Powell & families of Hampshire

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Powell and families of Hampshire

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The Powell families have lived and worked in BURITON, PETERSFIELD, FAREHAM and PORTSEA for many years until the early 20th Century. The many families who have joined them in marriage include ASLETT - BARNES - BRIDLE - BURGESS - CAPLIN - CARVER - CORPS - DOE - HALL - HILL - HOLDER - JEFFERY - LUFF - LUXFORD - MARINER - MIDDLETON - MILLS - NEWLAND - NEWMAN - PHILP - ROLLESON - TRUS/SLER - VERNON - VIDLER - WILKES. Some married and moved on to Sussex including names of  BARNES - CHANDLER - COURT - GREENFIELD - HEARSEY - HOTSON - MARTIN - MORRIS - PARVIN - SEWTER - VOLLER - WELCH. My Grandfather married a SADLER and they moved on to Dorking in Surrey. Others lost loved ones in the Great War, one family losing 2 sons within months of each other. Another lost 3 children soon after birth. Occupations were predominantly Ag Labs but a few lucky ones acquired trades mostly Wheelwrights, Carpenters and Joiners.

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