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Oklahoma Books

After reading posts from the mailing lists I decided to set up a page listing Oklahoma History and Genealogy related books for sale in my area. The Cover To Cover Book Store is where I buy a lot of my books. The owner of Cover To Cover has agreed to let me scan old pictures and some of the infor to give you a better idea of what is in them, these will show a link to whatever I got from them. I will be adding to this list as I search through her boxes of books. Of course she has other books for sale but I will list only the ones related to Oklahoma.

View Photos Courtesy of Cover To Cover Book Store

I do not own any of the books and can not do look-ups from them.

If you find a book you are interested in Call Pat at 1-405-282-5388 as she is not online.
If you have any questions for Pat please email me and I will give her a call, as she is local for me to call.

Small white Bible, To Mother From Bobbie Jerrell
Family Register list surnames, Schnorrenbery, Patterson, Schoonover, Beard

Small black Bible, Della Bloodworth.
Family Register list surnames, Floyd, Rutledge

Sunshine and Shadows, by Hazel D Shaw
born in Texas and raised in the Panhandle
Soft cover 60 pages

Cities of Oklahoma, edited by John W. Morris Oklahoma Historical Society 1979
Soft cover 170 pages (this is about the cities, not a list of them)

The Story of Kerr-McGee, Innovations of Energy by John Samuel Ezell
Hard back 542 pages

Life and Death of an Oilman, the career of E.W. Marland, by John Joseph Mathews
soft cover 259 pages

Photo-Directory of the Oklahoma City Geological Society  Annual Memebership 1965

Prairie Lore, by Southwestern Oklahoma Historical Society, April 1987, Volume 23, Number 1, Bk 78
Soft cover 64 pages

Boundaries of Oklahoma by John W. Morris Oklahoma, as a geographical and political entity, is unique in that is is the only state ever admitted to the Union whose boundaries were predetermined by the formation of sourrounding states. Maps

Logan County Extension Homemakers Cookbook 1976

So Humble The Heart, by John R. McKinney. The book is dedicated in memory of George Washington McKinney, b. Nov. 30, I.T. and Jessie Gertrude McKinney (Logsdon) b. Oct. 12, 1886 in Wellington, Kansas
Soft back, 146 pages

Preposterous Papa, by Lewis Meyer - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Soft back, 214 page

Okie Tales, by Louis A. Whitehair.
Soft back, 93 pages

Pioneer Doctor, by Lewis J. Moorman, MD  Copyrighted 1951
Hard Back 252 pages

My First 80 Years, by O.A Cargill, a fifty year trial lawyer. Copyrighted 1965
Hard Back, 188 pages

Like Father, Like Son, by Thom Hunter Copyright 1984, Crescent, Oklahoma. "Thom Hunter is a newspaper publisher and free-lance writer, who lives in Kingfisher, OK. Originally from Texas. Thom started his syndicated column "Like Father Like Son in April 1983. He is owner and publisher of The Logan County News in Crescent, OK. Covers almost 2 years in the lives of his family". Soft back, 221 pages

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, 1966 Held with the Baptist Churches of Tulsa, Nov 8-10, 1966

The Boots Adams Story, by Norman M. Lobsenz Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, Okla.
Hard Back, 126 pages

Oklahoma Treasure Trails, Tales from the Territory, Stories of wonder and mystery from early Oklahoma.
40 pages, soft cover

Who Killed Pat Hennessey?,  The city of Hennessey is named after Pat Hennessey, who, with a number of companions, was killed by the Indians in the early days. 79 pages Copyrighted in 1941 by Tom G. McGee

Oklahoma High School Honor Society, 1932. Contains 7,324 names of high school students

Oklahoma , A Land and Its People. Early Views and History in Picture Postcards by Jack H. Smith
106 pages, soft cover

Biographies of Entrepreneurs in Oklahoma History, supplement to the Economic Education Curriculum Guide Student Edition K-12
23 pages, soft cover. Biographies of Bernard De La Harpe, Stand Watie, Billy Dixon, Peter Hanraty, Edward P McCabe, Mabelle Kennedy, Frank Phillips, Sylvan N Goldman.

