USS Charleston 1918 Crew List

October 1918 Crew List

USS Charleston Crew List October 1918

On 16 October 1918 the Charleston was in port in New York as there was a grand ball held by the officers and crew at the Astor Hotel on the west side of Broadway between 44th and 45th Streets. The reason this grand ball was held was that the crew had earned thier Liberty Flag by 100% of the crew having purchased war bonds.

This is known as Tom Clark shared with me that his uncle, Charles Everett Ritter, was at this Ball and had a program entitled "First Grand Ball and Banquet Given By The Crew of The U.S.S. Charleston, October 16th, 1918, Hotel Astor." The program lists Committees that made the Ball possible. It has a Dance Program with music time schedule, Supper Menu, and it lists the entire ship's crew, Officers, Rates, and Seaman.

Charles Everett Ritter was born on 6 October 1896 in Cincinnati and lived at the time of enlistment at 842 W. Liberty St in Cincinnati. He enlisted into the US Navy Reserve Force on 22 July 1918 at the Recruiting Station in Cincinnati, Ohio. Charles Everett Ritter's service number was 183-62-24. He went to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center near Chicago, IL and on 19 August 1918 was assigned to Naval Operations Base at Norfolk, VA until 24 August 1918 when he was assigned to the USS Charleston. He was on the Charleston until 11 November 1918. His rank was Fireman 3rd Class. He was released from active duty on 4 September 1919 and Honorable discharged on 30 Sept 1921 at the final rank of Fireman 1st Class.

First Grand Ball and Banquet given by the crew of the U.S.S. Charleston, October 16th, 1918, Hotel Astor

Astor Hotel, 1903 Architects: Clinton & Russell

Fur trader John Jacob Astor arrived in New York City in 1784 and soon began to invest in Manhattan real estate. One of his first purchases, the 70 acre Eden Farm, occupied what is today 41st to 48th Streets, from Broadway to Eleventh Avenue. In 1904, Astor’s descendants erected the Astor Hotel on the west side of Broadway between 44th and 45th Streets, when the area was emerging as the theater district and electric light transformed this strip of Broadway into the "Great White Way." With its enormous public rooms and an elaborate roof garden, the Astor Hotel was seen as a successor to the Waldorf-Astoria, from which architects Charles W. Clinton (1838-1910) and William H. Russell (1854-1907) borrowed much of its style. Hawley’s rendering—which was executed after construction had begun in March of 1902—was reproduced as a chromolithograph for posters advertising the September 1904 opening of the hotel. The Astor was demolished in 1967 to accommodate the march of progress—1515 Broadway, a 50 story office tower.

This is the front cover of the program to the ball that contained the names of the officers and crew of the Charleston.

Crew List

(on October 16, 1918)


W.L. Littlefield-Capt. U.S. Navy-Commanding Officer
Edward D. Washburn-Comdr. U.S. Navy-Execut. Officer
William H. Shea-Capt. U.S.C.G.-Navigator
George F. Neiley-Lt. U.S. Navy-Gunnery Officer
Charles D. Holland-Lt. P.C.-Supply Officer
Frances G. Allen-1st Lt. U.S.C.G.-Engineer Officer
Howard L. Vickery-Lt. U.S. Navy-First Lieutenant
Elphege A.M. Gendreau-Lt. Medical Corps, U.S. Navy
William M. Marshall-Capt., U.S.M.C.-Marine Officer
J.W. Chapman-Ens. U.S.N.R.F.-Communication Officer
William D. Bungert-Lt. U.S. Navy
John A. Sternberg-Lt. U.S. Navy
Volney O. Clark-Lt. U.S. Navy
Daniel C. Beach-Lt. U.S. Navy
Walter S. Forest-Lt. U.S.N.R.F.
William A. Taylor-Lt. (jg) U.S.N.R.F.
Clyde C. Jackson-Lt. (jg) U.S.N.R.F.
Wilfrid F. Olsen-Lt. (jg) U.S.N.R.F.
Francis J. Hurney-Act. Chaplan
Richard P. Bell-Lieut. Medical Corps.
William J. Rogers-Lt. (jg) Dental Corps, U.S.N.R.F.
Martin J. Werner-Lt. (jg) U.S. Navy
Walter I. Greth-2nd Lt., U.S.M.C.
Edward Danielson-Ens. (T) U.S.N.
Cedric O. Eaton-Ens. (T) U.S.N.
William M. Akin-Ens. (T) U.S.N.
Burmain A. Grimball-Ens. (T) U.S.N.
Whitley P. McCoy-Ens (T) U.S.N.
Paul W. Richards-Ens. U.S.N.R.F.
Theo. H. Ross-Ens. U.S.N.R.F.
Charles P. Williams-Ens. U.S.N.R.F.
Walter A. Seymour-Bosn. (T) U.S.N.
Edward M. Thomson-Mach. (T) U.S.N.
Roscoe C. Noland-Mach. (T) U.S.N.
Fred J. Roehr-Mach. (T) U.S.N.
Marshal Erickson-Carp. (T) U.S.N.
Karl S. Farnum-Act. Pay Clerk, U.S.Navy
Sebastian A. Biehn-Act. Pay Clerk, U.S. Navy
Raymond E. Kline-Pay Clerk, U.S.N.R.F.

