Bovingdon Marriages

Bovingdon Parish Records

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Inside Bovingdon Church, 2004


1602-1674 (Vol 1-2)
Not Available - Lost in a Fire
(Bishops Transcripts Only)
No Burgins

1674-1726 (Vol 3)

"William Burgin and Hanna Harrys were married April ye 14th Anno Dom: 1696"

1730-1760 (Vol 4)

1730 Mar 14th
Thomas BURGHAIN & Elizabeth CRAWLEY (?)
With Lycence

1760-1812 (Vol 5)

Banns of marriage were Published between Thomas Thorn & Sarah Burgin both in the Parish of Flaunden.
(1791 Oct 2nd, 1791 Oct 9th & 1791 Oct 16th)

1791 Nov 12th
Thomas THORN of Flaunden (Bachelor) & Sarah BURGIN of King's Langley (Spinster)

1813-1841 (Vol 6)

1825 Aug 27th
James  BALDWIN of this Parish (Single Man) & Edith BURGIN of Flaunden Parish (Single Woman)

1830 Feb 30th
Richard  BURGOINE of Hidwickin the county of Bedford (Single Man) & Elizabeth WHEELER of this Parish (Single Woman)

1830 Sep 21st
William Tims, of this parish, Bachelor
Hannah Burgin, of this parish, Spinster
Married in this Church by Banns

1831 Dec 23rd
Jonathan  BURGIN of the parish of Flaunden & Mary  LANCASTER of the parish of Flaunden

1841-1914 (Vol 7)
(Only information up to 1895 available)

When Married   Name and Surname   Age Condition Profession Residence Father   Father's Profession
1843 Sept 18th John BURGIN 20 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon John BURGIN Carpenter
    Sarah HILL 24 Single woman - Bovingdon James HILL Labourer
1851 Dec 24th  Henry BURGIN 17 Bachelor Carpenter Bovingdon John BURGIN Carpenter
    Harriet EDGE 18 Spinster - Bovingdon Benjamin EDGE Smith
1854 Aug 20th  Richard BURGIN 21 Bachelor Carpenter Bovingdon Thomas BURGIN Carpenter
    Harriet HERITAGE 18 Spinster - Bovingdon William HERITAGE Labourer
1855 April 28th James BURGIN 25 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon James BURGIN Labourer
    Mary Ann GLENISTER 21 Spinster - Bovingdon Alfred GLENISTER Bricklayer
1857 Sept 6th John HILL 23 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon James HILL Labourer
    Eliza BURGIN 25 Spinster - Bovingdon Thomas BURGIN Carpenter
1857 Sept 21st Arthur REEVE 19 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon William REEVE Labourer
    Jane BURGIN 19 Spinster - Bovingdon James BURGIN Labourer
1858 May 23rd  Joseph BURGIN 22 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon James BURGIN Labourer
    Mary Ann BUTLER 22 Spinster - Bovingdon James BUTLER Labourer
1862 April 20th John COKER 25 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon John COKER Labourer
    Ann BURGIN 23 Spinster - Bovingdon Thomas BURGIN Carpenter
1873 Aug 24th Richard BURGIN 19 Bachelor Carpenter Bovingdon Richard BURGIN Carpenter
    Annie MILES 19 Spinster - Bovingdon - - -
1874 Aug 10th  Arthur  BURGIN Full Bachelor Carpenter Bovingdon Henry BURGIN Carpenter
    Sarah CARTER Full Spinster - Bovingdon George CARTER Labourer
1878 June 8th  Shadrack BURGIN 21 Bachelor Labourer Sarratt William BURGIN Labourer
    Emma GEARY 19 Spinster - Bovingdon Reuben GEARY Carpenter
1879 Aug 11th George TIMBERLAKE 21 Bachelor Gardener Bovingdon Joseph TIMBERLAKE Bootmaker
    Mary BURGIN 21 Spinster - Bovingdon Richard BURGIN Carpenter
1880 July 31st  Francis Henry BURGIN 22 Bachelor Carpenter Bovingdon Henry BURGIN Carpenter
    Harriet Ann WILTON 22 Spinster - Bovingdon William WILTON Shoemaker
1889 April 21st  Henry William WEBB 31 Bachelor Blacksmith Bovingdon William WEBB Blacksmith
    Emma Jane Edith BURGIN 22 Spinster - Bovingdon James BURGIN Labourer
1893 May 22nd Albert NORTON 24 Bachelor Grocer Cassiobury William NORTON Gardener
    Caroline BURGIN 20 Spinster - Bovingdon Richard BURGIN Labourer
1894 Mar 31st  Jabez BURGIN 23 Bachelor Labourer Bovingdon James BURGIN Labourer
    Eva Violet BUTLER 23 Spinster - Bovingdon Faulkner BUTLER Merchant
1894 Aug 18th  Charles BURGIN 28 Bachelor Watchman Bovingdon Joseph BURGIN Labourer
    Isabella ABBOTT 28 Spinster - Bovingdon William ABBOTT Machinist
1895 April 27th  Henry William PARSONS 23 Bachelor Bricklayer Bovingdon William PARSONS Carpenter
    Elizabeth BURGIN 23 Spinster - Bovingdon Joseph BURGIN Labourer


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