26th Ordnance Casual Company

26th Ordnance Casual Company,
4th Ordnance Evacuation Battalion

In the Record of events for the 26 Ordnance Casual Company for March 1919 this is what is written:

"This Company left Atelier de Mehun sur Yevre APO 741 at 11 o'clock a.m. March 5th, 1919 per S. O. 152 par Hq. Atelier de Mehun sur Yevre APO 741 and arrived at Guitres (Gironde) APO 911 12:00 noon March 6th 1919, becomming one unit of the 4th Ordnance Evacuation Battalion.This Company was formed Feb. 15th 1919 per S.O. 135 par 4 Hq. Atelier de Mehun sur Yevre APO 741 dated February 13th 1919.Sgt. Breslin, Clarence E. 208153 died of stab wound about 3:30 p.m. March 26th received at La Guirande (Gironde) on the night of March 25th 1919, not in the line of duty."

1st Lt. C.G. Hurd, Ord. Dept., Commanding

The Company Return for March 1919 accounts for Sgt Breslin death as Murder or Homicide. Sgt. Breslin listed his mother, Mrs. Mary Breslin of 3005 Hackberry Street Cincinnati, Ohio as who to notify in case of emergency on the passenger manifest of the Radnor. He never made the trip and was stricked from the manifest. Two other names were stricken from the manifest. They were Capt. Rufus I. Newell Medical Department of Washington State and 1st Lt. Eugene Williams Ord. Dept. of Grand Ridge, Illinois. Both Officers were left in France due to not sufficient room on the transport ship USS Radnor.

Of the 1,889 troops loaded the night of 10 May, 1919 at Pauillac, France on the Gironde River below are the names of the men of the 26th Ordnance Casual Company, 4th Ordnance Evacuation Battalion. They are as they appear on the Troop manifest of the USS Radnor sailing from Bordeaux, France to Brooklyn, New York with troops bound for Camp Merritt New Jersey. All these men were stationed at the Ordnance Repair Shops in Mehun, France and were being returned to the States in these Casual Companies as shipping space became available.

The doucument on the right is Cpl. Edington's copy of General Order No. 38-A from G.H.Q. American Expeditionary Forces France February 28, 1919 Signed by John J. Pershing, Commander in Chief AEF. It is signed by Cpl. Edington Ordnance Department, and his commanding Officer Capt. Allen J. Robinson Ordnance Department, USA of the 26th Ord. Casual Co., 4th Ord. Evacuation Battalion.

Below is the Roster of the men in the 26th Ordnance Casual Company Commanded by Captain Allen J. Robinson. The names listed in Bold type have profiles found at the bottom of this page.

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Service No.

Notify in case of Emergency



Robinson, Allen J.

Capt. Ord Dept.

Mrs. Lillie K. Robinson


1884 Page Ave East Cleveland Ohio

Mayer, George M.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. George Mayer


RFD No. 4 Dearborn Michigan

Laubenthal, John C.

Sgt. 1st Cl Ord.


Mathas J. Laubenthal


Dundee Michigan

Flatau, Albert B.

Sgt. 1st Cl Ord.


Mrs. Minnie B. Faltau


3341 Reading Road Cincinnati, Ohio

Hagen, John H.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. John H. Hagen


785 25th St. Detroit Michigan

Canfield, Harry F.

Sgt. Ord.


Dr. Wilson Canfield


Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Warren, Roy E.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Ella Irwin


136 Larchmont Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Hiney, George V.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Myrtle T. Hiney


31 Winder St. Detroit, Michigan

Dobson, Winslow E.

Sgt. Ord.


Edward S. Dobson


Care of Public Ledger, Philadelphia, PA

Hillerman, William

Pvt. 1cl Ord.


Diedrich Hillerman


108 Benson Ave. Detroit Michigan

Belson, Frederick A.

Pvt Ord.


Mrs. Jennie Belson


235 Marvin Ave. Detroit Michigan

Kramer, Edward H.

Sgt. Ord.


Joseph F. Kramer


542 Van Dyke Ave. Detroit Michigan

Hanson, Olof M.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Henry P. Fritz


846 Montclair Ave. Detroit Michigan

Dejeu, Albert P.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Albert P. Dejeu


5609 Quimby Ave. Cleveland Ohio

Scott, Francis J.

