Bovingdon and the First World War


I have been researching the history of Bovingdon for a number of years now. With the 100th anniversary of the First World War upon us, I have been finding out about the people of the village who were involved in the war. Below is a table of some of the information that I have relating to the men of Bovingdon (I have included those who lived in Bovingdon, and those who were born in Bovingdon and moved away). This is a work in progress, and will be added to as I collect more details. It is likely that I have more information - please email me and ask if there is something you would like to know.

I would be grateful to receive more information; particularly photographs of the men and their families, where they lived etc, and any family stories about the men and their time in service (see email address at bottom of the page) - the aim is to publish a book sometime around 2018 of all the information collected. I have information relating to the men from Bovingdon parish (including Bourne End and the surrounding areas which were part of Bovingdon during World War One) - 57 men who died, and many others who served and returned home. This comes from a variety of sources, such as local voters registers, newspaper reports, and contempory official war records. There is likely to be names that I have not found, or information that could be inaccurate - I would be grateful to anyone who could add to the below list.

(I am also researching the men of Flaunden who served during WWI - see this page for more details. There may be some overlap, as the men moved house or parish boundaries changed)


Name Rank, Regiment Parents & year born Known addresses
AGNEW, Alan Graeme     Lane Farm
ALFORD, Fred (DIED 05/10/1917) Private, 1st / 5th Bedfordshire Regiment   Lych Gate Cottages
ALLEN, William (DIED 05/05/1915) Private, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment 1875, Henry & Isabella  
ANNING, Wilfred (DIED 24/08/1916) 8th King’s Royal Rifle Corps    
AUSTIN, Arthur     Bourne End
BAILEY, Ernest Charles     Bovingdon House
BALDWIN, Joseph William Signalman in HMS Blonde   High Street
BALL, Arthur Benjamin     Bourne End
BALL, Wilfred Albert (03/07/1916) Australian Imperial Forces   (Bourne End)
BALL, William     Bourne End
BANKS, Arthur George     Lych Gate Cottages
BATEMAN, Frederick      
BAYLIS, George     High Street
BAYLIS, Richard Albert     High Street
BEAVEN, Herbert William     High Street
BEAVEN, Joseph George     Church Street
BENN, Frank Edward      
BENNETT, Thomas     Felden
BRERETON, Frederick     Felden Lodge
BRINKLOW, Walter     Rattle House Cottages
BROGDEN, Robert James     Campbell Cottage
BROOK-WYNN, Reginald Charles     Dormer's Lodge
BROOKING, Hugh Cyril Arthur (DIED 31/05/1918) North Somerset Yeomanry    
BROWN, Harold     The Game Farm
BROWNSELL, Herbert      
BROWSELL, Arthur Henry     High Street
BRYON, John     Bulstrode Cottages
BUDD, Harry     High Street
BUNKER, Jesse (DIED 19/05/1918) Royal Sussex Regiment   (Bourne End)
BURGIN, Albert (DIED 19/01/1918) Labour Corps    
BURGIN, Alfred (DIED 30/06/1916) Private, Royal West Kent    
BURGIN, Alfred (Absent Voters 1918) Is same as one who died?   High Street
CARTER, George Stoker in HMS Blenheim   Long Lane
CARTER, Henry     Long Lane
CARTER, John     Church Street
CHANNER, Henry William     New Hall Farm
CHAPPELL, Henry Charles     London Road, Boxmoor
CLAMP, Bernard Joseph     The Lower Lodge, Bourne End
CLAMP, Frederick Arthur     The Lower Lodge, Bourne End
CLAMP, George Edward     The Lower Lodge, Bourne End
CLARKE, Arthur John (DIED 02/08/1918) 11th Royal Field Artillery    
CLARKE, Edward     Bovingdon House Lodge
CLUMP, Arthur      
COKER, Arthur     Lych Gate Cottages
COKER, Frederick (DIED 01/10/1916) Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regiment)    
COKER, L. Ernest (DIED 15/07/1916) 6th Bedfordshire Regiment    
COLE, Frederick Coastguardsman, HMS Venus    
COLE, Walter Victor     London Road, Boxmoor
COLLINGS, Clement Charles     Box Cottage, Bourne End
COOK, Frederick     Chapel Yard
COWLEY, John Norman Territorials   High Croft
