, 14 Rock st
HOWARD Jonathan, butcher, Market place
HOWARD James, schoolmaster, Heywood
HOWARD William, fustian cutter, Bury lane
HOWARTH John, joiner, Peelís row
HOWARTH James, printer, Tenter field
HOWARTH James, printer, Moor side
HOWARTH William, printer, near Fleet st
HOWARTH Robert, print and block cutter, Bury lane
HOWARTH John, calico printer, Peelís row, Bury lane
HOYLE M. woollen manufacturer, Fern grove
HOYLE Edmund, toll-bar keeper, Moor side
HOYLES John, shopkeeper, 50 Union sq
HUDDLESTONE Jane, Back King st
HUDSON Abraham, shoemaker, 28 Rock st
HUMPHREYS Edward, wheelwright and blacksmith, Redivals
HUNT Edward, reed maker, 18 Silver st
HUTCHINSON Thomas and John, woolstaplers and woollen manufacturers, Silver st
HUTCHINSON James, woollem manu butcher lane h. Rectory
HUTCHINSON Brothers, cotton spinners, Higher factory, Barn brook
HUTCHINSON William Heap, woollen manufacturer and merchant, Millgate
HUTCHINSON Thomas & John, confectioners and grocers, Millgate
HUTCHINSON Elizabeth, milliner, Millgate
HUTCHINSON Alice, schoolmistress, Dirt hole
HUTCHINSON Robert, warper, Dirt hole
Independent Chapel, New Road, minister, Rev G. Harris
JACKSON Isaac, coal proprietor, Roo field, h. Heavy side
JACKSON John, grocer and flour dealer, Moor side
JACKSON Margaret, blanket manufacturer, White hall
JACKSON Joseph, Moss lane
JARDINE & ORAM, woollen manufs and merchants, Tenters
JARDINE James, merchant h. 60 Union sq
JENKINSON Thomas, shoemaker, Moor side
JENKINSON James, weaver, Moor side
JOHNSON William, brazier, Red Lion yard, Fleet st
JOHNSON Robert, victualler, Littlewood Cross, Burnley rd
JONES Robert, victualler, Golden Lion, Silver st
JONES Isaac, fustian manufacturer, 44, Union sq
JONES John, millwright, Tenters
JORDAN James, print cutter, Bury lane
KAY John, Esq, Chesholme
KAY John, gentleman, Chesholme
KAY & HOWARTH, woollen manufacturers, Cob house
KAY John, gentleman, Lark hill
KAY James & Sons, cotton and woollen manufs. Bass lane
KAY J & T wholesale and retail grocers, Market place
KAY William, iron founder and nail manufacturer, 7 bottom of Bolton st
KAY Samuel, gentleman, 27 Union sq
KAY James, woollen manufacturer, 14, Millgate
KAY Robert & Co. woollen manufacturers, Brookshaw
KAY Samuel, gentleman, h. 44 Fleet st
KAY Richard, woollen manufacturer, Lime field
KAY John, machine maker and linen draper, 10 Rock st
KAY Thomas, woollen manufacturer, h. 17 Stanley st
KAY Richard, cotton spinner, h. Moor side
KAY John, bread baker, 23 Rock st
KAY John, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder; manufacturer of japan and common black and red writing ink, Fleet st
KAY Robert, junior, butcher, 23 Rock st
KAY Maria, corset and ress maker, 8 Union st
KAY Betty, milliner, 61 Millgate
KAY Samuel, farmer, 24 Stanley st
KAY James, foundry man, Moor side
KAY James, tailor, Wood hill
KAY William, printer, Peelís row, Bury lane
KAY William, tailor, 41 Rock st
KAY William, gardener and seedsman, 24 Rock st
KAY John, junr, Manchester carrier, 25 Rock st
KAY Richard, colour maker, Bury lane
KAY Thomas, crofter, 6 Stanley st
KAY John, printer, 30, Clarke st
KAY Isabella, straw hat maker, 30 Clarke st
KAY John, traveller, 59 Union sq
KENYON Charles, woollen manufacturer, New Road, h. 41 Union sq
