Puddephatt Family

The Puddephatt families of
Chesham, Buckinghamshire

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    James and Sarah Puddephatt, c1940


Puddephatt became a very common name around the Chesham area from around the 17th Century. They first appeared in the church records in 1617 and many families subsequently inhabited the town and surrounding villages.

My own Puddephatt family come from around Chesham, in Whelpley Hill and Ashley Green and earlier in nearby Chartridge. I have so far been unable to link all the local families up, as I have done with the Burgins, as they are just far too numerous! If there is a common ancestor for them, it may well be too far in the past to find through church records alone. I have heard that the Puddephatt may have come to Chesham prior to 1617 from across the county boarder, from Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and there are indeed Puddephatts in Berkhamsted around that time.

I will add church records, census extracts and other items of interest here, but I will not try and present a complete family tree for the Puddephatts.


My Puddephatt / Picton Family


1. Angela Puddephatt
    Michael Burgin
2. Frederick Puddephatt (1922-). Born in Chesham Bois.
    Ruby Gates (1929-1996). Born in Pilgrims Hatch, Essex.
    Married in 1951 at Flaunden Church.
3. John Puddephatt (1900-1987). Born in Lee Common, Bucks.
    Evelyn Jelley (1888-1978). Born in Battersea, London.
    Married in 1918 at Wandsworth Registry Office.

4. James Puddephatt / Picton (1866-1947). Born in Chesham.
    Sarah Palmer (1873-1948). Born in Chesham.
    Married (as "James Puddephatt") in 1894 at Great Missenden Church.

5. Matthew Picton (1843-?). Born in Wendover.
    Mary Puddephatt (1844-?). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1866 at Wendover Church.

6. James Picton 6. James Puddephatt (1820-1853). Born in Chartridge.
    Phoebe Wright (1824-?). Born in Chesham, Bucks.
    Married in 1844 at Chesham Church.

7. Richard Puddephatt (1796-?). Born in Chesham.

Mary Barnes (1799-?). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1816 at Chesham Church.

8. Richard Puddephatt (1770-?). Born in Chesham.

Mary Hoare (?). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1794 at Chesham Church.

9. Daniel Puddefoot (?-1783?). Born in Chesham?
    Sarah Willis (?-1783?). Born in Chesham.
    Married in 1769 at Chesham Church.


Spelling variations

I have found many variations in the spelling of the Puddephatt surname, in church records and censuses. I have even found it has been spelt differently within the same family, quite recently, with two brothers using different versions!
Some of the spellings I have found include:
Puddephatt, Puddephat, Puddiphatt, Puddiphat, Puddefoot, Puddifoot, Pudivat and Pudifat. There are also shortened versions of the name used, such as Pudd and Pood.