Corpl. Ord.


Cornelus Scott


Dowagiac Michigan

Hartman, George H.

Sgt. Ord.


August Hartman


Erlanger Kentucky

Prain, Anthony R.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Elizabeth Prain


155 Mitchell Ave. Datroit Michigan

Commons, Arez F.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Alpha L. Commons


121 N. Blake St. Sherdian Indiana

Krangides, Achilles

Pvt. Ord.


John Couden


819 Monroe St. Toledo Ohio

Edington, Guy J.

Corpl. Ord.


Earl Edington


132 Magnolia Ave. Lansing, MI

Flesch, Herbert F.

Corpl. Ord.


Miss Barbara Flesch


240 W. Seventh St. East Liverpool Ohio

Mullenix, Chester S.

Pvt. 1cl Ord.


Mrs. Anna M. Mullenix


Arcanum Ohio

Edmunds, John H

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Ellen Edmunds


3441 E. 103rd St. Cleveland Ohio

Murphy, Vincent

Corpl. Ord.


Joseph Murphy


Emmet Michigan

Wright, Raymond H.

Pvt. Ord.


Miss Bess F.Wright


23 West North St. Newark Ohio

Clark, Lawrence E.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Elsie Clark


Scattsburg, Indiana

Strum, Fred W.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Martin Strum


152 Ferguson Ave. Dayton, Ohio

Owens, John F.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Charles Fink


15030 Helen Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Schall, Henry B.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Henry B. Schall


Care of Geer Drug Company Spartansburgh, South Carolina

Glasser, George E.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. George E. Glasser


616 15th St. Care of Mrs. Fred Houser Detroit Michigan

Zost, Carl J.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Charles E. Zost


78 Ferndale Ave. Cin., OH

Jacobs, Ruben H.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Ruben H. Jacobs


West Cairo, Ohio

Fuller, Harry J.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Frank Fuller


739 Moulten Street Belding, Michigan

Brisse, Francis D.

Corpl. Ord.


William Brisse


523 Military Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Battke, Albert A.

Pvt. Ord.


Katherine Battke


63 Heck Place Detroit, Michigan

Head, Herny G.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Fannie B. Head


2708 Woodland Ave. Louisville, Kentucky

Amico, John

Pvt.1cl Ord.


Miss Mary Amico


381 Rinard St. Detroit, Michigan

Spiesberger, John



Mrs. Theresa Spiesberger


2713 Westerntucky, ?

Mauer, Sylvester A.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Amelia Mauer


515 Hulbut Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Franklin, Albert H.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Maggie Franklin


79 Nelson St. Marion, Ohio

Fogelsong, Wilfred H.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. George L. Fogelsong


1256 Cass Ave. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kelly, Clyde A.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Mary A. Kelly


71 State St. Newark, Ohio

Ludy, Hearschel R.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Mabel M. Ludy


Box 862 Dayton, Ohio

Ulrich, Anthony C.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Emma Ulrich


2700 West Jefferson Ave. Louisville Kentucky

McAdams, Gordon A.

Pvt. Ord.


James A. McAdams


36 South Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Cook, Alger S.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Suville A. Cook


50 Forsythe Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Ironside, James

Pvt.1cl Ord.


John Ironside


Hastings Michigan

Welch Frank N.

Pvt.1cl Ord.


Mrs. Laura J. Welch


1326 Broadway Flint, Michigan

Wardell, Fred J.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. George Wardell


844 Holcomb Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Heck, Virgil A.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Clarence Heck


Hartsville, Indiana

Fay, Herbert C.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Ada A. Fay


45 East High St. Detroit, Michigan

Columbus, Stanley R.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Thomas E. Neely


Armada, Michigan

McCabe, Alger

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Helen McCabe


401 Mullett Street Toledo, Ohio

Goodell, George T.

Corpl. Ord.

Mrs. Josephine Goodell


408 Hibbard Ave. Detroit, Michigan

McNally, Ephrian F.

Corpl. Ord.


Ephrian J. McNally


621 Kuk Street Saginaw, Michigan

Fox, Hobart D.

Pvt.1cl Ord.


Miss Adella Bucher


19 Elder Street Cincinnati, Ohio

Forbes, Max D.