KENYON William, victualler, Hand and Shears, Fleet st
KENYON James, dyer, Peel st, Bury lane
KENYON Charles, dyer, 4 Peel st, Bury lane
KERSHAW Thomas, woollen weaver, Porterís yard, Millgate
KING William, shoe maker, Moor side
KIRKMAN John, painter and plasterer, Butcher lane
KNIGHT Henry, book-keeper, 39, Union sq
KNIGHT Anne, widow, Cross Keys yard
LAMB J. R. & Co calico printers, Mount Zion print works, Blackford Bridge
LEACH John, painter, plasterer and upholsterer, 4 Stanley st
LEACH Robert, plasterer, Rock st
LEACH James, joiner and builder, near Rock st
LEE john, grocer, butcher and flour dealer, Rowlands
LEE Samuel, shoemaker, Pigís lee
LEES Thomas, watch and clock maker, 24, Fleet st
LEES James, shoe maker, 22 Stanley st
LEES James, weaver, Moorside
LEIGH John, Clough st
LIDDLE George, printer, Trowell square
LIVESEY James, tailor and habit maker, Silver st
LIVESEY Thomas, tailor, Fleet st
LOCHEAD THOMAS, grocer and flour dealer, 2 Rock st
LOCKHEAD Thomas, stone mason, 36 Stanley st
LOCKWOOD Thomas, stone mason, 31 Rock st
LOMAS John, cotton manufacturer, 39 Stanley st
LOMAS Thomas, weaverís joiner, Henry st
LOMAS James, dyer, Moor side
LOMAS James, block cutter, Bury bridge
LOMAS John, dyer, 21 Peel st, Bury lane
LONSDALE Hugh, printer, Porterís yard, Millgate
LORD John, 40 Rock st
LORD Jeremiah, butcher, Moor side
LORD Edmund, boot and shoe maker, 43 Clarke st
LOWE John, maker up, 42 Bury lane
LOWE James, heald yard manufacturer, New church, Rossendale
MAGUIRE Joseph, black smith, Red Lion yard, Fleet st
McKISSNEK Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 31 Fleet st
McMELLON Richard, grocer and hardware dealer, 44 Fleet st
MARTIN Rev. Robert, minister of the Wesleyan chapel, Union sq
MARTIN Hugh, printer, near Kilhamite chapel, Bury lane
MATHER Robert, fulling miller, Wood plunton
MAUD Jeffry, pawn broker, 6 Clarke st
MAUDE Micah, gentleman, 29 Union sq
MAYORS Thomas, book-keeper, near St Johnís chapel, Stanley st
MEADOWCROFT Josiah, shoe maker, 39 Bolton st
MEADOWCROFT George, felt maker, Bedlam green, Stanley st
MEADOWCROFT Josiah, Moor side
MELLIN Richard, slater and flagger, Butcher lane
Methodist Chapel, N. C. Bury lane; Sunday and Day school, Clarke st; Master, Joseph HACKING
MIDCALF John, joiner, Redivals
MILLETT Samuel, dyer, Bury bridge
MILLS Robert, cloth dresser, friezier, fulling miller, and logwood grinder, Lumb mill
MILLS Sally, fulling miller, Mathera
MILLS John, cloth dresser and dealer in woollens, 28 Silver st
MILLS Charles, blanket manufacturer, Spout house
MOORHOUSE Joseph, blacksmith and wheelwright, Bury bridge
MOORHOUSE Benjamin, wheelwright, near Spencer court, near Market place
MORRIS John, collector of poorís rate, Elton, h. Wood hill
MORRIS Joseph, shoe maker, 49 Bury lane
MORTON John, shoe maker, 4 Wild
MOTT John, printer, 42 Stanley st
MURPHY Edward, printer, Castlecroft lane
MURRAY William, portrait and sign painter, 35 Clarke st
MURRAY Maria, straw hat maker, 35 Clarke st
MURRAY John, joiner, near Fleet st
NABB Abraham, printer, Moor side
NABB James, shoe maker, Bury lane
NABB Thomas, printer, 33 Bury lane
NABB James, printer, Hamerís yard, Rock st
National School, Stanley st, (1815) Mater, James HARRISON
