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Documenting Ancestors and Descendants


John Burns of Marshall Co., TN 

Pendleton Dist., Anderson Co. SC

2001 Brenda Kellow, B.A., [email protected]

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John BURNS, born 13 March [middle to late 1700s] born probably in either NC, SC or VA, and died 9 November 1841 in Marshall County, Tennessee. John married Mary Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM who was born in 1788 in either NC, SC or VA and died in Marshall County, Tennessee on 30 August 1866. The couple are buried side by side in the Blackwell-Joyce Cemetery near Chapel Hill. 1
Found documents say John's children number either 14 or 15. So far I have identified Connor, Samuel, Anderson, C. Hays, Cunningham, Merrimon, Equilla, Elizabeth, Leroy, John, George, William, Mary, Lucinda,  and Robert. One female appears on the 1790 census that must have died in childhood.


Purpose of Site:

To have a public place for fellow researchers to combine their fully documented genealogy research into one large database to unravel the mysteries involving John Burnsí descendants and hopefully his ancestors. All participants in this project will receive full credit by name and e-mail address.



John married at as yet an undetermined time to Mary Elizabeth Cunningham, who is not the mother of all his children.
I hope to carry each of Johnís children at least three generations if possible. The idea for this being to possibly find missing puzzle pieces that fit or answer questions occurring throughout the lines. The exact number of children at this time stands at either 14 or 15. 
Be aware that any or all of my conclusions may change as I find documentation to suggest corrections.
Hopefully, many serious researchers of this family will forward their documented research to me for placement on this site. Full credit will be given for all information recorded in this research project.
Send information to me for evaluation at [email protected]
Thank you,
Brenda Kellow


1 See full citations on following pages.

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