Trenton, Ohio
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Michael Pearce and David Enyeart combined their land to plat the town of Trenton in 1816.  They named it Bloomfield to honor one of the governors of their home state of New Jersey. 

The plat consisted of thirty-three lots, all situated on the north side of State Road which connected Chillicothe (Ohio's first capitol) to Oxford. 

Trenton's Post Office (Eicher Hall), 21 East State Street
When the village grew large enough to have a postal address, the name was changed to Trenton to avoid confusion with another Ohio town called Bloomfield.
Michael Pearce Home, South Miami Street

If you had lived in Trenton in its earlier years, you might have owned a farm in the area or may have worked for a business in town. Continue your virtual tour to learn more about Trenton's businesses and farms.

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