Pauline Etter
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Pauline was born January 10, 1928 to William Emory "Bill" Etter and Ella Elizabeth Seymour in Elgin, Comanche Co. Oklahoma. When she was a little girl she would go out to where her Dad was milking and take her cup. He would fill it up and she would drink the fresh milk. When she was five years old she started to school. Pauline was very pretty with brown eyes and curly dark brown hair. At the early age of sixteen Pauline wanted to get married but her parents said she was to young. So late one night she packed two boxes full of her things and told her sisters not to tell, it was a secret. Pauline waited until her parents were asleep and grabbed one box under each arm and went to meet her future husband. Pauline and Leverett Buel Burnett were married June 21, 1944 in Lawton, Oklahoma. From this marriage Pauline brought eight children into this world. Five boys and three girls. In the early 1960's Pauline divorced L.B.. Times were really rough but Pauline worked hard to provide for her children. In 1968 Pauline married for a second time to Earl Golemon and they moved to Louisiana. She join the Church of Nazarene and later started going to the Senior Citizen Center to play dominoes and bingo but I think what she love best was fishing. The Spring of 95 was the last time I took her fishing, she wasn't getting around real good but it didn't matter, she wanted to go. She kept me busy baiting her hook and putting her fish on the stringer. Every year she made a trip to Oklahoma for the Etter Family Reunion. During her last trip Pauline suffered a massive stroke, she died July 21, 1995 and her last wishes were to be buried at the Fletcher Cemetery, Fethcher, Oklahoma with her Dad.