Mrs. Elmer Trimem


Milan, Michigan

Ford, Floyd P.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Gertrude Ford


Ransonville, New York

Curtis, Charles

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. William Curtis


18 Lothrop Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Biggar, Harold

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Harold Biggar


66 Park Blvd. Detroit, Michigan

Randolph, lyman F.

Pvt. Ord.


Miss Anna Mae Randolph


Franklin ,Ohio

Westfall, Maurice

Pvt. Ord.


Sylvester J Westfall


927 West Greene Street Piqua, Ohio

Pethke, Alvin C.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Alvin Pethke


1319 Hancock Street Port Huron, Michigan

McConnell, James O.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. James O. McConnell


230 West Anthony Street Cellina, Ohio

Bell, John H.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. John M. Lewin


440 Vanbhren Street Gary, Indiana

Myers, Clarence B.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Clarence B. Myers


Elnora Daviess County, Indiana

Tullis, Martin A.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Martin A. Tullis


Newburg, Indiana

Green, William A.

Pvt. Ord.


William Fox

Brother In Law

132 Ashland Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Abess, Mohamid

Pvt.1cl Ord.


Edward Abess


2181 Lincoln Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Harvey, Charles D.

Sgt. Ord.


Miss Kathleen Ferguson


1707 West Central Sterrt, Indianoplis, Indiana

Wynne, John

Cook Ord.


Miss Lucille Wynn


1846 Detroit Ave Toledo, Ohio

Moss, Frank

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Agnes Moss


1737 Scotten Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Samplinter, Mark L.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Sarah N. Sampliner


5515 Lexington Ave Cleveland, Ohio

Andrus, James H.

Pvt. Ord.


Joe L. Andrus


Rural Route Number 3 Lynnville, Kentucky

Boyer, Lister D.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Carlo J. Boyer


Booneville, Indiana

Balukiewicz, William

Pvt. Ord.


Joseph Balukiewicz


Box 2 Mosinne, Wisconsin

Sweeney, Edward D.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Mary L. Sweeney


55 Webb Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Dougherty, William G.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Tillie Dougherty


1761 East 12th Street Cleveland, Ohio

Philbrick, Wallace C.

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Wallace C. Philbrick


247 Prospect Ave North East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Koehler, Walter H.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Eugene Cordukes


232 Aubrey Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Epstein, Abraham

Corpl. Ord.


Mrs. Anna Epstein


1035 Wesley Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Stears, Louis A.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Louis Stears


382 Taylor Ave. Detroit, Michigan

Allison, Charles E.

Cook Ord.


Mrs. James Sherwood


Laurel, Indiana

Monks, Ernest

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Laura Monks


89 Tenth Street Salem, Ohio

Williams, Walter F.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Walter F. Willams


1319 Glenwood Ave. Flint, Michigan

Adams, John F.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Walter E. Adams


647 Virgina Park Detroit, Michigan

Wismer, Arthur

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Julia Frank


100 Pine Street Detroit, Michigan

Hammond, William E.

Coprl. Ord.


Peter F. Hammond


Care of Hammond Brothers Lancaster, Ohio

Couture, Carl J.

Pvt. Ord.


Mrs. Louis Couture


328 Smith Street Monroe, Michigan

Theobald, William H.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Margaret G. Theobald


11524 Tuscora Ave. Cleveland, Ohio

Tenbieg, Vincent J.

Sgt. Ord.


Mrs. Bertha K. Tenbieg


10 West 70th Street Cincinnati, Ohio

Captain Allen J. Robinson
Commanding Officer of the 26th Ordnance Casual Company

At the end of the First World War all the men of the United States Army Ordnance Department were routed through the Ordnance Repair Shops then located in Mehun-sur-Yevre, France. This was the location of the main Army Ordnance Repair shops, and by wars end had grown into quite a large complex with rail lines feeding the shops from all directions. The Ordnance men were formed into Casual Detachments for eventual transportation back to the United States when ships were available to take these Casual units back home.

These units were then known as Ordnance Evacuation Battalions, with each Evacuation Battalion being made up of several Casual Companies of around 75-100 men. On February 13, 1919, orders were given to Captain Allen J. Robinson to form a Casual Company at the Repair Shops in Mehun for men who were due to return back to the States. On February 15, Captain Robinson formed the 26th Ordnance Casual Company consisting of 92 enlisted men.

