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Burnett Researchers

If You Would Like To Add Your Burnett Names Here Please Send To [email protected] Burnett in Subject  

Deana Zdroj-Nealon [email protected] 
Researching Thomas Houston Burnett of Smith County, TN and Williamson County, IL. Homepage
Joanne Clarida Shrout [email protected] Researching Thomas Huston Burnett and James R. Burnett of Smith Co. TN and Williamson Co. IL.
William [email protected] 
Researching Fleming S. Burnett>John M. Burnett>Sarah F. "Burnett" Benjey
Lonnie [email protected] 
Reseaching Cornelius S. Burnett>Charles R. Burnett>Georgia A."Burnett" Weaver
Calvin [email protected] 
Researching Joseph W. Burnett>Thomas J. Burnett>Henry David Burnett.
This Burnett Family started out in VA. and lived in Ray Co. MO &
Floyd Co. IN.
Darell [email protected] 
Researching Cornelius and Susan "Hyde" Burnett
Kyra [email protected]
Researching Stephen Burnett>William H. Burnett>Stephen H. Burnett>
Henry C. Burnett
Charles [email protected] 
Researching John H.Burnett>John D. Burnett>Roland C. Burnett,Sr.>Roland C. Burnett,Jr.>Samuel E. Burnett
Kevin Stephenson [email protected] 
Reseaching James C. Burnett>George Burnett>Thomas Burnett>
Back to the Burnett's of Leys, Scotland.
Bob Burnett [email protected] 
Reseaching New Zealand and Scotland Burnetts.
Sherry Burnett Lowe [email protected] Researching Charles
Burnett b. Ohio m. Liza Whitman b. Ohio, parents of Leroy "Lee"
Burnett b. 10/16/1849 in Ohio m. Margaret "Maggie" Newman b.
10/15/1848 in Pennsylvania m. 10/6/1878 in Carter County, Kentucky. Lee and Maggie raised their family in Carter Co., where they died and were buried.
Ronni Croft  [email protected] Researching Isabelle Burnett>Adam Burnett>Thomas Burnett>James Burnett. Adam settled in McClean Co., IL by 1850's.

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