3d Trench Mortar Battalion

History of the

3rd Trench Mortar Battalion, C.A.C.

During WWI

History of Battery "C", 3rd BATTALION TRENCH ARTILLERY

Battery "C," 3rd Battalion Trench Artillery, C. A. C. was organized at Fort San Jacinto, Galveston, Texas on April 23, 1918 by the transfer of 97 enlisted men from the 1st, 3rd, 10th, 11th and 12th Companies of Coast Artillery. Captain Ernest N. Rogue was assigned as Battery Commander and assembled the Battery on the 24th day of April. 1918. On April 28, 1918, 82 recruits were assigned to Battery from 9th and 12th Companies giving Battery total strength of 179 enlisted men. On May 4, 1918 Battery moved from Fort San Jacinto, Galveston. Texas to Fort Crockett, Galveston, Texas and went in training preparatory to Over-Seas service.

On July 7, 1918 Battery received orders to entrain and leave for Over-Seas. Battery left Fort Crockett, Texas; marched to Galveston, Texas and entrained at 11.45 P. M. Battalion left Galveston, Texas at 1.15 A. M. destination unknown. Battery arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana at 9.00 P. M. July 8th. Left New Orleans at 11.05 P. M. same day. Destination unknown.

Battery arrived in Montgomery, Alabama at 8.00 A. M. July 9th, Left Montgomery at 9.00 A. M. and arrived at Atlanta, Georgia at 5.00 P. M. Left Atlanta, Georgia at 6.05 P. M. destination unknown. Battery arrived in Salisbury, North Carolina at 7.15 A. M., July 10th. Left Salisbury, North Carolina 9.15 A. M. Destination unknown. Battery arrived in Jersey City, New Jersey at 9.00 P. M., July 11th; went aboard ferry Plainfield and arrived in Long Island City, New York at 1.15 P. M.; entrained and arrived at Camp Upton, New York at 8.30 P. M. Here Battery was equipped for Overseas.

The Headquarters Co., Supply Company, Medical Detachment and the Ordnance Detachment along wth Battery A, B, C and D, left Camp Upton at 12.15 P. M., July 13th; arrived at Long Island Station, at 4.30 went aboard ferry Hempstead and arrived at Hoboken, New Jersey at 6.10 P. M. That evening, July 13 from 6:05 in the evening until 9:30 that night troops were loaded aboard the transport Khiva, which was a Cunard Line ship, and spent the night. The entire 3rd TM Bn under the command of Major Peter H. Ottosen consisting of 19-officers and 735-enlisted men, along with 793 troops of the 47th Engineers went aboard the Khiva. On the morning of July 14th at 9:55 in the morning, the transport Khiva pushed away from Pier No. 3 Bush Terminal in Hoboken and headed out to sea in convoy of 14 transports accompanied by Armored Cruiser USS Montana which escorted the convoy across the Atlantic ocean until July 25. On the morning of July 26th convoy was met by an escort of 12 British Destroyers.

The Khiva landed in Liverpool, England at 2 P. M. July 26th and marched out to English rest camp Knotty Ash where the Battalion spent two days resting after trip across Atlantic Ocean. Battery left Camp Knotty Ash at 9.00 A. M., July 26th; entrained at 10.50 A. M. and arrived at Winchester, England at 7.30 P. M. Marched to English Garrison and went into camp. Battery left Winchester, England at 10.15 A. M. July 29th and arrived at Southampton, England at 11.30 A. M.; went aboard transport Harvard at 4.00 P. M. but did not sail because submarines were reported in channel; disembarked and marched to American Rest Camp in Southampton; Battery spent July 30th and 31st in this Camp. Battery left American Rest Camp at 2.30 P. M., July 31st and marched to docks at Southampton; went aboard transport Belfast and arrived in La Havre, France at 5.00 A. M., August 1st. Here Battery marched out to Rest Camp and spent August 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Battery C left La Havre at 2.30 P. M., August 4th; entrained in box cars and arrived at Langres, France at 5.40 A. M., August 6th. Here the Battery marched to the U. S. Army Trench Artillery School at Fort De La Bonnelle and pursued course in Trench Artillery, grenades, gas, and modern warfare until September 8th.

