Vehicles of the A.E.F.

Vehicles of the A.E.F. During WWI

Below are photos and information on some of the different vehicles that the American Expeditionary Forces used during WWI.

The Holt Tractors

Here are two examples of Holt Agriculture Caterpillar Tractors. They came in two models the 75 h.p. model on the left and the 120 h.p. model above. The 120 h.p. version has a steering wheel in the front to aid in turning and usually had an covering over the tractor while the 75 h.p. version just had the two tracks for steering.

These Holt Tractors were used primarillary for transportation of Heavy Artillery pieces like the 8-inch howitzers and 155mm G.P.F. guns. They had a speed of about 15 miles per hour and had gas engines.

Above is an example of the 120 h.p. version from the 70th Artillery, CAC. You can see the 4 cylinder of the engine block just above the head of the man on the left. Again another 120 h.p. Holt. This is also of the 70th Artillery. This one has the crankcase covers removed and a piston and connecting rod is seen on the ground just in front of the curve in the tracks in the center of the photo.
Above is a example of the 74 h.p. version. This one is from the 60th Artillery CAC and has its hood removed. Again another view of the 75 h.p. version also from the 60th Artillery. This one does have the hood on it making it look somewhat different than the one on the right, but still the same type tractor.

Motorcycles, Staff Cars and Bicycles

Mototcycles and bicycles played an indespensable part in keeping the lines of communications open during the war. Above we see an example of a motorcycle with a sidecar attached. This photo is of captain R. J. Imperatori of the 70th Artillery. On the left the photographer is setting in the sidecar of a motorcycle and the handlebars can be seen. Also in this photo is a Bicycle leaning up against the building on the left and a Staff Observation car can be seen.

These Staff cars came in different makes and models. Most were White Touring cars, Fords or Dodges. These were extensivily used by Officers moving about the country side as they carried out thier duties.


Trucks used by the AEF were usually of the FWD type or the Dodge truck type. They came in 1 1/2 ton and 3 ton models. Many different bodies were used for different pourposes. Above is a truck company at an unidentified location. These may be trucks of the Quartermaster Corps as the plackard on them looks to be Quartermaster.
Another shot of a group of drivers standing in from of thier trucks. This is the same location as the above photo. Note that these trucks were open cab and only had a canvass covering and no windshield glass. They also used soild rubber tires.

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