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Welcome to the unofficial web page of the Genealogy of William Franklin Byrd Jr (1860-1923) and his wife Charity Virginia Burchette Byrd(1873-1959) of Wilkes County, NC.  This page is dedicated to their ancestors and descendents.  There is also some information here about William F. Byrd Jr's brother John Bynum Byrd and his Family.

This web page is under construction so Please be patient with problems and errors you find along the journey.

I would especially like to dedicate this compilation of information to the Lady Byrds.  My mother, grandmother, aunts, great aunts, and grandma's female cousins, and mom's female cousins.  For their fortitude, love, and humility I will never fail to be in awe.  They have helped with this project over the last twenty years and for that I am grateful.  They have served as role models we can all admire.

James Byrd and descendants

John Mastin 4 Great Grandfather of Charity Burchette Byrd

Rev John Gregory 4 Great Grandfather of Wm F Byrd Jr

Sterling Rose 2 Great Grandfather of Charity Burchette Byrd and Revolutionary War Veteran

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