COWLEY, Robert Bagnes Lieutenant in 2nd York and Lancaster   High Croft
CROCKETT, Ernest     Bourne End
CROCKETT, Thomas (DIED 09/10/1916) 8th Middlesex Regiment   (Bourne End)
CROCKETT, William (DIED 11/03/1915) 1st Worcestershire Regiment   (Bourne End)
CURRIE, James M.     Felden Ridge
DANCER, Herbert      
DARVILL, Walter George     High Street
DAY, William Bertie     Green Lane
DE CAEN, Raymond George F. H.     The Thatched Cottage
DEAN, Arthur Stoker in HMS Royal Arthur   High Street
DEAN, Reuben (DIED 07/11/1914) Private, 1st Bedfordshire Regiment    
DEAN, William (DIED 03/09/1916) Private, 2nd Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)    
DEAN, William (Absent Voters 1918) Is same as one who died?   High Street
DELL, Sidney      
DEWAR, Alan     Bourne End
DICKENS, Frederick     High Street
DIX, John G.      
DIX, Walter James     Reste Cot
DODGSON, Francis (DIED 10/07/1916) 8th Yorkshire Regiment    
DODGSON, Guy (DIED 14/11/1918) 1st Hertfordshire Regiment    
DODGSON, Guy (Absent Voters 1918) Is same as one who died?   Hill Cottage
DODGSON, Philip     Hill Cottage
DURRANT, Thomas William     High Street
EARLE, Tom     The Friend At Hand
ELLIS, Edward      
EL(L)IOT, Frederick     Bulstrode Cottages
ELBOURNE, Edwin E. (DIED 06/04/1917) 11th Australian Infantry    
EVANS, Thomas Arthur (Absent Voters 1918) Is same as one who died?   White Hart Cottages
EVANS, Thomas Hatfield (DIED 26/04/1915) 3rd Australian Infantry    
FISHER, William Henry (DIED 25/10/1914) 1st Wiltshire Regiment    
FLINN(E), Edgar Wormald (DIED 13/11/1917) 34th Royal Field Artillery    
FRANKLIN, Benjamin     Maple Hill
FRANKLIN, John (DIED 29/07/1917) 4th Royal Field Artillery   (Bourne End)
FRAZER, Henry Private, 55519, 19th Hussars   High Street
FROST, Alfred     Parkhurst
GARRETT, John     Rose Cottage, Boxmoor
GEE, Glennart     Moor End Farm, Boxmoor
GEORGE, Charles William     Hog Pits
GILMORE, Joseph Thomas (DIED 22/09/1918) 1st / 5th Lincolnshire Regiment    
GLADSTONE, Bertram      
GOLD, Cecil Argo (DIED 03/07/1916)      
GOODMAN, Alfred (DIED 18/10/1916) 2nd East Surrey Regiment    
GOODMAN, Joseph (DIED 11/08/1917) 9th The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment   (Bourne End)
GOOGH, Thomas Shirley (DIED 11/12/1918) Royal Navy    
GRAY, George Francis     Coronation Cottages
GRIFFITH, Harold Walter Gooch Meyer (DIED 28/05/1915) Loyal North Lancashire Regiment    
GROVER, George (DIED 15/07/1916) 6th Bedfordshire Regiment   (Bourne End)
GROVER, Walter      
GURNEY, Charles      
GURNEY, George Frank (DIED 29/04/1917) 6th Bedfordshire Regiment 1886  
GURNEY, Thomas   1890  
GURNEY, Walter      
HARDING, George Henry     Green Lane
HARRIS, Ernest     Church Street
HARRIS, James     High Street
HARRIS, Joseph     Felden
HARRIS, Thomas     High Street
HARRISON, Lewis William (William Lewis?)     Darley Ash Cottage
HART, George James (DIED 03/05/1917) Royal Field Artillery   (Bourne End)
HEARD, Frank Henry     Boxmoor House Lodge
HEARN, Horace William     Long Lane
HIGGINS, Charles      
HIGGINS, John Thomas     London Road, Boxmoor
HILL, Albert     High Street
HILL, Arthur (DIED 14/02/1917) 4th Bedfordshire Regiment    
HILL, Charles Henry (DIED 30/10/1917) 4th Bedfordshire Regiment    
HILL, James     The School House
HILL, William      
HILLS, George     High Street
HINSON, Ernest     High Street
HOBBS, Martin      
HOWARD, William Charles (DIED 01/09/1918) 1st Rifle Brigade   ? Possibly Northchucrch side of Bourne End (see Absent Voters) / Gazette 1914, The New Army (listed under Bovingdon)
HUDSON, Benjamin     Harts Hill
HUNT, John     Green Lane
JOINER, Frank Edwin     The Royal Oak
JOINER, William (DIED 18/11/1916) 8th Gloucestershire Regiment    
KEEBLE, Frederick S.     High Street
KEITH, Thomas     Bulstrode Cottages
KEMP, Gilbert Owen     Chipperfield Road
KNOTT, Harry     High Street
LAW, Thomas (DIED 15/09/1914) 1st Bedfordshire Regiment    
MADDAMS, Frederick      
MARRIOTT, Arthur (DIED 21/09/1918) 1st/6th Cheshire Regiment    
MARRIOTT, Frank     Green Lane
MARRIOTT, George (DIED 31/07/1917) 7th Northants Regiment    
MARRIOTT, William (DIED 23/10/1918) 7th The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)    