NEAVE David, shoe maker, 6 Wild
NEWBOLD Joseph, millwright, engineer and manufacturer of wrought iron, steam boilers, &c, smithís work of all descriptions, Rock st, h. 43 Union sq
NEWBOLD Thomas, millwright, 11 Union sq
NEWBOLD Mrs Margaret, Stanley st
NICHOLLS Richard, boot and shoe maker, Bury lane
NORRIS Thomas, merchant, h. Church yard
NORRIS Thomas & Co, woollen manufacturers, Stanley st
NORRIS Thomas, woollen manufacturer, h. 40 Stanley st
NORRIS & KAY, cotton spinners, Bull, near Moor side
NORRIS John, grocer and flour dealer, Huntley brook
NORRIS Mrs Mary, gentlewoman, 12 Clarke st
NORRIS Christopher, linen and woollen draper, Fleet st
NORRIS Richard, cotton spinner, h. 16 Stanley st
NUTTALL Miss Mary, gentlewoman, Wood hill
NUTTALL James, corn miller, Paradise st
NUTTALL Mrs Alice, 53 Union sq
NUTTALL Francis, cashier at Bury works, h. Elton
NUTTALL James, cabinet maker, near Union sq
NUTTALL Richard, nursery and seedsman, Moss lane
NUTTALL Joseph, tailor, Millgate
NUTTALL James, butcher, Silver st
NUTTALL James, oil cloth manufacturer, and Bury and Rochdale carrier, h. Bell near Moor side
NUTTALL Anne, 30 Silver st
NUTTALL Robert, printer, Millgate
OGDEN John, sizer, Lorry Butts
Old Quay Companyís warehouse, near Bury Bridge, agent at Bury, Thomas COOK
OLIVANT Anne, saddler, 20 Silver st
OILVANT George, saddler, Market place
OLIVANT John, saddler, Rock
OPENSHAW George & Co. woollen manufacturers, Butcher lane
OPENSHAW George, woollen manufacturer, Brick house
OPENSHAW Charles, cotton manuf. Wild, h. 31 Union sq
OPENSHAW Samuel, vict. and hat manuf. Hare and Hounds, Bolton st
OPENSHAW James, dealer in earthenware, near King st
OPENSHAW John, woollen manufacturer, Pim hole
OPENSHAW James, woollen manufacturer, Fields
OPENSHAW Miss Mary, 4 Clarke st
OPENSHAW Misses, ladiesí day school, 40 Clarke st
OPENSHAW William, woollen weaver, Rock st
OPENSHAW Thomas, crofter, Crassons, Blackburn rd
ORTT Revd. Richard, 33 Silver st
OVENDEN Isaac, shoe maker, New st, Bury lane
PARKER Robert, solicitor, Henry st
PARKER James, senior, cloth dresser, Butcher lane
PARKER James, junior, cloth dresser, Butcher lane
PARKER Thomas, cloth dresser, Butcher lane
PARKINSON Wm. Brazier and brass founder &c. Market-place
PARKINSON James, chaise driver, 13 Silver st
PARKES Robert, surgeon, h. Silver st
PEEL Henry, tanner, tan pits, near Bury lane
PEERS John, shopkeeper, bottom of Millgate
PILKINGTON Thomas, book-keeper, 23 Millgate
PILLING Charles, blacksmith and farrier, Moor side
PILLING James, blacksmith, 37 Stanley st
PIMLEY Edmund, printer, Peel st, Bury lane
PLATT Richard, dealer in flour, cheese &c. 6 King st
PLATT William, basket maker, 2 Bury lane
PLATT John, shopkeeper, Millgate
PLATT William, weaver, 6 Wild
POLLITT Thomas & Son, fustian manufacturers, 58 Union sq
POLLITT John, fustian manufacturer, 55 Union sq
POLLITT Edmund, warehouseman, 51 Union sq
POLLITT John, warehouseman, Stanley st
POLLITT Amos, printer, Cockey, Moor lane
POLLITT Thomas, crofter, Cockey, Moor lane
PORRITT Joseph, woollen manufacturer, h. 33 Stanley st
PORRITT Lydia, widow, Paradise st
PORTER Thomas & Son, woollen manufacturers, Rock st
PORTER Thomas, woollen manufacturer, h. 35 Rock st
PORTER Thomas junr. Woollen manufacturer, Henry st
