Flaunden and the First World War


I have been researching the history of Flaunden for a number of years now. With the 100th anniversary of the First World War upon us, I have been finding out about the people of the village who were involved in the war. Below is a table of some of the information that I have relating to the men (and one woman) of Flaunden (I have included those who lived in Flaunden, and those who were born in Flaunden and moved away). This is a work in progress, and will be added to as I collect more details. It is likely that I have more information - please email me and ask if there is something you would like to know.

An exhibition of material relating to WWI was held in Flaunden during August 2014. Further exhibitions are planned over the coming years for the anniversary years 2014-2018 and the aim is to publish a book sometime around 2018 of all the information collected.

I would be grateful to receive more information; particularly photographs of the men and their families, where they lived etc, and any family stories about the men and their time in service (see email address at bottom of the page). I have information relating to the men from Flaunden parish (and the surrounding areas which were part of Flaunden during World War One or have become part since) - 6 men who died, and many others who served and returned home. This comes from a variety of sources, such as local voters registers, newspaper reports, and contempory official war records. There is likely to be names that I have not found, or information that could be inaccurate - I would be grateful to anyone who could add to the below list.

(I am also researching the men of Bovingdon who served during WWI - see this page for more details. There may be some overlap, as the men moved house or parish boundaries changed)



Name Rank, Regiment Parents & year born Known addresses
ALLEN, William (DIED 05/05/1915) Private, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment Henry & Isabella, 1875 89 Flaunden
ATKINGS (ATKINS), Alfred Captain, A.S.C. James & Maria, 1876  
ATKINGS (ATKINS), Lionel Lieutenant, Railway Transport James & Maria, 1881  
BALCOMBE, Bert Sergeant, R.A.M.C.    
BALDWIN, (Thomas) Charles T. Private, ASC, then Royal Fusiliers, then 14th Co. Grenadier Guards Walter & Anne, 1893 92 Flaunden (1918)
BALDWIN, S.      
BALDWIN, W. (most likely Walter)   1900 Mauldens Farm, Venus Hill
BATSON, George 6th Reserve Regiment Cavalry (formerly Royal Marine Infantryman, dis 1893) 1873 102 Flaunden (1918)
BURGIN, Albert Royal Navy Henry James & Elizabeth, 1901 85 Flaunden
BURGIN, B. (most likely Benjamin)      
BURGIN, Edward C. Private, Sussex / 2nd Batt. Lincolnshire Regiment (Infantry) Henry James & Elizabeth, 1899 85 Flaunden (1918)
BURGIN, George Private, 5th (R) Batt. Guards, Machine Gun Regiment Samuel & Louisa, 1890 Post Office (1918) / 105 Flaunden (1911)
BURGIN, Harold Morton Private, Royal Bucks Hussars Henry James & Elizabeth, 1897 85 Flaunden (1918)
BURGIN, John Private, Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion Shadrack & Emma, 1880 104 Flaunden (1918)
BURGIN, Tom 3rd Esses Thomas & Mary, 1885 100 Flaunden
BURGIN, William Royal Flying Corps    
CANZIANI, Estella Red Cross VAD   Oak Cottage (living with Alice Cunningham)
CHALK, E.      
CHALK, Thomas Daniel Driver, 1st Company, 34th Batt. Train, ASC James & Sarah, 1888 Martins Top Farm (1918)
CHALK, William Arthur      
COKE, Arthur G. (DIED 21/05/1915) 2nd Lieutenant, 2nd County of London Yeomanry, Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line / Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve – Armoured Car Division Thomas William Coke, 3rd Earl of Leicester & Hon. Alice Emily White, 1882 Flaunden House
