Descendants of Solomon D. Collins

Descendants of Solomon D. Collins

Solomon Dickinson Collins was born 1799 in North Carolina, and died June 28, 1863. He was the son of Solomon Collins and Edy Dickinson. He married Virginia Jane "Gincy" Goins, daughter of Joseph Goins and Millie Lovins.

Children of Solomon Collins and Virginia Jane "Gincy" Goins are:


Mahala Collins, born March 30, 1824; died September 10, 1898 in Hancock Co., TN. She married John Mullins, son of James Mullins and Clara Mullins. Mahala Collins Mullins is considered the most famous of the Melungeons in the Newman's Ridge area.

Children of Mahala Collins and John Mullins are: Martha Jane Mullins Collins; Sally Mullins Davidson (see #10 below); Larkin Mullins; Burton Mullins; Millie Mullins; Jim Mullins; Eli Mullins; Richard Mullins; Elby Mullins; Mary Ann Mullins Miser; Jeremiah Mullins; John Mullins; Reuben Mullins; Oliver Mullins; Calvin Mullins.


Franklin Collins, born 1825.


Silas Collins, born 1826 in Tennessee; died March 24, 1863 in Triune, TN. He married Orpha Davidson.

Children of Silas Collins and Orpha Davidson are: Frances Collins Roberts; Gilpha Collins; Oma Collins; Zelphia Collins Jones; Wheeler Collins; Lewis Collins.


Bailey Collins, born August 7, 1827 in Tennessee; died February 22, 1908 in Hancock Co., TN. He married Melissa E. Rhea June 22, 1858 in Tennessee. Melissa was the daughter of Samuel and Martha Rhea.

Children of Bailey Collins and Melissa Rhea are: Amanda Jane Collins Johnson; Sallie Collins; Willie Collins; Lizzie Collins; Commodore Muncy "Bud" Collins; Landon Collins; Mary Ann Collins Sizemore Lewis; Lee Hamilton Collins; Solomon Collins.


Enoch Collins, born 1830.


Solomon Collins, born 1832.


Thalamos Collins, born 1833.


Letha Collins, born May 18, 1835.


Elizabeth Collins, born 1837. She married McKinley Collins on March 9, 1876.


Sally Collins, born 1839. She married Gilbert "Gib" Davidson. There are conflicting reports about who was Gib Davidson's wife. Some researchers say it was Sally Collins, while others have her listed as Sally Mullins. I have not found a marriage record for either.


Amelia Ann Collins, born 1843. She married Hamilton Miser on March 20, 1875 in Hancock Co., TN.

Children of Amelia Ann Collins and Hamilton Miser are: William Frank Miser; Logan Miser; Kitty Miser Gibson.