On March 5 Robinson’s Company left the Repair Shops in Mehun and started a journey toward Bordeaux, France where they would eventually board a ship and head back across the Atlantic. They left Mehun at 11:00 in the morning of March 5, and arrived at noon in Guitres, France, which was near Bordeaux along the Gironde River, the next day. There they would await a ship for transportation back home. The 26th Company was reduced by one man on the night of March 26, 1919, when Sgt. Clarence E. Breslin died at 3:30 in the afternoon from stab wounds he had received the night before likely from a fight, in La Guirande, France.

Robinson’s Company had to wait until nearly mid-May before sufficient shipping space became available. On May 10, 1919, Robinson and his men went aboard the USS Radnor, the ship that would take them home. The Radnor was tied to the dock in the Gironde River at Pauillac, France waiting for her load of troops. Once the Radnor had aboard all the 1,889 troops she was to carry she swung out into the current of the river and they were off, home bound at last.

Captain Allen Jay Robinson was born on March 1, 1881 in East Cleveland, Ohio to Mary Ida O’Dell (1853-1931) and James Adams Robinson (1851-1913). There is another source that states Robinson was born in Balderson, West Virginia. Balderson is a small unincorporated community located in Wood County, West Virginia and is very near the Ohio River. Being this was just across the Ohio-West Virginia State line he could likely have been born there. The James Robinson family consisted of two sons, Allen Jay being the eldest son, and Claire Wilson who was born in November of 1882. At the turn of the Century the James Robinson family lived in Cleveland. The family may have been of some means as James worked as a treasurer at a bank or for a company. The family did employ in the home one female servant named Maggie Grere who was born in Ireland and was then 38-years old.

In the summer of 1902 Allen J. Robinson was 21-years old and had been working as a laborer and wanted something more in his life. For Robinson that something was the United States Army. And so, on September 6, 1902 he went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and enlisted into the United States Army. Robinson who stood 5-feet, 8 ½-inches tall, and had blue eyes and black hair, was inducted into the Army by Captain Griffith.

Robinson first served in an enlisted rank with the 8th Cavalry, Troop F, and later with the 11th Cavalry, Troop C. Robinson would serve a three-year term and was honorably discharged at the end of his term at Ft. Riley, Kansas with Excellent Character.

Shortly before his discharge in September, 1905, Robinson had fell in love with Lillie Belle Krider and on June 29, 1905 they were married in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Most likely after his discharge from the Army in 1905, Lillie and Allen went to Cleveland to live. It is known that in April of 1910 Allen and Lillie were living on Anton Road in Cleveland, Ohio, where Allen worked as a clerk in a Hardware store. Two years prior in 1908 Lillie and Allen would have their first child, a daughter named Eleanor.

During his time serving on active duty in the Army, Allen Robinson grew attached to military life and he would serve with the Ohio National Guard from 1906 and past 1912. In 1911, he was serving with the Black Horse Troop of the Ohio National Guard. This was Troop A, also known as the 1st City Troop, the 1st Cleveland Cavalry, and the Black Horse Troop, and was an independent military organization established after the Railroad Strike of 1877. During the time that Robinson was with the Black Horse Troop he would have participated with the tobacco wars in southern Ohio in 1908; and a streetcar strike in Columbus in 1910; and after the floods in Fremont, Ohio in 1913. During this time with the Black Horse Troop he was an officer.

By the time, America had entered the First World War in 1917, Robinson who likely was still serving with the Ohio National Guard was probably brought into Federal service. During 1917, Captain Robinson served in the Army Ordnance Department in Washington DC, and at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. In Early 1918, he was sent to Camp Hancock, Georgia where he was under orders to form and take to France a Provisional Ordnance Depot Company.

In July of 1918 Captain Robinson was the commanding officer of the 37th Provisional Ordnance Depot Company, and in July 1918, had orders to take the 37th P. O. D. to Newport News, Virginia where they would await transportation to France.