Battery left Army Trench Artillery School September 8th, marched 26 kilmeters, went in camp for night. Battery broke camp at 7.00 A. M. September 9th and marched 16 Kilometers. Arrived at Trench Artillery Center, Montigny les Cherlieu at 12.30 P. M., September 9, 1918 and went in billets.

Battery continued course in modern warfare, digging of emplacements, entrenching, hand grenades, and gas instructions until December 10th. On December 10th Battery received orders to entrain for return to the U. S. A. Battery left Montigny les Cherlieu at 9.30 A. M. December 10th, marched 7 kilometers to Vitrey and entrained at 10.30 A. M. same day.

Battery arrived at Brest, France, port of embarkation, December 13, 1918. Battery left Brest, France, January 5th, 1919 and marched 9 kilometers to Brest docks; went aboard lighter and boarded USS Montana at 10.30 same date. Sailed from France, at 12.15 P. M. January 5th, 1919 on board USS Montana. Arrived in the United States at 1.00 P. M. January 18th, went aboard Ferry boat and arrived at Long Island, New York at 3.00 P. M. same date. Entrained at Long Island Station at 3.15 P. M. and arrived at Camp Mills L. I. N. Y. at 5.30 P. M., January 18, 1919. Went in barracks. Battery left Camp Mills at 10.00 A. M. January 22d and arrived at Fort du Pont, Delaware at 5.00 P. M. January 22, 1919 and went into barracks.


The 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion, CAC, never saw any combat while in France as they arrived to late in the war and the training had only just conpleted when the war ended. On the return trip home aboard the USS Montana, they sailed with the 4th Trench Mortar Battalion, CAC and a detachment of 15-officers from the 56th Artillery, CAC. After they returned back home to America they were de-activated at Fort Dupont, Delaware.

Roster of Battery C

Capt. Ernest N. Hogue, 17 N. 12th St., Paris, Texas.
1st Lieut. Alexander Van Brewer 3202 Ave. Q Galveston, Texas.
1st Lieut. George C. Darrell, 7944 Buruham Ave., Chicago, Ill.
2d Lieut. Harold M. Jackson, 610 N. Graham St.,Charlotte, N. C.
2d Lieut. Henry A. Hoefle, 3424 Telfort St., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Senior Non-coms:
1st Sergt. Pease, John A., Galveston, Texas, Ft. Crockett.
Supply Sgt. Barrett, Stephen J. 219 East 18th St., Houston, Texas.
Mess Sgt. Stephens, William Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas.

Edwards, Harry M. Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas.
Kibekos, Prank Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas.
Bartos, Louis R. F. D. No. 1, West, Texas.
Henderson, Walter, R. F. D. No. 1, Box 52, Barber, Ark.
Bunnell, James S. Summers, Arkansas,
Hendrickson, Barney E. 911 East 14th St., Pittsburg, Kan.
Hansen, Andreas, 2402 Winnie St., Galveston, Texas.
Hancock, Lawrence B. 1515 P. O. St., Galveston, Texas.
Wells, William W. Canton, North Carolina.

Mourning, Hays R. F. D. No. 1, Box 83, Cane Hill, Arkansas.
O’Donnell, Charles J. 529 South 14th St., Lincoln, Neb.
Green, Melvin W. Route No. 2, Grandy, Missouri.
Elben, Uless Herrick, Illinois.
Flagg, Hugh E. 1305 24th St., Galveston, Texas.
Strickland, Samuel B. R. F. D. No. 4, Ellisville, Miss.
Davis, Memory Commerce, Texas.
Gardner, Earl Route No. 2, Burleson, Texas.
Hull, Walter D., 2440 McFadden Ave. Beaumont, Texas.
Galbreath, William E., Hutchinson, Kansas.
Parker, James H., Clanton, Ala.
Wolfe, Jr., Wise W., Alto, Texas.
Kreutz, Carl St. Anthony, Idaho.
Leahy, John W., 711 Water St.. Corpus Christi, Tex.
Fry, William L., Lockney, Texas.
Butler, William R., Gen. Del. Peoria, Illinois.
Aiton, Fred Bangs, Texas
Boyd, Albert H., Morrill, Texas.
Shockley, Walter F., 2215 Ave. I., Galveston, Texas.

