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Nationalist Propaganda Postcards 1914 - 1922
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 Cork Volunteers at O'Donovan Rossa's funeral

 O'Toole Pipers Dublin (Tom Clarke ctr. rear)

 Robert Monteith

 Arthur Griffith (autographed)

Count Plunkett's Convention April 1917 Dublin

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Ireland's Crossroads Anti-Redmond & conscription The oft-quoted Bishop of Limerick Maxwell the Murderer First Irish Conscript

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Arrest of Lord Fitzgerald Battle of Vinegar Hill Sarsfield Routs the siege train A Seditious Tail Sinn Fein to freedom

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Up Plunkett Ireland over all Austin Stack Easter requisition Pearse's surrender

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Tricolor over the Post Office Irish War News pages 1 & 4 Irish War News pages 2 & 3 Liberty Hall

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Republican  Declaration Easter Dispatch  Count Plunkett Daly, Clarke, McDermot Pearse surrenders

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MacCurtain, MacSwiney, Quirke Prisoners Released Signing the Republican Declaration

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O'Donovan Rossa Sir Roger Casement Francis Sheehy Skeffington Michael O'Flanagan Thomas Kent