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Methods of Transportation

Miami and Erie Canal

Columbia Covered, Hamilton
High and Main Street, Hamilton
Millville Covered Bridge
Reily Covered Bridge

Grand Boulevard, Hamilton
Symmes Corner Toll Gate
Trenton Toll House

Horse Powered Transportation
Middletown's Rapid Transit
Evans Monument, Shandon

The Bicycle

The Motorcycle

Electric Traction Cars

The Automobile
Fire Truck, Morgan Township

Railroad Depots:
Big Four Depot, Middletown
Maud Depot
Okeana Depot
Oxford Depot
Pan Handle/Pennsylvania Station, Hamilton
Shandon Depot

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Transportation in Butler County, Ohio

      The residents of Butler County in the past used a variety of methods to move about. The development of the cities and towns in the county shows that most people walked from their homes to work, school, and church.
Once the Miami and Erie Canal was completed in 1828, it provided the merchants and farmers of the county with the ability to ship their goods to destinations north and south. By the 1850's railroads were the preferred means of transporting products. 
Travel around town was at first accomplished using horse drawn wagons and carts.  Later, bicycles became popular and by 1910 automobiles were becoming more numerous on the streets and roads of Butler County.

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