Armstrong, Joe Hallettsville, Texas.
Blount, Ralph E., 817 North Beal St., Belton, Texas
Chapman, Ward \V., Route No. 2, Sanger, Texas.
Chittick, John C. 113 Galisteo Ave., Raton, New Mex.
Elkins, Denver S., Ashland, Texas.
Eule, Herman G., B. P. 0. E., No. 151, Houson, Texas
Fagan, Drew W., 1295 Live Oak St., Beaumont, Tex.
Ferris, Charles IV., Tarrant, Texas.
Hendrickson, Ben W. 506 West 18th St., Austin, Texas.
Ischy, Euel P., Georgetown, Texas.
Morgan, Alvie E., Rochelle, Texas.
Parker, George N. P. O. Box 171, Byers, Texas.
Reitz, Charles R. Cedar Hill, Texas.
Trout, Luther L., Route No. 4, Valley Mills, Texas.
Watson, Robert H., Mansfield, Texas.
West, Carl, Route No. 3, Waxahachie, Texas.

Shell, Charles M., Gen. Del. Galveston, Texas.
Johns, John D., 821 Tulane St., Houston, Texas.
Hoeflin, Arthur J., Box 250 Fort Worth, Texas.

Bailey, Wade H., Canyon, Texas.
Taylor, Leo S., Woods Hotel, Houston, Texas.
Painter, Ollie T. Kiowa, Oklahoma

Natter, George E., 28 W. 17th South Salt City, Utah.
Tucker, Edwin L., Elkhart, Kansas.

Pvt. 1cl.:
Armstrong, Walter, R. F. D. No. 1, Box 49, Fort Worth, Texas.
Beane, Raleigh E., Garwood, Texas.
Bell, Carroll B., Winters, Texas.
Bimson, Edgar C., R. F. D. No. 2, Quincy, Illinois.
Boatwright, Eric 0., 3104 Alameda, Ave. El Paso, Texas.
Borgerson, Arnold, 1914 Garnd Ave., Racine, Wis.
Brazzel, Jordan H., R. F. D. No. 2, Mansfield, Texas.
Brockette, Benton L., Covington, Texas.
Chambers, Charles H., Alvord, Texas.
Coffman, Marion W., Cherokee, Texas.
Davis, James W., Bay City, Texas.
Ebel, Charles H., 520 W. 11th Ave., Houston Hgts., Texas.
Ferguson, Morgan J., Pottsboro, Texas.
Gardner, J. M., Kopperl, Texas.
Gulley, Clarence H., Route No. 2, Box 93A, Hugo. OkIa.
Hill, Samuel E., Gen. Del. Center, Texas.
Irick, Frank, Pikeville, Kentucky.
Jaye, Frederick 0., Route No. 1, Garner, Texas.
Jones, Aipheus D., 2109 Ave. H. Galveston, Texas.
Jordan, Wayne V., Meridian, Texas.
Lanham, Barney M., Benbrook, Texas.
Lisenbee, Cecil W., Cisco, Texas.
McClurg, Floyd H., R. F. D. No. 1, Sunset, Texas.
McNeil, William C., Saratoga, Texas.
Newland, Temple H., Route 6, Box 88, Temple, Texas.
Norman, Ralph E., Garner, Texas.
O’Neal, Mack, Locker, Texas.
Pawley, Harley C., 2l01 Heaton Ave., Fort Worth, Texas.
Pipkin, Raymond J. Annona, Texas.
Plumb. John T., 423 South Phoenix Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Presley, Aquilla E., Handley, Texas
Quayle, Harry, 21 West 17th South Salt Lake City, Utah.
Rollins, Horace U., Route No. 2, Muldoon, Texas.
Stone, Albert H., Rockwall, Texas
Thompson, Bonnie, 3101 McKinnon St., Dallas, Texas.
Urquhart, Leroy, Millerton, Oklahoma.
Westphal, Emile J., Pascagoula, Mississippi.
Wilson, Luther F., 1107 Filmore St., Amarille, Texas.
Winchester, Ira, Everman, Texas.