On July 31, 1918, Captain Allen J. Robinson had his men board the SS America then at Newport News. The America was built by the Cantieri Navale Riuniti Company, of Muggiano, Italy, in 1908. The America was 8,996 gross tons, and 476-feet in length. She was 55-feet wide, and was powered by steam triple expansion engines, with twin screws that gave her a service speed of just over16-knots. The America carried in peace time 2,650 passengers (30 first class, 220 second class, 2,400 third class). She was built for La Veloce Line, in 1908 for the Italy to New York route. But during the First World War she was under contract of the United States Shipping Board and was used as a troopship serving with the Newport News Division of the U. S. Cruiser and Transport Force.

It would have been about 9 days later around August 8th or so that Captain Robinson would have landed in France. What his exact duties were from the time he arrived in France until he was known to have formed the 26th Ordnance Casual Company on February 13, 1919 is not known for sure. Likely he and his men went to work at one of the several Ordnance depots then in France, and it may have been at the main Ordnance Repair Shops located in Mehun, France. Captain Robinson and some of his men may have been attached to an Artillery Regiment and may have seen action on the front lines. Many of the Ordnance Men were used as an attachment to the Artillery Regiments serving to handle ordnance and ordnance related tasks while with these units. Still they could have served as an ordnance depot back from the front lines moving and handling the vast amounts of ordnance used by the American Army.

The USS Radnor on May 24, 1919 made fast her lines at the dock in Hoboken, New Jersey and Captain Robinson and his men set foot on the good old American soil again. Captain Robinson remained in the Ohio National Guard until he was Honorably Discharged on June 14, 1920.

There is some question on if he was disabled for some reason during the war as on the records of the Ohio Soldiers in WWI, 1917-19 there is a notation that he was 100% disabled. There was no other explanation of this disablement, and there does not seem to be any other records that would prove or disprove this statement so at this point little can be said about it.

After the war, Allen Robinson would have returned back to his home in Ohio. The Robinson home was located at 1884 Page Ave. in East Cleveland, Ohio. The home was a two-story wood frame home with stucco on the front and a large porch across the front of the home. The house still stands today and in 1919 when Captain Robinson walked through his front door of his home that he had left some months before he was greeted by his wife Lillie, daughter Eleanor, and his mother Ida who was living with them at the time. Within a short time, Allen Robinson had purchased a local hardware store and was the proprietor. This was likely the same hardware store he had worked at back in 1910 as a clerk.

Ten years later in the spring of 1930 the Robinson family was still living on Page Avenue in East Cleveland, but by then Allen had sold the hardware store and was now working in the insurance business as an underwriter. By then his daughter Eleanor was 22-years old and was then married to Bruce P. Henderson. Bruce and Eleanor lived with Allen and Lillie in the home on Page Ave. Allen’s mother Ida who was at the time a 76-year old widower was still with the family. Eleanor was at the time studying to be a stenographer at a local college.

On January 31 1931 Allen’s mother Ida passed away. Allen and Lillie, along with Eleanor and her husband Bruce Henderson would continue to live in the home on Page Ave. past 1935. Sometime after 1935 Bruce and Eleanor Henderson moved to Warren, Ohio in Trumbull, County. Bruce and Eleanor had bought a large home at 306 Central Parkway in Warren because Bruce had taken a job as the city Solicitor General. Allen and Lillie also moved with them and lived in the home on Central Parkway.

The home on Central Parkway was a two-story craftsman style home on a corner lot. There were several large Catalpa trees in the front yard that in the spring would cover the lawn with the distinctive white flowers that made it look like snow had covered the lawn. This home made a great place for Bruce and Eleanor to raise a family on. They would have two daughters Suzanna and Phoebe.

Allen by now had begun working as a Mechanical Engineer for himself. But by 1942 Allen was working for the Ferro Enamel Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. Now America was again in a war and on April 25, 1942 Allen J. Robinson registered for the draft as he was required to do. At the time, Allen was 5’ 7” tall and weighed 160 pounds with blue eyes, and blonde hair. He was 61-years old. Towards the end of the war in 1945 Allen and Lillie had moved away from the Central Parkway home and went to live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Again, Allen took work as a mechanical engineer.

On January 29, 1946, Allen Jay Robinson filled out paper work for acceptance into the Sons of the American Revolution where he stated he was the 4th and 5th generation descendant of Captain Jacob Allen and Sergeant Jacob Allen, Jr.