Enlisted men:

Alrich, A.B.
Artusio, J.L.
Abell, R.L.
Andress, W.F.
Andrews, W.T.
Alexander, E.L.
Austin, D.M.
Akin, C.F.
Adams, W.A.
Anderson, C.P.
Anderson, F.J.
Adams, W.A.
Andrews, W.A.
Anderson, R.M.
Anskis, L.
Brown, T.J.
Barry, R.J.
Brinkerhoff, W.E.
Benson, L.C.
Beattie, H.A.
Boss, H.G.
Bennett, C.J.
Brooks, T.E.
Baker, E.E.
Black, A.C.
Bechtell, J.H.
Bigham, W.J.
Bailey, J.W.
Bisonette, J.
Bray, S.R.
Bartholoma, W.
Burger, E.E.
Belvieu, P.
Buck, N.S.
Bryant, D.B.
Burdett, F.D.
Bellamy, O.
Burlison, M.R.
Bonson, G.W.
Bradbury, A.B.
Buchanan, T.G.
Bauer, R.B.
Baque, H.C.
Broentz, J.M.
Baker, E.
Bogart, W.
Buford, T.W.
Bundy, R.E.
Barker, G.L.
Best, A.M.
Bond, W.
Bartly, W.
Black, C.B.
Bowman, R.S.
Bryant, T.R.
Blanchard, W.H.
Beatty, M.J.
Bellmore, J.W.
Bradstock, A.S.
Burns, W.J.
Birdsell, B.M.
Beisel, A.L.
Bealler, H.H.
Bowman, P.H.
Bailes, F.H.
Beckwith, L.
Bennett, C.J.
Brooks, T.E.
Cantwell, M.J.
Corbalis, B.C.
Chapman, E.
Callahan, A.B.
Condon, W.F.
Crawford, R.E.
Coleman, W.B.
Carroll, W.F.
Chess, L.
Cavanaugh, P.J.
Cox, D.L.
Commick, F.H.
Carrigan, C.
Campbell, J.G.
Cooke, V.M.
Carpenter, J.F.
Cason, L.A.
Cofer, E.
Creecy, C.A.
Carnes, J.L.
Collins, W.W.
Crump, D.H.
Cook, G.D.
Cronin, C.A.
Carson, A.B.
Crawford, E.
Conklin, C.F.
Collins, G.L.
Coleman, C.H.
Classy, J.J.
Cooley, F.E.
Crowley, J.J.
Clarke, A.E.
Chrisner, J.W.
Collins, C.J.
Cody, J.
Clarke, E.
Cannon, M.H.
Chapman, F.J.
Crick, W.E.
Crim, R.S.
Calloway, S.E.
Dean, T.D.
Donlan, J.W.
Dressler, A.
Delaney, D.
Dean, R.L.
Dvorak, F.
Dello Russo, M.
Doeer, H.G.
Duncan, H.C.
Donovan, R.E.
Dobins, F.G.
Dodson, A.J.
Dougherty, P.A.
Dunne, W.F.
Dibble, W.
Daly, A.E.
Day, E.
Dewey, L.C.
Durkin, M.M.
Denious, F.
Duffy, J.H.
Dickens, R.L.
Davis, N.C.
Dunn, J.B.
Davis, R.L.
Dunning, H.J.
Duffy, H.J.
Donovan, J.J.
Dissell, R.L.
Deschene, A.
Duvall, R.W.
Dobson, H.C.
DeMoranville, S.M.
Daley, G.E.
Dennig, J.C.
Dobbs, F.H.
Durham, T.H.
Davis, J.W.
Dean, G.
Emery, H.J.
Ewitt, W.H.
Erb, J.E.
Eldridge, C.F.
Emerick, T.M.
Eckerson, C.A.
Elliott, R.C.
Evans, L.P.
Ebert, F.J.
Edwards, J.A.
Elliot, W.B.
Edwards, A.L
France, J.W.
Fleming, S.O.
Ferris, S.
Fleming, B.R.
Ford, H.A.
Fisher, R.
Furman, W.H.
Fry, W.O.
Farrar, A.S.
Foster, G.M.
Field, L.K.
Frankenfield, E.S.
Feist, R.A.
Frydendal, L.
Feder, H.
Fitzgerald, T.E.
Fisher, H.A.
Fausto, N.C.
Fitzgerald, J.J.
Feider, P.J
Falasz, F.F.