Beard, Levi L., Bokchito, Oklahoma.
Beard, Olaf E., Chickasha, Oklahoma.
Benton, John G.,. Frost, Texas
Bollinger, George F., R. F. D. No. 2, Gainesville, Texas.
Boozer, Artie L., Route A, Box 7, Sweetwater, Texas.
Braddock, Jessie J., Muldoon, Texas.
Briscoe, William R., R. F. D., No. 2, May, Texas.
Brown, Roy, Ashland, Texas.
Brubaker, Bryan, Welder, Texas.
Brummer, Arthur, Lake Wilson, Minnesota.
Burnett, Hal A., Fort Davis, Texas.
Carothers, Homer C., Route No. 3, Waxahachie, Texas.
Carpenter, Theo. F., Dodge City, Texas.
Casey, Raymond C., 700 Taylor St., Waco, Texas.
Coale, George L., 2710 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, Texas.
Cole, Leo N., Munday, Texas.
Cook, Arthur, Longworth, Texas.
Cunningham, Thos. E., 515 Milby St., Houston, Texas.
Davis, Caleb A., Bluffton, Texas.
Dorris, William C., Benjamin, Texas.
Duerr, Henry , R. F. D. No. 1, Columbus, Texas.
Edgar, Glenn A. L. Elkhart, Kansas
Feeney, John J., Katy, Texas.
Findley, Cyril I., Weinort, Texas.
Gray, Sam, Van Alstyne, Texas.
Holley, John IV., Route No. 1, Sadlor, Texas.
Hooten, Monte V., Ogle, Texas.
Johnson, Herschell W., Hedley, Texas.
Kocurek, Charlie, R.F.D. No. 4, Box 28, Clarksville, Texas.
Lancaster, Ottis, Route No. 1, Osceola. Texas.
Land, Russell T., Childers, Texas.
Leavell, William 0., Coleman, Texas.
Little, Hal, Box 164, Ladonia, Texas.
Machalek, Joseph IV., Route No. 3, Box 70, Temple, Tex.
McLaughlin, Arthur E., P. 0. Box 164, Dublin, Texas.
McMillan, Hector, Miles, Texas.
Michael, Frederick L.,. Cisco, Texas
Milam, James E., Hico, Texas.
Mitchell, George M, Wakefield, Nebraska.
Morawietz, Louis T., Falls City, Texas.
Nivens, John M., 1811 S. Congress Ave.. Austin, Tex.
Nolan, John R., 150 Texas Ave., Houston. Texas.
Ott, Willie, Star Route, Clifton, Texas.
Owens, Lewis W., 909 N. 1st St., Arkansas City. Kan.
Powell, John W., 302 Caston Ave., Tyler, Texas.
Price, Oscar N., Route No. 4, Bonham. Texas.
Queen, Arnell L., Marble, North Carolina.
Raymond, Thomas, Mays Lick, Kentucky.
Reeves, William, Galveston, Texas.
Riley, Wilder, Chapel, Oklahoma.
Roberts, Julian C., 107 Rosemont Ave., Dallas, Texas
Ross, William V., Route No. 4, Ada, Oklahoma.
Rowe, Hugh E., R. F. D., No. 3, Mesquite, Texas.
Smith, Clinton, D., 910 W. Leuda St., Fort Worth, Tex.
Smith, Jessie A., Pillont Point, Texas.
Tilghman, George D., Hugo, Oklahoma.
Walker, Gillespie M., Quitaque, Texas.
West, Lawrence H., Box 132 Coleman, Texas.
Wheeler, James D., 3310 Cole Ave.. Dallas, Texas.
Wilson, Seth T., Leaday, Texas.
Woolsey, Louis C., Jennings, Louisiana.
Young, Richard B., Cooper, Texas.

(This History of Battery C came from the orginal document shared by Mark E. Bentley of Austin, TX, who’s grandfather, Ralph Norman was a member of Battery C. This outline and roster of Battery C as well as a panoramic photo of the Battery taken on 19 January 1919 at Camp Mills, Long Island, NY were among some of Ralph Norman’s possessions left to his grandson Mark Bentley)

The American Trench Mortar units typically used the French 58mm - No. 2 Mortar, the 6-inch Newton Mortar or the 240mm Heavy Mortar.

The Trench Mortar Men had a song that they sang and it went like this:

You can sing of the glory of death on the lyre,
Of ar-e-o-planes for their swank,
Prefer to pass out to the fumes of the gas,
Or give up your life in a tank.
But I’ll sing to you of a job that is new,
A job worse than any disease,
A job where your coffin is ever in view,
Or you can die any death that you please.

