Mark & Hannah Wickham, Cork



 Mark Wickham 1872-1928
Hannah Donovan 1871-1949
married June 10, 1894 - Cork City
photo: late 1920s


In the wake of the Easter Rising British authorities swept Ireland and arrested as many "disloyals" as they could find.  On May 8, 1916 the Wickham house/tinsmith shop at 8 Merchants Quay was searched by British troops and RIC.  As a result, Mark was arrested and sent to Richmond Barracks.  Mark was  removed from Richmond Barracks on 12 May and lodged in Wakefield Detention Barracks the following day.   He was eventually interned at Frongoch Prison Camp in Wales.


15 May, 1916 - Letter from Cork Lord Mayor's Office to Hannah Wickham re arrest of Mark Wickham

17 May, 1916 - Notification that Mark is being held in Wakefield Detention Barracks, Yorkshire

26 May, 1916 - Letter from Under-Secretary for War, H.J. Tennant, regarding arrest of Mark Wickham

12 June, 1916 - Letter from Richmond Barracks advising of prisoner's change of status

Internment Order for Frongoch Prison Camp, Wales

28 June, 1916 - Letter form British Home Secretary, Herbert Samuel, regarding status of Mark Wickham

Prisoner of War Envelope issued to Mark Wickham, prisoner No.466, South Camp, Frongoch


On June 20, 1921,  Mark Wickham & family, being found disloyal, were ordered to close the
shop and move to Bandon where they were to report to the RIC Barracks twice weekly.

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