Gatton, R.W.
Getz, W.
Gerrieta, F.W.

Graves, S.
Greene, H.W.
Garrene, L.K.
Gibbs, J.L.
Greene, T.T.
Gilmore, H.B.
Ganey, L.F.
Ganey, L.A.
Griffith, W.M.
Greene, B.J.
Gaunt, W.E.
Guess, J.P.
Gilbert, F.M.
Gordnier, R.D.
Gottschalk, C.
Gazzola, C.
Geish, J.
Grant, F.H.
Glasbrook, R.
Gibson, R.
Gould, C.B.
Gullie, W.E.
Garland, A.E.
Gentry, C.E.
Hohlbein, F.W.
Himmier, A.C.
Hathaway, L.
Hervanek, A.
Hagedorn, W.F.
Harris, A.D.
Hickey, C.D.D
Hughes, C.D.
Hope, M.E.
Hornicutt, H.M.
Hill, E.O.
Harrington, L.A.
Hickey, L.W.
Harrison, R.D.
Hipp, L.B.
Hildreth, R.E.
Hagerty, H.H.
Hannigan, F.E.
Hehehan, C.
Hemphill, J.B.F.
Hanigan, J.W.
Harrison, J.K.
Hanson, A.P.
Haines, R.R.
Harmon, W.F.
Habensack, H.
Healy, M.J.
Hale, E.
Hayes, W.R.J.
Hansen, F.F.
Hagerty, D.
Halligan, J.W.
Husband, A.
Henry, L.S.
Hannigan, J.W.
Helms, J.E.
Hach, G.
Hackett, H.F.
Heggan, P.C.
Hart, J.B.
Higginbotham, H.H.
Harris, T.C.
Heath, L.B.
Hunt, F.M.
Hoffman, W.
Hawkes, A.J.
Hamby, R.B.
Herring, A.
Helland, J.B.
Hardesty, W.V.
Hughey, D.P.
Houge, H.
Horn, G.L.

Isaacs, C.T.

Johnson, M.F.
Johnson, R.R.
Jordan, J.C.
Jennings, V.H.
Jacobson, A.J.
Joy, H.
Johnson, F.E.
Johnson, D.M.
Jack, A.C.
Johnson, D.C.
Johnson, J.D.
Johnson, R.G.

