Descendants of Burwell Burchett

Descendants of Burwell Burchett

Burwell Burchett was born December 6, 1774 in Fincastle Co., VA, and died March 10, 1851 in Lee Co., VA. He married Mary Applegate, daughter of Hezekiah Applegate and Sarah Brittain.

Children of Burwell Burchett and Mary Applegate are:


Benjamin A. Burchett, born June 1, 1801 in Lee Co., VA; died September 23, 1871. He married Penelope Williams, daughter of John and Rebecca Williams.

Children of Benjamin A. Burchett and Penelope Williams are: Elizabeth Martin Burchett Clouse; Mary Harriet Walker Burchett.


Burwell Burchett, born January 19, 1803 in Lee Co., VA; died June 5, 1863. He married Margaret Ann Adams, daughter of Edward Adams and Rebecca Bishop.

Children of Burwell Burchett and Margaret Ann Adams are: Edward Conley Burchett; Martha Ann Burchett Doyle; William S. Burchett; Mary Burchett; Joseph H. Burchett.


Sarah Brittain Burchett, born ca. 1805. She married Reuben Wilburn.


Hezekiah Applegate Burchett, born February 20, 1808 in Lee Co., VA; died September 1891 in Hancock Co., TN. He married Lucinda Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones and Sylvia Weaver. Hezekiah and Lucinda are buried at the Campbell Cemetery in Claiborne Co., TN.

Children of Hezekiah Applegate Burchett and Lucinda Jones are: Sarah Burchett Fritts; Sylvania Burchett Cunningham (click here for photograph); Daniel M. Burchett; Mary Burchett Littrell; George Brittain Burchett; Larkin Lafayette Burchett.


Robert Burchett, born October 8, 1811 in Lee Co., VA; died March 30, 1895 in Hancock Co., TN. He married Lavina Jones on November 23, 1837. Lavina was the daughter of Thomas Jones and Sylvia Weaver.

Children of Robert Burchett and Lavina Jones are: Theresa Ann Burchett Gilliam; Phoebe Jane Burchett; Harvey D. Burchett; Dorcas J. Burchett; Sarah Elizabeth Burchett Daugherty; Richard M. Burchett; Thomas J. Burchett; Frances N. Burchett; Nancy Rebecca Burchett; Mary L. Burchett Johnson; Clarissa Adaline Burchett.


Samuel A. Burchett, born ca. 1817 in Lee Co., VA; died December 1864. He married Sarah Jayne, daughter of William Jayne and Barbara Fritts.

Children of Samuel A. Burchett and Sarah Jayne are: William Ewing Burchett; James M. Burchett; Thomas Jefferson Burchett; John Sims Burchett; Beverly B.J. Burchett; Martha M.F. Burchett Cunningham; Evan B. Burchett.


Achilles F. Burchett, born ca. 1820. He married Mariah Daugherty, daughter of Henry Daugherty and Abigail Jayne.

Children of Achilles F. Burchett and Mariah Daugherty are: Henry J. Burchett; Elijah Burchett; George Burchett; James Burchett.


Lavina Burchett, born ca. 1822 in Lee Co., VA. She married Washington Clark.

Children of Lavina Burchett and Washington Clark are: Samuel Clark; Drucilla Clark.


Theresa Burchett, born ca. 1828. She married Alexander P. Jones, son of John Jones and Susan Alsup.

Children of Theresa Burchett and Alexander P. Jones are: James M. Jones; Susannah Jones; John J. Jones; David D. Jones.


Elizabeth M. Burchett, born ca. 1830. She married John Worley on April 8, 1852.