The Oklahoma State Capital Art Edition, 1889 - 1900, Volume XII, Number 30.
Lots of photos with related stories of Guthrie, Logan Co. OK

The Girls, 1928 - 1973, this is a calendar. "In most of the 1920 and 1930's annual reports, written by presidents and committee chairmen, the term "the girls: was used throughout. Since those early days, "the girls" have participated in many activities. The calendar committee has selected excerpts from a portion of these various pursuits for your enjoyment."  Has lots of photos

Crossroads Oklahoma, The Vietnamese-American Experience in Oklahoma
26 pages, paper cover, $5.00

Crossroads Oklahoma, The Mexican-American Experience in Oklahoma
37 pages, paper cover $5.00

The Sooner Story, ninety years at the university of Oklahoma 1890 - 1980
120 Pages, paper cover. $15.00

Oklahoma's Historical Edition, Book III
75th Diamond Jubilee 1907 - 1982
Soft back, $14.50

Centennial Anniversary Calendar, 1889 - 1989
First National Bank, Guthrie, Oklahoma. Great Guthrie Pictures

Oklahoma City: 1889-1957 from railroad tanktown to Metropolis. The Semicentennial of Statehood, 1907-1957. An Exhibition on the Library of Congress. November 13, 1957 to February 15, 1958, The Library of Congress. Washington:1957.
70 pages, soft bound.$16.50

Sooners In The War
Official Report of the Oklahoma State Council of Defense from May 1917 to January 1, 1919.
Hard Back:  88 pages Plus 55 more pages of Oklahoma State Council of Defense, Minutes and Reports of Meetings from May 16, 1917 to January 4, 1919.

Turner/Moffat Family Bible, 1953 SOLD
Presented to: Mother by Charles & Dob, Dec. 25, 1953
Lee Newton Turner, born Jan. 3, 1895
Clara Minnie Belle Moffat, Laclide Co., born Nov. 8, 1895
Married in Springfield, MO on Jan. 1, 1917 by Mc Cormack.
Charles Lee Turner, Tulsa, Oct.30,1917
m. Dorothy Manley?, Springfield, MO. Sept.14, 1947.
Eugen Newton Turner, Union, MO., Dec.3, 1919
Anita Mae Turner, Union,MO. Mar.8, 1921, m. Eugene Russell June 30, 1970 in Springfield, MO.
Eugene Russell, III b. Jan. 26, 1942
Sydney Lee Russell, b. Feb. 23, 1948
Naomie Fransis Turner, Union, MO. May 18, 1924, m. James Dudley Rosser in Ft. Smith, AR. Sept, 15, 1951.
Jimmy D. Rosser, b. June 16, 1952
William Robert Rosser, b. Oct. 2, 1956
Charles David Roser, b. Sept. 22, 1958
Bobby Frank Turner, Union, MO. Dec. 3, 1927, m. Ida Bernstein in Chicago, ILL Sept. 15, 1962, buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lexington, ILL.
Lee Newton Turner, b. Feb. 12, 1951
Terri Ann Turner, b. Nov. 14, 1954
Robert Frank Turner, b. Nov. 22, 1962
William Powell Moffat, b. Nov. 8, 1856, d. Oct. 2, 1934
Burial Lonesome Hill. Wife Mary Nacy Tracy, b. May 30, 1867, buried Lonesome Hill, Phillips burg? community
George L. Moffat (half)
Rua Mofat Prosser
Ralph Moffat
Hattie JoAnn Sauders, 1890
Herbert Moffat
Ethel N Moffat
Sylvia Laul Moffat
Inda E. Moffat
James Moffat, born in Scotland, 1820, wife JoAnna Poss?
Edward Tracy, 1863, wife Wiltha Kinngy
Clara Minnie Bell Turner, 1895
Gertrude L. Sperigler?, 1897
W. Agness Montgomery, 1899
Wilma O Conner, 1900
Effie, 1903
Margaret Locus
Willa Irene, 1909
Price: $13.00

Oklahoma Historical Edition, by Cecil E. Ritter
Oklahoma Statehouse Reporter
Oklahoma History; Oklahoma:Today and Tomorrow; Oklahoma Business and Industry
146 pages, paperback, 1969
Price: $15.00

History of Mulhall, Oklahoma, 100 Yesteryears
432 pages, hardback, 1988, Index
Price: $65.00

Wild West Cowgirl, Bio of Lucille Mulhall
202 pages,  1985, 2nd 1992, Hardbound
Price: $55.00

The Fighting Men Of Oklahoma
A History Of The 2nd World War
Volume I, published 1946
Volume II, published 1948
Price: $29.00 Each Book

Saints and Strangers (not OK related)
1945, Lives of the Pilgrim Fathers and Their Families
Pilgrimages of Plymouth Rock
Price: $12.95

Woodward County Pioneer Families Before 1915
543 page Hardback, 1975
Price: $75.00

The Plymouth Adventure, Voyage of the Mayflower
A chronicle novel of those forgotten people whose spirit brought life to a new world.
377 pages, hardback (not OK related)
Price: $15.00