PORTER Peter, warehouseman, Stanley st
PORTER William, print block cutter, and earthenware dealer, 66 Millgate
Presbyterian Chapel, Silver st. minister Rev. Mr ALLEN
PROCTOR Robert, cloth dresser, Doctorís lane, Bury lane
RALPH William, shoemaker, 34 Rock st
RAMSBOTTOM T R & J. woollen manufs. Harewood fields
RANDLE John, brazier and tin-plate worker, 9 Stanley st
RANDLE John, tanner, Moor side
RANDLE James, brazier and tin-plate worker, 33 Fleet st
RATCLIFFE John, carrier to Manchester and Church, Lorry butts
RATCLIFFE William, Bury lane
RAWSON Richard, baker and flour dealer, 32 Stanley st
REDFERN James, baker and flour dealer, Stanley st
REDFERN William, butcher, 13 Bolton st
REDFERN John, baker and flour dealer, Millgate
REDFERN Anne, schoolmistress, 2 Millgate
REED Mrs Elizabeth, 30 Union sq
RICHARDSON Mrs. Nankeen manufacturer, Lilly hill
RICHARDSON James, linen and woollen draper, Blackford brow
RIDDIHOUGH Mrs Margaret, near Tenter field
RILEY James, plumber and glazier, 42 Silver st
RILEY Joseph, cloth dresser, Union sq
RISHTON J & C. skinners and tanners, Moor side
ROCKCLIFFE Robert, Cross Keys yard
ROTHWELL Richard & Brothers, bleachers, Elton
ROTHWELL Edward, victualler, Masonís Arms, 25 Bolton st
ROTHWELL Sarah, shopkeeper and straw bonnet maker, 17 Millgate
ROTHWELL Charles, grocer and flour dealer, 7 Stanley st
ROTHWELL Samuel, bleacher, h. Millgate
ROTHWELL William, bleacher, h. Crosson brow
ROTHWELL John, tailor, Moss lane, Silver st
ROTHWELL John, weaver, Cross Keys yard
ROTHWELL James, crofter and earthenware dealer, 27 Clarke st
SAGAR William, wheelwright, New rd
SALT Richmal, milliner and dress maker, 43 Fleet st
SALTER Martha, fruit seller, 45 Fleet st
SANDIFORD James, printer, Peel row, Bury lane
SCHOLFIELD James, 33 Rock st
SCHOLES John, cotton manufacturer, 13 Stanley st
SCHOLES Mrs Anne, Chip field, Moor side
SCHOLES Robert, butcher, 48 Silver st
SCHOLES Anne, widow, 33 Clarke st
SCOTT Mark, rope and twine manufacturer, back King st
SEDGWICK Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 6 Union sq
SELBY Thomas, hatter, 9 Rock st
SENIOR George, tailor and draper, 44 Stanley st
SHAW & HUDSON, linen and woollen drapers, Market place
SHAW John, boot and shoe maker, 42 Rock st
SHAW James, blacksmith and wheelwright, Rock st
SHAW Thomas, butcher, 6 Millgate
SHAW Thomas, block maker, 49 Silver st
SHAW Robert, boot and shoe maker, Rock st
SHEPHERD Robert, weaver, 17 Silver st
SIDEBOTHAM Martha, shopkeeper, Wood hill, Elton
SIMPSON Rev. John, minister of the Wesleyan Chapel, 25 Union st
SIMPSON Thomas, printer, Redivals
SKARNELL Robert, printer, Bury bridge
SLATTER George, wheelwright, 19 Stanley st
SMETHURST John, hat manufacturer, hosier and linen and woollen draper, 35 Fleet st
SMITH Joseph, shopkeeper, Bury bridge
SMITH Mary, victualler, Dog Tavern, near Fleet st
SMITH John, farmer, Buckley wells
SMITH Jacob, plasterer, Redivals
SMITH William, hat manufacturer, Bury lane
SMITH Samuel, machine maker, Butcher lane, h. Clarke st
SMITH Thomas, printer, 14 Fleet st
SMITH Jacob, house painter, 14 Silver st
SMITH James, plasterer, 5 Wild
SMITH Betty, baker, wild
SMITH Arthur, post man, 51 Millgate
SMITH John, shoe maker, 51 Millgate
SMITH Daniel, printer, Dirt hole, Bury bridge