Allen Robinson wrote that Jacob Allen Jr. served, at age 14-years old playing the fife with his father Captain Jacob Allen at Saratoga. When Jacob Allen Jr. turned 18-years and 5-months old on February 20, 1782 he enlisted into the Revolutionary Army at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Jacob Allen Jr. was discharged from the Army at the close of the war in 1783 with the rank of Sergeant, serving in Captain Nathaniel G. Allen’s company of the Fourth Regiment. Captain Jacob Allen, the father of Jacob Allen Jr., served as a Lieutenant in 1775. He commanded a company of Continental infantry when he was killed at the Battle of Bemis Heights on September 19, 1777. His son Jacob Allen Jr., was with him when he was mortally wounded.

Allen and Lillie Robinson would live in Cleveland Heights until Lillie passed away on July 5, 1954. Sometime there after Allen moved back to Warren, Ohio and lived again with his daughter Eleanor Henderson. Captain Allen Jay Robinson was buried in the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio in section 3, Lot 47-0.

Captain Allen J. Robinson's grave stone.

Undated photo of Allen J. Robinson taken later in his life.

This is a photo of the 26th Ordnance Casual Company taken on May 24, 1919 the same day they left the USS Radnor in Hoboken, NJ. Captain Allen J. Robinson stands smartly with his men.

Profiles of the men in Bold from the above roster:

Sergeant First Class Albert B. Flatau, Service No. 207760: Enlisted into the Reserve Corps 16 July 1917 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the age of 24 years, 4 months. His address was 3318 Reading Reserve Division, Cincinnati, Ohio and he was born in Cincinnati. He was assigned to the Ordnance Department, Watervliet Arsenal, NY from enlistment until 3 October 1917. He made Sergeant on 1 October 1917 and Sergeant First Class on 17 September 1918. On 26 November 1917 he sailed to France. It is likely that he was sailing aboard one of these two ships that sailed on the 26th and had these Ordnance units on board: Calamares with the Ordnance Depot Co. #5 (2 officers and 83 enlisted), Ordnance Depot Co. #7 (1 officer and 51 enlisted), or the Tenadores with Ordnance Depot Co. #4 (3 officers and 94 enlisted), Ordnance Depot Co. #3 (3 officers and 95 enlisted), Finance Office, Ordnance Department with 2 officers and 11 enlisted. Upon arrival in France he was assigned to the Advanced Ordnance Depot No. 1 until 4 April 1918. From there he was assigned to HQ Intermediate Ordnance Depot No. 4 until 19 October 1918 and then to Ordnance Depot No. 5 until 5 February 1919. He there after was assigned to the Ordnance Repair Shops at Mehun, France and then returned with the 26th Ordnance Casual Co. on 24 May 1919. He was honorably discharged on 6 June 1919.

Sergeant Albert P. Dejeu Service No. 2519851: He enlisted into the National Army on 21 September 1917 at Washington Barracks, Washington, D.C. and was 24 years and 11 months old at the time of enlistment. His home was at 14018 Hale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio and he was born in Rotterdam, Holland. He was made Sergeant on 26 September 1917 and was first assigned to the Engineers Division, Officers Corps of Orders until 12 June 1918. He next was assigned to Engineers Division Ordnance Depot 717 with the AEF in France until 18 September 1918. From 18 - 28 September he was stationed at APO 702 with the Aircraft Armament Section. From 29 September until 4 November 1918 he was with the 657th Aero Squadron and there after was with the 5th Company, Ordnance Repair Shops in Mehun, France. He served overseas from 25 August 1918 until he returned on 24 May 1919 with the 26th Ordnance Casual Company. He was honorably discharged on 4 June 1919.

Corporal Guy J. Edington, Service No. 2171636: He is my grandfather and my hero. See his detailed service history on this page.

Pvt 1cl Chester S. Mullenix Service No. 3525193: He was born on 14 June 1888 and lived in Arcanum, Ohio at the time of his enlistment in the Ordnance Department, National Army. He enlisted 27 June 1918 at Bayman City, Michigan and was assigned to the 158th Depot Brigade from Enlistment until 22 July 1918. He served overseas and sailed on 26 August 1918 and was at APO 741 Ordnance Repair Shops, Mehun, France and returned to the States with the 26th Ordnance Co. on 24 may 1919. He was honorably discharged on 5 June 1919.

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