Kuczynski, P.J.
Klienschmidt, P.
Kaiser, W.H.
Kinzer, D.G.
Kaufman, J.
Kucich, G.M.
Kaldenback, L.R.
Kidney, B.
Klotzbach, P.
Kubel, A.F.
Kane, J.J.
Kane, T.M.
Kahle, H.W.
Kaiser, R.H.
Koenig, J.
Kildow, W.L.
Kelly, P.H.
Kline, R.A.
Keltonic, J.J.
Kirwin, W.F.
Kivlin, J.J.
Kelly, D.H.
Kirkland, C.M.
Kent, R.J.
Kane, F.J.
Klavon, J.F.

Linskey, W.P.
Lawler, J.
Loeffler, J.
Look, J.J.
Lacoy, A.I.
Layden, P.W.
Lorden, C.
Luby, R.E.
Lucas, L.V.

Langer, S.
Lochte, F.E.
Lipscomb, R.A.
Leuderman, H.C.
LeJeunnesse, J.R.
Linville, H.
Licktenstine, F.
Lovvorn, J.C.
Lake, G.H.
Leathem, T.
Lieuallen, C.L.
Lieb, C.W.
Linn, O.L.
Lavinghouse, C.D.
Lawless, J.
Lowder, W.C.
Leibig, C.R.
Latimer, T.W.
Lambert, W.M.H.
Lisman, P.A.
Larkin, P.
Linsks, E.C.
Lee, D.R.
Lee, H.W.
Laux, C.
Lenihen, T.

Martin, E.E.
McCabe, J.
McCarthy, W.P.
Mathias, W.I.
McGuire, E.J.
McCarthy, D.J.
Morin, J.H.
Miller, J.E.
Murphy, D.F.

McIntyre, J.F.
Mink, J.E.
Moreland, C.L.
Milbury, R.A.
Mauck, G.W.
McViear, C.J.
McGillicuddy, J.A.
Miller, D.L.
Millett, R.T.
Morley, W.L.
MacLennan, M.A.
Moffat, C.
Montgomery, S.E.
McKee, R.C.
Marsh, W.
McClure, W.
McCollum, R.
Mapes, C.A.
Moynihan, M.
McCune, C.
McFarland, H.R.
Miller, H.F.
Malbung, W.J.
Mariante, J.F.
Moncus, J.W.
Matarazzo, M.
Moran, W.
Molitor, F.
Miller, J.M.
Morris, C.O.
McGarrity, C.G.
McGowan, M.
McDaniel, H.
McMahan, G.
Myer, W.A.
Mack, R.J.
Morey, H.
Moss, W.F.
McDermid, A.
Martin, G.W.
McDonald, W.H.
Mocney, J.T.
McCarron, C.B.
Mullen, E.J.
Mack, T.
Matson, W.E.

Newman, R.
Niver, J.
Nettleton, W.H.
Newroth, G.C.
Nelson, H.R.
Neaves, A.T.
Nealey, H.V.
Noble, G.W.
Nolin, J.
Narr, A.

O’Riley, T.
O’Dea, S.F.
O’Leary, R.E.
O’Brien, C.P.
Olsen, O.A.
O’Neil, C.
O’Brien, L.
Owalt, L.E.
Orr, L.B.
O’Donohue, C.M.
Olsen, C.E.
O’Connor, C.E.
O’Malley, J.P.
Osborne, S.E.

Orvis, S.
Obester, M.C.
Olsen, L.H.
Olsen, C.E.
Oldfield, E.

Phillips, H.L.
Pickering, H.D.
Potter, E.M.
Platt, R.T.
Powers, C.J.
Pitts, W.B.
Phelps, S.E.
Peplawski, E.F.
Potter, W.M.
Pool, W.C.
Pacholski, T.
Pape, C.
Pattison, S.W.
Parker, J.E.
Pasternacki, F.
Price, S.H.
Palir, S.
Plantarich, K.P.
Pepper, R.A.
Pomelek, R.
Plater, C.A.
Perry, N.C.
Pesce, N.