MARRIOTT, William     Green Lane
MAULE, Hugh Patrick Gaurin     Felden Barns
MERRIDAN, Arthur Leading seaman in HMS Australia   Coronation Cottages
MERRIDAN, Charles     Coronation Cottages
MERRIDAN, William      
MESSENGER, Frank      
MESSENGER, Rupert     London Road, Boxmoor
MESSENGER, Walter Ernest Frank (DIED 07/10/1914) 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars   (Bourne End)
MILL, Charles      
MILLER, Albert     Pockets Dell
MINTER, Edward (DIED 17/02/1917) 11th Royal Fusiliers    
MOODY, John     Green Lane
MOORE, Daniel     Rosemount, Hog Pits (The Old Forge)
MORGAN, Edwin (DIED 01/08/1916) 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment    
NEWMAN, Alfred Leonard     Church Street
NORTON, Ernest Albert (DIED 08/10/1918) 23rd Royal Fusiliers    
NUTKINS, William Hubert     Westbrook Hay
OGLE, ? Lt. / plaque in church, no further information (UKINWM)    
PALMER, Gerald     The Chantry
PARISH, Frederick     The Bull Inn
PARISH, George     The Bull Inn
PARSONS, Hubert James     Hempstead Lane
PEASE, Bertie Henry     High Street
PHILBY, Albert      
PHILBY, Charles (DIED 07/11/1914) 1st Bedfordshire Regiment    
PHILBY, Henry Richard (DIED 26/07/1917) 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment    
PIERC(E)Y, Thomas Victor (DIED 07/04/1918) 7th Bedfordshire Regiment    
PINNEY, Alfred      
POLLEY, Jack     The Friend At Hand
PORTER, John     The Bull Inn
POTTER, Benjamin     Venus Hill
POTTER, Ralph     Venus Hill
POTTER, Thomas     Venus Hill
PUDDEPHATT, Horace A. B. Seaman in HMS Mars   High Street
PUDDEPHATT, John     Pudds Cross
PUDDEPHATT, Richard     High Street
PUTMAN, Arthur     Bourne End
PUTMAN, Edward     Bourne End
PUTMAN, Joseph HT (DIED 03/03/1917) Army Service Corps   (Bourne End)
PUTMAN, William Private, 4800, 2nd Life Guards   Chapel Yard
READING, George     Water Lane
REDDING, Arthur Stoker in HMS Vulcan   High Street
REDDING, George     High Street
REDDING, Robert Private, C Company, 2nd Beds   High Street
REES, Rev. W T Chaplain in HMS Devonshire    
REEVE, Frank      
RICHARDSON, Harry     London Road, Boxmoor
ROBERTS, Alfred     Lych Gate Cottages
ROBERTS, Arthur William     Lych Gate Cottages
ROBERTS, Ronald Alfred      
ROBINSON, William George     The Swan, Boxmoor
ROUSE, Charles     High Street
ROY, William (DIED 08/08/1915) 15th Australian Infantry   (Bourne End)
RYDER, Cosmo Alan Cuthbert      
RYDER, Dudley William (DIED 19/01/1917) Sub-Lieutenant in HMS Seal    
SCULL, George Clement     High Street
SEARS, Arthur     High Street
SEARS, Leonard Harold     Coronation Cottages
SEARS, Sydney     High Street
SEARS, William     High Street
SHEPPARD, Frederick William     Green Lane
SHEPPARD, James Victor     Green Lane
SIMMONS, Francis George (Frank) (DIED 28/04/1917) 6th Bedfordshire Regiment    
SIMMONS, Hubert Henry     Rent Street Farm
SIMMONS, Stanley Edward     Rent Street Farm
SMITH, Alfred George     Water Lane
SMITH, Frederick George Henry (DIED 29/04/1917) 6th Bedfordshire Regiment    
SMITH, George     Church Street
SMITH, Harry     Church Street
SMITH, Henry Charles J. R.     Woodside
SMITH, William David      
SPENCER, Herbert Stephen     Bourne End
SPENCER, Stanley Gordon     Bourne End
STEWART-EVANS, Thomas H.      
STURDY, Richard Lance-Corporal, Queen's Own Lancers, rough rider    
TAYLOR, Henry     The Three Horseshoes
TAYLOR, Roger Cecil (DIED 04/10/1917) 7th South Staffordshire Regiment   (Bourne End)
TEASDALE, Arthur Frank     High Street
THOMPSON, Albert or Arthur (DIED 09/11/1914) (Albert) Private, Q Company, 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards    
TOMLIN, Harry (DIED 22/03/1918) 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment    
TRIPP, Horace Edmund     Bulstrode Cottages
TURNER, Charles Douglas (DIED 05/10/1918) Private, 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards    
TURNER, Charles P. (Absent Voters 1918) Is same as one who died?   High Street
TURVEY, Walter (DIED 05/10/1915) Army Service Corps    
WICKS, Bertie      
WILKINSON, Harry     Water Lane
WOODS, George     Green Lane

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