Kent Family History, England to Virginia

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In 1998, I received my copy of the "Kent Family of Virginia, by Andrew M. Kent, Riverside, CA, 1940, courtesy of Fran Wydner. Since then, I have received papers compiled by Ruth Alfreda Bair Snead, courtesy of Cathy Akers, which includes correspondence from Andrew M. Kent. I have attempted to compile the info. As in any family history notes, there are some inconsistencies and have tried to correct them as I gather new information.
John Levi Kent gathered the following information: Luke Kent (ca. 1650-1725), married Hannah, son of first Robert - Fluvanna Co Kents (seem to be same branch since Fluvanna was taken from Albemarle from Goochland) claim descent from this line. They claim that Luke Kent had a son, James Kent (ca 1700-1780) called "Little Jimmie" who lived in Hanover Co, VA. It is claimed that James "Little Jimmie" Kent had brothers, Thomas and Abraham, and perhaps others. He states on email,, "It is in data that I have had in my files for more than 20 years. The lady that compiled the data compiled in in the 1950s. I did not think it related to me for many years. But I feel it might now. I do not know where she got the info."
Sarah Kent Smith and Mildred Kent, are descendants of Thomas Kent, brother to James. Sarah and Mildred's remarks regarding the information on Luke Kent: Thomas Kent and James Kent should have birth dates that are around 1740, and the birth date of Robert Kent (son of Thomas Kent), brother of John Kent as being 07-20-1762. This information came from his Revolutionary War Pension papers. His father should have been at least 20 years old when he was born and John is the older brother. i.e, Thomas Kent has to have been born around 1740. We know that Archelaus Kent son of John and Sarah Kent was born 1778. If John was at least 20 years old and his father was at least 20 years old when he was born, then Thomas Kent had to be born around 1738." They do not agree that Luke was the father of Thomas because of the 30 year age difference between Thomas and James. It seems substantiated that they were brothers because there is too much documentation to support that Sarah and Robert Kent were first cousins, and were children of Thomas and James, respectively.

Ed Kent is a descendant of Luke Kent b. 1740's d. 1782. His father was Robert Kent, b. 1712, d. 1782, from Halivax VA area. One source places Robert's father as William Kent, b. 1684 Henrico Co, VA d. 1740, Halifax Co, VA This is factual and Ed had only found one source stating this. His Robert keeps getting linked to Henry kent b. 1626 Henrico Co, VA. Timewise, he places Henry Kent about 3-4 generations above William, about 4-5 generations above his known Robert. He thinks my Kents are somewhere between Henry and His Robert.

Hanover County 1780 census shows a Lucy Kent that could have been James' widow (mentioned in Andrew M. Kent sketch and Mrs.Rachel Fitch's sketch in Snead papers. Snead papers also state that James Kent died in 1759 instead of 1780, which is what all other references say. She states that each of his son's named their sons Robert, probably after their grandfather, the first Robert Kent. She also states that there was an Abraham Kent living in Hanover Co. in 1810, which may have been a son of James Kent.

Robert Kent was born between 1620-1630 in County of Kent, England and died on Isle of Wight Co, VA. "The Kents of Virginia are descended from the celebrated family of Kent County, England. The first of this family of whom we have any record is Adam de Kent, who lived from 1235 to 1316. Among Virginia Kents there is a tradition, as Andrew Kent says, that three Kent brothers came to America in early Colonial days, one brother settling in New York, one in Maryland, and the other in Isle of Wight Co, VA."

Robert Kent came to Virginia in 1636 as headright of Justinian Cooper, and settled in Isle of Wight County, VA. (Justinian Cooper was granted 1,050 acres, 50 acres for his personal adventure and 1000 acres for transporting 20 persons, Sept. 13, 1636. These headright’s after a certain time (they had to work to repay their transportation) were given 50 acres of land with livestock and provisions to get them started on their own. This probably was the second grant of Justinian Cooper, as the records of 1619 mention him.

It is believed that Robert Kent had at least one child, Luke who married Hannah. They were living in Isle of Wight Co as late as 1693. Then they sold their land and moved elsewhere. It is believed that their children were Thomas and James Kent.

I have been researching my Kent ancestors from Virginia since 1998 and would like to present the following puzzle:
I have verified my Kent ancestry to Robert Kent, b. 1748/49 (in Hanover Co VA), will proved 09-1840, Fluvanna Co VA. (married Ann Tate). Their children were: John Tate, James T., William Thomas, Abraham, Sally Tate and Robert Chiswell.

My ancestor, Robert had a sister, Sarah b. 1760. Sarah married her first cousin, John Kent, b. 1754 (John's father was Thomas Kent, brother to Sarah's father, James), and there may have been another brother, Abraham (listed in 1810 census in Hanover Co) Sarah and John's children were: Archelaus, Thomas and Lucy.

My ancestors,Robert and Ann Tate Kent and his sister, Sarah and her husband, Thomas Kent, moved from Hanover Co, VA and settled in Fluvanna Co, VA on Byrd Creek.

Further family research has indicated that Robert's father was James "Little Jimmy" Kent (Family records state will dated 1759 in Hanover Co, VA, but I have not been able to substantiate this). 1780 census in Hanover Co. VA lists a Lucy Kent, widow and it is speculated that this might be his wife. Family records also indicate that James Kent, son of Robert and Ann Tate Kent,was named afer his grandfather, James Kent of Hanover Co.

Family records from three different people state that the brothers, Thomas and James Kent's father was Luke Kent, and Luke's father was Robert Kent. They also say that Robert Kent migrated from England to Isle oF Wight Co, VA in 1630-1636 as a headright of Justinian Cooper. Various Isle of Wight Co. records do list a Luke and Hannah Kent living there in 1692. That is where I lose Luke and Hannah. It is speculated that they moved to Hanover Co, VA I don't know where their children were born, and can only speculate that they were the parents to James and Thomas above.

That's my story. Now, I have uncovered another father Robert and son Luke, and one father Henry and son Luke from different counties in Virginia, and, unfortunately, different decades. (It is really hard to follow the counties because they were changing names so often)

1. Robert Kent (one source says,b. 1712 - Henrico Co. VA d. 1782 - Halifax Co, VA, another source says b. in Goochland or Cumberland Co. and d. 1783 in Halifax Co.) m. Mary Easley. Children: Luke Kent (b. 1746 in Goochland Co, VA d. 1784), John, Peter Field, Robert, Obediah, William, Alexander, Candace, Mary, Caty, Smith, James.(It is strongly suggested that Robert's father was William Kent, b. about 1684 in VA)
2. Henry Kent (b. 1606 - Henrico Co, VA, d. 1868) m. Amy. children included: Luke (I only have one source for this with no other verification)

I feel like these two (or three) Kent lines have a common ancestor up the line since the names of Robert, James, Luke and William are common in each branch.

I am interested in anyone's input on this puzzle.

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FranWydner (, The Andrew Kent Papers, 1940

Cathy Akers ( Excerpts from Ruth Alfreda Bair Snead papers (her aunt) - Mrs. Clarence Hammond Kent nee Rachel Fitch of New York City documents data on the Kent family records. She is writing to Mrs. Snead. Mrs. Snead states that another Kent cousin, Andrew Kent, in his leter to her, says that this information may be inaccurate. This information was compiled prior to 1960 by Mrs. Snead.

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