Working on Fifty-Eight Two's,
You can die any death that you choose.
Get hit by a shell, the gas gives you hell,
Grenades wake you up when you snooze.
But your family is proud of you now,
They are sure to collect that ten thou’
Ten days to each man is the average span,
Working on mortars, those jolly trench mortars,
Those damnable Fifty-Eight Two's.

A typical 6-inch Newton Mortar set in a fortified pit. This was done to conceal the location of the Mortar from the enemy.

The Muster of the 3rd TM Battalion.

If you have family Members who served in this unit please e-mail them to Joe Hartwell and I will add thier names.

Pvt. Frederick Ladelle Michael, Battery C,

Ron Ruiz contacted me about his grandfather, Frederick Ladelle Michael, who served in Battery C, 3rd TM Bn during WWI. Ron shared about his grandfather: "My Grandfather, Frederick Ladelle Michael, was stationed a Ft. Crockett with Battery "C" 3rd TM Bn. He shipped out for France as described in the 3rd TM Bn information (above) and also returned as described. I have a number of photos of him and others at Ft. Crockett and in France. I also have an original newspaper clipping from the Eastland, Texas newspaper, where he lived, showing my Grandfather and both of his brothers enlisting in the military after the U.S. entered the war. My Grandfather and one brother enlisted in the Army and the other brother enlisted in the Navy. I also have his dog tags, medals, parts of his uniform, and his helmet with the trench mortar "bomb" painted in red."

"In addition, I have a "three-day pass" issued to him by the Company Commander, a diary he kept during his service time, his pay book showing all payments, allotments, and insurance, and an original menu from Thanksgiving, 1918 in France, printed in both French and English. The menu is quite extensive and is embossed and marked on the front "Battery C, 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion, C.A.C." I also have several other personal items that he carried to France."

Frederick Ladelle Michael was born in Eastland, Texas on August 31, 1898 and died in Corpus Christi, Texas on January 16, 1994. He was a fireman, a master plumber, a master electrician, a master carpenter, a high school teacher, and a 75 year Mason among other things.
Pvt. Frederick L. Michael,
Battery C 3rd TM Bn, C.A.C.
Alphus A. Michael, Troop D, 309th Cavalry, Carroll Michael USS Camden
and Frederick L. Michael.
Dog tags of Pvt. Frederick L. Michael, Service No. 1140964
with the original well worn cloth stringer.

Pvt. Worth H. Johnson, Bty D,

Pvt. Johnson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 26, 1898. He was the son of Clara and Benjamin Johnson. Worth Johnson entered the service on January 17, 1918. Pvt. Johnson was assigned to Battery D, 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion. He sailed for France in July, 1918 with the 3rd TM Bn.

Pvt. 1cl Earl Vernon Pursell, Battery B,

Born March 5 1897, Died 21 April 1959, and buried in the Oakdale Cemetery, Muscatine County, Wilton Township, Iowa.

Pvt. 1cl Winfield L. Templin, 728485 US Army, C. A. C., Battery B,

I was contacted by Carolyn Whitaker about a family member, Mr. Winfield Templin, that she was researching who had served in the 3d Trench Mortar Battalion and I did some research into his service with the 3d TM BN and this is what I found:

Mr. Templin enlisted into the United States Regular Army, Coast Artillery Corps on November 3, 1913 at Jackson Barracks, LA. Jackson Barracks is located about 6 miles southeast of New Orleans on the Mississippi River. This was the Headquarters of the Coast Defenses of New Orleans, South Atlantic Coast Artillery District. Pvt. Templin was listed as being in the 164th Company C.A.C. at Jackson Barracks from enlistment to December 1, 1913. The 1st Company at Jackson Barracks was organized from the 164th Company C.A.C. in 1907. On December 1, 1913 Pvt. Templin was transferred into the 127th Company where he served until August 31, 1917. The 127th Co. was not listed as being at Jackson Barracks but his next assignment was in the 2nd Company at Fort Crockett Texas. The 2nd Company at Fort Crockett was organized from the 127th Company C.A.C. in 1907. The 127th Co. was originally stationed at Fort Fremont in Beaufort, South Carolina. In 1911 Ft. Fremont was scaled back and the 127th Co. under the command of Captain W. E. Murray were transferred to the Coast Defenses of Galveston, likely at Ft. Crockett or Ft. Sam Houston. Pvt. Templin served with the 2nd Company at Fort Crockett from August 31, 1917 to April 23, 1918. Fort Crockett is located in Galveston, Texas and was Headquarters of the Coast Defenses of Galveston, South Atlantic Coast Artillery District. Among the troops stationed there was the 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion. Pvt. Templin served with Battery B, 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion until January 1, 1919.