Roos, M.
Roberts, A.S.
Reed, C.E.
Ridgway, L.P.
Rover, D.J.
Rasmussen, H.A.
Roos, L.L.
Roache, T.M.
Reidenbach, J.L.
Rogers, J.C.
Riley, W.A.
Rudinsell, H.
Russell, A.H.
Reeves, M.H.
Roberts, J.W.
Riney, J.G.
Rutherford, L.G.
Roy, A.W.
Raymer, T.H.
Rial, G.F.
Reidy, D.M.
Rivette, G.F.
Ritter, C.E.
Rosecran, B.
Reardon, W.A.
Raymond, W.A.
Roulhac, C.
Rosbrough, H.
Reiser, M.J.
Reilley, T.
Smith, W.B.
Schmidt, C.P.
Snyder, D.W.
Simmons, G.W.
Sutton, J.T.
Schaffier, D.J.
Shortridge, C.H.
Stweart, E.T.
Stweart, J.K.
Starks, H.
Sunderland, P.
Sherman, M.
Schmutz, W.J.
Smith, C.T.
Sullivan, E.J.
Shafer, L.V.
Shures, F.F.
Stoen, N.
Sims, T.A.
Sarlo, M.
Siegel, B.
Summers, S.
Stewart, P.H.
Sullivan, P.
Sessions, C.L.
Stout, E.
Sparks, E.
Shine, C.E
Scoville, E.L.
Scheben, L.O.
Smith, C.M.
Snooks, C.W.
Schreiner, F.F.
Smith, R.L.
Sanders, R.
Shea, D.
Summers, G.R.
Smith, C.F.
Steinkamp, W.P.
Sholund, M.
Sewall, F.
Seeley, F.E.
Sutton, A.
Stewart, W.J.
Sweet, A.A.
Simons, R.E.
Stamper, W.C.
Sweeney, L.J.
Share, O.
Scherer, M.
Salzberg, G.
Swim, C.M.
Schmitt, A.
Salisbury, C.R.
Simmons, M.W.
Sullivan, P.J.
Schafer, J.G.
Sweeney, J.E.
Steinkamp, T.
Stettler, C.A.
Stemann, L.G.
Shively, J.W.
Sullivan, C.E.
Stahl, J.W.
Sivley, J.M.
Shirey, E.C.
Stoner, C.R.
Schaefer, C.B.
Switzer, H.L.
Shoppell, S.
Schulte, M.
Simpson, M.J.
Sheehan, E.M.

Tierney, W.
Tingley, W.M.
Tobin, J.R.
Theamann, C.
Thornell, J.D.
Taylor, D.S.
Thomson, R.J.
Thomas, J.W.H.
Tuff, D.W.
Temple, J.K.
Thompson, H.I.
Thayer, W.E.
Taccone, T.G.
Tomes, J.R.
Tasker, F.
Treadwell, S.
Thompson, C.J.

Ulrich, A.

VanBlarcom, E.J.
VanWinkle, J.
VanHorn, R.
Venner, A.J.
Vrooman, A.J.
Vincent, H.J.
Viancour, R.H.
Valverde, C.R.
Walker, R.B.
Waldron, C.
Wiggs, H.C.
Winkle, L.
Wolter, R.A.
Warren, C.E.
Wentworth, D.B.
Willen, W.S.
Weirman, J.H.
Wakefield, C.E.
Walte, C.
Wimer, W.J.
Winters, F.
Werner, J.M.
Weber, G.A.
Williams, T.M.
Walker, O.C.
Wicker, V.C.
Widman, W.P.
Walton, F.E.
Williams, J.W.
Winegard, V.E.
Wentela, W.W.
Wiwatowski, L.A.
Warner, N.F.
Williams, B.N.
Weidler, T.A.
Walsh, W.F.
Wahlen, E.M.
Workman, E.T.
Wilson, E.
Wilson, W.W.
Walsh, J.B.
Walker, R.W.
Woodworth, A.E.
Wetgandt, E.A.
Wolter, F.R.
Wilbur, F.
Ward, A.W.
Young, C.C,
Yaskell, L.T.
York, D.
Zulick, C.F.
Zell, R.C.
Zehner, J.
Zacharias, L.J.
Zolecki, L.J.

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