Oxford, Ohio
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The town of Oxford was founded because of Miami University. In fact, Oxford Township was originally named Miami College Township in 1803. Provided for by the federal government in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, Miami College was established as a corporate body in 1809. It welcomed its first collegiate class of twelve students in November, 1824. 
Miami University's Harrison Hall
Oxford, the town, was platted in 1810.   The Ohio legislature had passed a law directing the Miami College board of trustees to select a location and lay out lots on the Miami College lands. Oxford was incorporated in 1830 when the population reached 737.
South Side of High and Main Streets, 1851
Western College for Women was chartered in 1853 and opened in 1855.  The college closed in 1974 and Miami University purchased the buildings.

If you were not a student at one of the colleges in Oxford, you might have owned a farm in the area or may have worked for a business in town. Continue your virtual tour to learn more about Oxford's businesses and farms.

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