The 3rd TM BN was formed in April of 1918 at Fort Crockett, TX. In July of 1918 the Battalion moved to Camp Upton, NY for preparation to sailing. That same month the Battalion sailed from Port of Embarkation, Hoboken NJ. The Battalion served in France until its return to Camp Mills, NY in January of 1919. The Battalion was demobilized in January of 1919 at Fort Dupont, DE. While serving with the 3rd TM BN Pvt. Templin was promoted on June 14, 1918 to Private 1st Class. (Pvt. 1cl).

From the dates listed as service overseas (July 14/18 - Jan 18/19) we can determine the sailing dates of the 3rd TM BN. There is a list of ships sailing by date and if you were to get a copy of this from the National Archives in Washington, DC you could determine what the name of the ship he sailed to Europe on. Once you had the ship name you could then search out a passenger manifest for the sailing and confirm that his name did appear. I have done this for my grandfather and found his name listed.

Pvt. 1cl Templin last date with the 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion was January 26, 1919 and I would guess that is the date when the Battalion was demobilized at Ft. Dupont. Pvt. 1cl Templin served at Fort Mott, NJ from January 26, 1919 to March 11, 1919. Fort Mott is located 6 miles from Salem on the Delaware River. Ft. Mott is a station of the Coast Defenses of The Delaware, Middle Atlantic Coast Artillery District. It was not noted what company he was with but at Ft. Mott were stationed the 1st and 2nd Coast Defense Companies and the 1st C. D. Co. from Ft. Dupont along with the 4th, 5th, 7th and 11th Companies from the C.D. of the Delaware. He may have been with any of these companies. Pvt. 1cl Templin next served in the Coast Defenses of Puget Sound at Fort Worden, WA until his discharge from the army on November 20, 1920. Again it is not known what company he served with while at Ft. Worden.

The units that were stationed at Ft. Worden were: 39th, 63rd and the 69th Artillery Regiments. 1st, 2d 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th C. D. Companies from Ft. Worden. 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 22d, 23d, 26th, 30th, 40th and 41st Companies of C.D. of Puget Sound. Fort Worden, Washington is located at Point Wilson, two miles north of Port Townsend, Washington. Fort Worden is Headquarters of the Coast Defenses of Puget Sound, North Pacific Coast Artillery District.

I do not believe that the 3rd TM BN saw action at the front. I have this account printed in the February 1st, 1919 edition of "The Liaison" the official newsletter of the Coast Artillery Corps, about the 3rd TM BN:

"During the month of August, the 3rd Battalion (Trench Mortar) personnel, both enlisted men and officers, under command of Major P. H. Ottosen, as well as the entire personnel of two divisional batteries, the 301st and 316th (Trench Mortar) were trained. There also was instructed Class VII, consisting of 83 battery and casual officers. A Staff College demonstration shoot was conducted on August 25th and a shoot for field officers on September 6th." "Two Battalions of Heavies, the 1st and 2nd Battalions, have seen very active service, and have been in the thick of the fighting, both as Trench Artillery and as infantry."

Pvt. Ernest Washington Bratcher, Service No. 729535, Battery D

Bratcher was born on November 13, 1898, in Texas and enlisted into the army on February 1, 1918. He served with Battery D of the 3rd Trench Mortar Battalion, CAC throughout the war. He sailed aboard the SS Khiva with the Battalion and returned aboard the USS Montana with the Battalion. Pvt. Bratcher was given an Honorable Discharge on February 4, 1919. Ernest Bratcher passed away on May 21, 1959, and was burried in the Italy Cemetery in Italy, Texas. A white military Grave stone marks his grave today.

Pvt. Ernest W. Bratcher, Battery D, 3rd TM Bn, CAC

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