SMITH James, warehouseman, 11 Peelís row
SMITH Joseph, printer, near Fleet st
SMITH John, colour maker, Gannel, Moor side
SMITH John, printer, Crosson brow
SPENCER William & Co. calico printers, Edgeworth moor
SPENCER John, linen and woollen draper, Market place
SPENCER Sarah, linen draper, Market place
SPENCER Richard, carrier to Manchester, Rochdale and Haslingden, Cragg in Walmersley
St Johnís Church, Stanley st, minister, Rev. Henry UNSWORTH, Clarke st
STANDRING Mrs Rachel, 4 King st
STANNICLIFFE Thomas, book keeper, Paradise st
STEVENSON Thomas, Moor side
STOTT Hamer, baker, 8 Stanley st
STOTT Robert, shoe maker, 54 Millgate
STOTT Robert, weaver, 16 Bury lane
TARREY William, land surveyor, 22 Clarke st
TAYLOR George, hatter and dyer, 34 Union sq
TAYLOR Anthony, tailor and draper, 3 Clarke st
TAYLOR James, cotton manufacturer, Wood fields, Moor side
TAYLOR Adam, hat manuf. and shoe warehouse, Market place
TAYLOR Joseph, joiner, 9 Clarke st
TAYLOR Samuel, shopkeeper, Butcher lane
TAYLOR James, shoemaker, 11 Stanley st
TAYLOR George, printer, Moor side
TAYLOR Edmund, printer, New st, Bury lane
TELFORD James, woollen manufacturer, 56 Union sq
THACKER J M. Wood hill
THOMAS Samuel, hair dresser and perfumer, 5 Fleet st
THORNLEY John, blacksmith, near Clarke st, h. Horrockís yard
THORPE John, farmer, Moor side
THORPE James, shopkeeper, Paradise st
TICKLE W & J. Grocers, 11 Silver st
TONG Samuel, victualler, Crooked Billet, Wild
TOOTEL James, slater, 49 Clarke st
TOWNLEY John, pattern drawer, 4 Peelís row, Bury lane
TOWNLEY Richard, block cutter, 5 King st
TRIMBLE Robert, grocer and flour dealer, 18 Rock st
TRIMBLE Thomas, tanner, 30 Millgate
TURNER James, importer of Irish linens, Union st
TURNER Rev. William, minister of Bethell chapel, 32 Union sq
TWIGG John, blacksmith, Millgate
UNSWORTH Rev. Henry, minister of St Johnís church, house Union st
UNSWORTH Elizabeth, grocer, Moor side
UNWORTH John, dealer in black puddings, nr. The Dog Tavern
UNSWORTH James, printer, Moss lane, Silver st
VARLEY John, stone mason, Moor side
WADE James, basket maker, Moor side
WADE Thomas, wool sorter, 27 Silver st
WALKER William & Sons, woollen manufs. 25 Stanley st
WALKER Richard, woollen manuf. Stanley st
WALKER John, shoe maker, 32 Clarke st
WALKER Richard, butcher, Whitefield
WALKER Peter, printer, Crossons brow
WALMSLEY James, confectioner and baker, Millgate
WALMSLEY & ROSTERN, dyers, Seed field
WALMSLEY William, earthenware manufacturer, Booridge
WALMSLEY John, shoe maker, Moor side
WALTON Matthew, clogger and dealer in earthenware, Millgate
WARBURTON John, baker and flour dealer, 20 Fleet st
WARBURTON John, blacksmith, Pigs lee
WARBURTON James, baker and flour dealer, Millgate
WARBURTON Thomas, blacksmith, Brooksmouth
WARBURTON Betty, widow, Woolnerís yard, Millgate
WARBURTON Joseph, hatter, Bury lane
WARBURTON John, machine maker, Wood hill
WARBURTON Walter, blacksmith, Wood hill
WARDLE William, shopkeeper, near Stanley st
WARDLEWORTH Thomas, butcher, Millgate
WATERHOUSE James, printer, Peel st, Bury lane
Wesleyan Union Chapel (1815) Union st
WESTELL John, weaver and hair dresser, Suet row
WHITEHEAD Henry, post-master, druggist, grocer and deputy constable, corner of Millgate
