36th Artillery Brigade, CAC

36th Artillery Brigade, C.A.C.

The 36th Artillery Brigade CAC was organized in June of 1918 at Ft. DuPont, Deleware. In August of 1918 the Brigade moved to Camp Merritt, New Jersey for final preparations before sailing to Europe. Later in August the Brigade sailed from Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, New Jersey. The Brigade was Commanded by Colonel Knowlton, C.A.C., and later in October by Brigadier General Charles E. Kilbourne (MOH). While in France the 36th Brigade was stationed at O&T Center No. 1 (Operations and Training), Libourne, France, as were the 3 regiments of Artillery that were under the command of the 36th Artillery Brigade.

The 36th Brigade was made up of the following 3 regiments of Artillery; 68th Artillery, C.A.C. equipped with the 6-inch Seacoast guns; 69th Artillery, C.A.C. equipped with the 5-inch Seacoast guns; 63rd Artillery, C.A.C. equipped with the 8-inch british Howitzers. Each regiment consisted of 6 Batteries with 4 guns per battery, 24 guns total in a Regiment. Each regiment of artillery was designed to operate on its own or together with other regiments. The 36th brigade was the command unit to the 3 regiments and served as Army Artillery.

Although the 36th Brigade was fully trained, equipped, and ready to take its place in the line, the Armistice was signed before the Brigade was able to see active service. On February 10, 1919 in Marseilles, France the 35th Artillery Brigade with 9 officers and 65 enlisted men, and the 36th Artillery Brigade with 12 officers and 54 enlisted men, along with the entire 67th Artillery Regiment, CAC boarded the SS America (Italian Line) for transportation to the United States. They arrived in New York City on March 2, 1919 and went to Camp Mills, New York for demobilization.

On the return trip the officers and senior non-comissioned officers of the 36th Brigade were:

Major Clifford R. Jones
Captain Henry J. McCorkle
1st Lt. Charles G. Bright
1st Lt. Andre L. Calsse
2nd Lt. Amos B. Snavely
2nd Lt. George L. Allan
2nd Lt. Geoffrey C. Bunting
2nd Lt. John J. Burnett
2nd Lt. Myron L. Summerfield
2nd Lt. George W. Rowley
2nd Lt. Ray Labitt
2nd Lt. William J. Raelowin

Sgt. Major Sr. Grade William Pardie
1st Sgt. Herman H. Ahilers
Radio Sgt. Goff Owen

Brigade Muster

As I find names of men who served in the 36th Brigade I will add them here with what I know of each. If you know additional facts about these men or others who served in the 36th Brigade, Coast Artillery Corps, please e-mail them to: Joe Hartwell

Pvt. Lloyd Leo Berger, HQ Co. Service No. 608620

Lloyd L. Berger was born in Clare, Montcalm County, Michigan on July 11, 1898. He served during WWI from 22 December 1917 to 20 March 1919. Again served in the Army from 21 August 1919 to 25 July 1921, and yet again from 23 July 1943 to 19 November 1944.

During WWI he was serving in the Headquarters Company, 36th Artillery Brigade (CAC). He was first assigned to the 3rd Company Delaware CAC, and then as the 36th Artillery Brigade was forming was transfeted into the HQ Company. 36th Artillery Brigade CAC

AWARDS: World War I Victory Medal, World War I overseas service stripe, Spherical Balloon Pilot Wing, World War II Victory, American Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal, World War II Discharge Lapel Button


22 December 1917 - Enlisted in the Regular Army as a Private at Columbus Barracks, Fremont, Ohio. Address at the time of enlistment was R. F. D. 2, Monroeville, OH
12 January 1918 - Received Typhoid shot
01 May 1918 - Qualified as a 1st Class Gunner as published in S.O. 116
13 May 1918 - H.C.D.D.
23 May 1918 - Delivered to 3 Co Delaware Coast Artillery Corps Fort Delaware
05 June 1918 - Delivered to 6 Co Coast Artillery Corps Fort DuPont
June 1918 - The 36th Artillery Brigade CAC was formed at Fort Du Pont, Delaware
August 1918 - The 36th Artillery Brigade moved to Hoboken, New Jersey to Port of Embarkation
22 August 1918 - Lloyd Berger departed U.S. with Headquarters, 36th Artillery Brigade CAC
03 September 1918 - Lloyd Berger arrived in France as part of the A.E.F. with the 36th Artillery Brigade CAC

While with the HQ Co. of the 36th Artillery Brigade Berger was in Brest and Libourne, France west of Bordeau for awhile. According to letters and documents of Pvt. Berger it seems that the French Mayor had a good wine cellar.

06 October 1918 - Brigadier General Charles E. Kilbourne (MOH) took command of the 36th Artillery Brigade. Pvt. Lloyd Berger had great respect for him and spoke about fondly about him over the years.
10 February 1919 - Departed Marseilles, France on the Italian ship Amerika. Stopped at Malta for fuel.
02 March 1919 - Lloyd Berger arrived in U.S. with the 36th Artillery Brigade CAC at Camp Mills, New York.
March 1919 - The 36th Artillery Brigade CAC moved to Fort Totten, New York and was demobilized.
10 March 1919 - Lloyd Berger was Honorably Discharged at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio.
20 March 1919 - Departed Camp Sherman, Ohio for home in Fremont, Ohio.

For a more detailed history and photograph of Pvt. Berger visit this link.

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