DANCER, Thomas     Mill Cottage (1919) (next to Dodds Mill, Chenies)
DOGGETT, John Australian Forces Daniel & Sarah, 1890 106 Flaunden / New House Farm, Sarratt
DOGGETT, Percy (DIED 26/04/1918) Private, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment Daniel & Sarah, 1894 106 Flaunden / New House Farm, Sarratt
GEORGE, Charles William Private, 667th Agri. Co. Labour Corps   Hogpits Bottom
GOODMAN, Maurice      
HARDING, Jack 10th Oxford & Bucks    
HARRIS, William Private, Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Garrison Battalion - & Emma, 1877 114 Flaunden
HUDSON, Ben Private, 339th Road Construction Company, Royal Engineers Benjamin & Maria, 1889 116 Flaunden
HUDSON, Edward George      
HUDSON, George R.E. Benjamin & Maria, 1881  
JONES, Albert Simon Private or Sergeant?, 3rd Battalion Royal Fusiliers Henry & Margaret, 1890 103 Flaunden (1918)
JONES, Edward Private, 10th section, C Company, 8th Tank Battalion   103 Flaunden (1918)
JONES, Fred Gunner, 17th Battalion RFA Henry & Margaret, 1898 103 Flaunden (1918)
JONES, Harry A. Northants Regt    
JONES, Henry Sportsmen's Regt    
JONES, John (Jack) Royal Bucks Hussars Henry & Margaret, 1888 103 Flaunden
JONES, William Canadian Black Watch    
JONES, William Arthur (Arthur) 53rd YS Batallion KRRC Harry Arthur Jones, father, 1900 111 Flaunden
MANDER, Herbert Private, Somerset Light Infantry   121 Flaunden (1918)
MANDER, William Frank 3rd AM, RAF   121 Flaunden (1918)
MAYDOM (MAYDON), Fred Labour Battalion 1879 122 Flaunden (1918) / 4 Devon Street, Monks Road, Lincoln (1918 Absent Voters' List)
MOORE, Daniel     Hogpits Bottom
MORTON, Harold T. Lieutenant, Royal Horse Guards    
PINNEY, J.      
POTTER, Benjamin     Venus Hill
POTTER, Ralph     Venus Hill
POTTER, Thomas     Venus Hill
PRITCHARD, Alfred Royal Fusilrs 1883  
PRITCHARD, Edward Austrln Forces Amos & Elizabeth, 1895  
PRITCHARD, Harry (DIED 14/06/1915) Private, C company, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment Amos & Elizabeth, 1896  
PRITCHARD, William Private, Bucks Battalion, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Philip & Hannah, 1887  
RICKETT, Stanley John RNAS    
RUFFITT (RUFFETT), William John (John) (DIED 12/10/1916) Private, 2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment William & Susan, 1897  
SEAR, Arthur R.F.A. 1876  
SEDWELL, Percival John (Percy) Carpenters' Crew, HMS Arrogant Robert & Susan, 1895 113 Flaunden (1918)
SOAMES, Arthur Granville Captain, Coldstream Guards (Infantry)   Flaunden House (1918)
TERRY, Albert (Bert) Frederick Private, 2nd Garrison Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers   Green Dragon (1918)
THURLOW, Christopher Private, RASC & 6th Dorset regiment (Infantry) 1887 107 Flaunden (1918)
TIDSWELL, Gilbert A. Ambulance Column    
TOMLIN, Frank aka WARNER, Frank (DIED 09/06/1917) Sergeant, 5th Battalion, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry Nathan & Elizabeth, 1874 Wife - Emily Frances Tomlin, of Letchworth Lane, Letchworth, Herts. ---- Lived at Shantock Hall 1911
WALLINGTON, Ernest 2st Beds    
WALLINGTON, Henry Private, No 2 Veterinary Hospital, AVC - & Mary, 1873 112 Flaunden (1918)
WARR, Thomas Sapper, Royal Engineers David & Maria Bricklayers' Arms cottage (from March 1918)
WOODBRIDGE, Archibald (Charles) Rifleman, 260th Battalion, Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force Elizabeth, 1889 Born at Bricklayers' Arms cottage
YATES, George     89 Flaunden (1891)


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