Caro Center( Historic Asylums) Caro State Hospital Water Tower

Caro Center

Caro, Michigan

Other names: Farm Colony for Epileptics, Caro State Home for Epileptics, Caro State Hospital, Caro Regional Mental Health Center.

Originally established in 1914 in Wahjamega southwest of Caro as a Farm Colony for Epileptics; currently named Caro Regional Mental Health Center. Recently functioning as a mental health facility with programs for both the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill. Still in some sort of operation (2002) with many buildings remaining. Caro is located in the western part of Michigan's Thumb region. Caro is located about 40 miles north of Lapeer, where the "Lapeer State Home" was located. The buildings are very visible just south of highway M-81.

Buildings include:

  • Administration: A large building in the typical style of 1930s institutional buildings with an addition on the front that looks like it is from the 1970s. There is a Michigan state seal high up on the front of the older part. Still in use, but most buildings appear to be abandoned.
  • Water Tower: white, metal
  • Power Plant: Similar to power plant buildings at other larger Michigan institutions.
  • Service Buildings
  • Cottages:. Several one-story house-like cottages are found on the grounds.
  • Houses: Also found on the grounds are several buildings that resemble houses.
  • Other: One building is labelled Murray Hall. A large prison camp is located south of the grounds.

    Caro State Hospital AdminCaro State Hospital Admin Caro State Hospital - Murray HallCaro State Hospital Murray Hall Caro State HospitalCaro State Hospital Caro State HospitalCaro State Hospital Power Plant