WHITEHEAD John, jun. assessor of Kingís taxes, nr Bury
WHITEHEAD James, woollen manufacturer, 16 Union st
WHITEHEAD John, tailor and draper, 4 Rock st
WHITEHEAD James, dealer in earthenware, Millgate
WHITEHEAD Henry, reed maker, 54 Union sq
WHITEHEAD Thomas, tailor, 49 Union sq
WHITEHEAD John, hair dresser, 4 Silver st
WHITEHEAD John, tailor, nr Fleet st
WHITEHEAD George, writing clerk, Butcher lane
WHITEHEAD James, junr. Tailor, 12 Union sq
WHITEHEAD James, tailor, 18 Union sq
WHITEHEAD Anne, black pudding maker, Union st
WHITEHEAD John, black pudding maker, 37 Millgate
WHITEHEAD William, printer, 9 Peelís row, Bury lane
WHITEHEAD Robert, fish monger, Market place
WHITEHEAD George, school master, Butcher lane
WHITTAKER James, weaver and shopkeeper, Wood hill
WHITTAKER Jonathan, joiner, h. Wood hill
WHITTAKER Robert, tin plate worker and shopkeeper, 7 Silver st
WHITTAM James, butcher, 18 Millgate
WHITWORTH Robert, draper and flour dealer, 6 Clarke st
WHITWORTH Sarah, victualler, Old White Horse, Fleet st
WHITWORTH Henry, shoe maker, 6 Silver st
WHITWORTH William, printer, 83 Millgate
WIKE John, woollen manufacturer, h. New road
WIKES Thomas, blacksmith, Wood yard, Bolton st
WILCOCK Sarah, cloth dresser, 44 Rock st
WILD Robert, grocer and flour dealer, Littlewood cross
WILD Robert, dyer, 16 Peel st, Bury lane
WILD Robert, gardener and seedsman, 8 Millgate
WILD Mary, (mangling done), Union sq
WILDING Lawrence, woollen manufacturer, Rock st
WILKINSON Thomas, wheelwright, 8 Peelís row, Bury lane
WILKINSON John, blacksmith, Bury lane
WILKINSON William, Moor side
WILSON Thomas, Whitesmith, 32 Rock st
WOLFENDALE James, printer, Red Lion yard, Fleet st
WOLFENDALE Thomas, shoe maker, 42 Bury lane
WOLFENDEN Richard, hat manuf. and vict. Eagle and Child, 47 Fleet st
WOLFENDEN John, pattern drawer, 7 Peelís row, Bury lane
WOOD George, timber merchant & tallow chandler, Bury lane
WOOD Abraham, iron monger, 32 Fleet st
WOOD Robert, victualler, White Lion, Millgate
WOOD James, victualler, Bridge Inn, nr Bury bridge
WOOD Mary, victualler, Bay Horse, Wild
WOOD Isaac, victualler and butcher, Swan, Moor side
WOOD John, woollen manufacturer and shopkeeper, Moor side
WOOD Ellen, flour &c. dealer, Clough st
WOOD Henry, rag merchant and paper dealer, 19 and 20, Clarke st
WOOD John, gentleman, 38? Union sq
WOOD Charles, 20 Peel st
WOODCOCK Samuel, solicitor, Henry st
WOODCOCK John, surgeon, Church yard
WOONER John, currier and leather seller, 22 Millgate
WOOLNER James, boot & shoe maker, currier and leather seller, 45 Millgate
WOLSTENHOLME James, cloth dresser, 38 Bury lane
WRIGLEY James, cotton manuf. and shopkeeper, 22 Fleet st
WRIGLEY Isaac, victualler, Lord Nelson, Millgate
WRIGLEY J & F. paper makers, Bridge hall mills
WRIGLEY Edmund, cotton manuf. Park hills
WRIGLEY Richard, school master, 57 Union sq
WRIGLEY Ellen, dress maker, 57 Union sq
WRIGLEY Francis, paper maker, h. 40 Union sq
WRIGLEY James, cotton spinner and bleacher, Gig bridge
YATES Mrs Thomas, gentlewoman, Tenter house
YATES T W. saddler and harness maker, Fleet st
YATES William, crofter, 56, Bury lane
YATES John, woollen spinner, Moor side
YATES James, weaver and gardener, Horrockís yard, rock st
YOUNG John, linen and woollen draper, Millgate