Heartbreak and Happiness, by Juanita (Simpson) Jones, Cordell,  Washita Co. OK
Early day pioneers that settled the land around Cowden, Washita Co. Some surnames are
Merrill, Simpson\Jones, McDonald/Miller, Stephens, Treadway, Bales/Carter, Robertson, Stewart, Gillum, Phelps, Sappington, Durham, VanDyke, Emerson, Sheets, Morris, Swafford,  Withrow, Shepherd, Owens, Parnell/Lindsey,  States and many many more.
Contents: Early Day Settlers, Photo Section, Food, Recipes, and Remedies, Recreation, Churches, Schools, Valley View and Miss Retta, Freighting, Early Day Homes, Weddings, Crops, Early Day Towns, and Memorabilia.
244 pages, 1971, hardback
Price: $35.00

The First Christian Church, Guthrie, Logan Co. Oklahoma
History of The Church, April 22, 1889 - April 22, 1979
by Lester Allen, Historian, 186 Pages
Plus Pictures of Congregation
Price: $12.00

Membership Directory
Oklahoma Philatelic Society, 1954,  36 pages
Oklahoma Stamp Collectors
Price: $2.00

The Tomahawk,  1914 - 1915  SOLD
Chickasha High School Annual Yearbook, 142 page 
Price: $25.00

Tom Mix, the Formative Years
by Paul E. Mix, 1990, 48 pages
Price: $15.00

The 101 Ranch, 100th Anniversary 1893 - 1993
It's Home and Origin, 101 Ranch Collectors' Souvenir Issue
by the 101 Ranch collectors Association, 77 pages
Price: $39.00

Legacy Of The West
by David C. Hunt, 1982, 157 Pages
Artists' Biographies and Catalogue Entries
Adams, Aldrich, Barton, Bierstadt, Bisttram, Borglum, Catlin, Couse, Darley, Eastman, Gollings, Graham, Harmer, Hauser, Hill, Hoffman, Howe, Howland, Hunt, Johnson, Keahbone, King, Leigh, Lorenz, Martinez, McCombs, Melrose, Miller, Moran, Peale, Pena, Reed, Remington, Schimonski, See, Seymour, Simons, Sully, Velarde, West, Whittredge, Wimar.
Price: $15.00

The Chronicles Of Oklahoma, winter 1989-90
Tom Mix
In This Issue
Hollywood's Oklahoma
Booker T. Washington in boley
Divorce in Oklahoma Territory
Historic Choctaw Pottery
Ann F. Wilson, School Matriarch
Book Reviews, Minutes, Index
Price: $19.00

Oklahoma Today, Hardback
Book One: Volumes 13 - 16
Book Two: Volumes 17 - 20
Book Three: Volumes 21 - 23
Price: $20.00 Each Book

Ghost Towns Of Oklahoma, Hardback
Price: $45.00

Session Laws Of Oklahoma
Published 1913, 780 pages
Price: $12.00

The Mexicans In Oklahoma
by Michael M. Smith, 78 pages
Price: $5.00

|History Of Garfield County
1907 - 1982, Volumes 1 & 2
Full Index, Total Pages 1120
Price: $75.00 for Set

Autobiography of Theodor Henry Mittendorf
Stillwater, Payne Co. Oklahoma
My First 100 years, 406 pages
Price: $16.75

Oklahoma - A History Of The Sooner State
by Edwin C. McReynolds, published 1954
Full Index, 477 pages
Price: $15.00

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society, A History from Apha to Betya Eta 1932-1974
299 pages, paperback.
Price: $5.00

Okmulgee 1966 City Directory
Price: $18.00

Oklahoma Federation Of Women Clubs
341 pages, published 1939
Price: $25.00

A History Of Five Centuries
by Arrell Morgan Gibson, Second Edition, Index
Price: $20.00

Our Lady's School 1927 Annual SOLD
Oklahoma City
Price: $6.50
Class Pictures From This Annual Scanned & atPhotoGallery

A History of The Men's Dinner Club, The First Half-Century 1908-1958
Roll of Members, Pictures
Price: $4.00

Orphan Train,  by Dorothey G. Petrie
Over a 50 yrs period 1854-1904.
The society sent out more than 100,000 homless street children by train to towns and farm rural areas across American
Price: $20.00

First United Methodist Church, Guthrie, Logan Co. OK
1889 - 1989, 10 pages plus 6 page name index
Price: $5.00

Oklahoma Historical Edition, BK II
120 pages, 1907-1977
Price: $12.50

Record Book, Handwritten notes for Chapter A Y P.E.O. Sisterhood
1943-1946, Guthrie, Logan Co. OK, 200 pages
Price: $15.00

St.Lukes, A Living History of A Unique Church, The First 75 Years
by Beth Prim Howell, Ministers who served 1889 - 1951
Pictures/dates, WSCS Pres. 1891 -1964
Price: $10.00

WCTU Treasures Records, Guthrie, Logan Co., OK
1969 - 1974, handwritten notes
Price: $5.00

Will Rogers " Ambassabor Of Good Will" - Prince of Wit and Wisdom
by P.J. O'Brien, 1935, hardbound, 288 pages

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