Burgin Family

The Burgin families of
Bovingdon and Flaunden, Hertfordshire

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Sarah, unknown and John Burgin, 1939


There have been many Burgin families living here over the years, up to the present day. There have been carpenters, publicans, postmasters, builders, farmers and many others. My own family has mostly been agricultural labourers, typical for this area a hundred years ago.

In order to connect up the various Burgin families in the area, I have followed the family line back over two hundred years, to a Thomas Burgin born in 1776. He was married twice, and had 14 children over five decades, so it is no wonder that Burgin is such a common name here!

I have listed below my own line of Burgins, starting with myself. As I collect information about the Burgins, I will be adding it here. (I have more information on the local Burgin families than I have put on this website and I have worked out the relationships between most of them. If there is a family you are interested in that I haven't got on this website, feel free to contact me and I should be able to help you.)


Spelling Variations

There are various spellings of the Burgin name used over the years, such as Burgen, Bergin, Burgain, Burgins and Burging. I have kept these as they were written for the censuses and church records, although I will used the current spelling for the rest of the website.


My Burgin Family


0. Shaun Burgin

1. Michael Burgin
    Anglea Puddephatt

2. Geoffrey Burgin (1926-1997). Born in Bovingdon.
    Beryl Raggett (1928-). Born in Hemel Hempstead.
    Maried in 1948 at St Pauls Church, Hemel Hempstead

3. Jack Burgin (1903-1975). Born in Bovingdon.
    Daisy East (1892-1975). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1925 at Bovingdon Church.

4. John Burgin (1867-1952). Born in Bovingdon
    Sarah Gutteridge (1872-1952). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1889 at St Johns Chapel, Bourne End.

5. Richard Burgin (1833-1902). Born in Flaunden.
    Harriet Heritage (1836-1913). Born in Great Kimble.
    Married in 1854 at Bovingdon Church.

6. Thomas Burgin (1775-1857). Born in Flaunden.
    Married 1) Ann Kempster in 1797 at Amersham Church
    and 2) Maria Bastin (1802-1853). Date and location are currently unknown.

7. William Burgin (c1733-1809).
    Married 1) Catherine Craught in 1759 at Kings Langley Church
    and 2) Sarah Judge in 1765 at Flaunden Church.



Other Burgin family lines


The Chipperfield Burgins