Camp Mills, NY World War One

Camp Albert L. Mills, New York.

History: Named in honor of Maj, Gen. Albert L. Mills, U. S. A., who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for gallantry at Santiago, Cuba, July 1, 1898. Established as temporary tent camp Sept. 1917, for mobilization of 42d Div. (N. G.) ; next occupied by 41st Div. (N. G.), Oct.-Nov. 1917. Thereafter ordered to be abandoned; but reestablished Apr. 4, 1918, when taken over by Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, N. J., to obtain additional facilities for troops in transit. Served as embarkation cantonment to Nov. 11, 1918; thereafter, for purposes of debarkation. Construction of cantonment started May 1918, and continued throughout the year. In 1919, camp was ordered to be abandoned and sold; continued to operate until Mar. 31, 1920, when garrison troops were transferred elsewhere.

Description: Temporary camp to receive troops prior to their embarkation on transports or after debarkation. Located in Nassau County, Long Island, N. Y., about 10 miles from eastern boundary of New York City.

Facilities-Camp Base Hospital: In the beginning, a primitive camp hospital, supplemented by hospital facilities of the neighborhood, served the needs of the troops. Base hospital was organized Apr. 6, 1918, by making use of existing buildings on Mineola fairgrounds. In the fall of 1918, construction started on a 2,000-bed base hospital just to the east of fairgrounds, which was completed Feb. 1, 1919; abandoned Sept. 18, 1919.

Other Facilities: Similar to those of Camp Merritt. At first, tent camp; converted 1918 into cantonment. Troop capacity-About 46,000, including space for 40,000 transients (half in barracks and half in tents), 500 inmates of detention camp, and 5,500 members of permanent garrison. Construction costs to June 30, 1919-About $12,000,000. Area-About 500 acres.

Command Status: Commanding officer reported to Eastern Department, Sept. 1917-Mar. 1918; thereafter to commanding general, Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, N. J. Exercised jurisdiction of general courts-martial, June 1918-Sept. 1919.

Camp Commanders:

1917-Sept. 2, Brig. Gen. Robert A. Brown;

Sept. 5, Maj. Gen. William A. Mann;

Oct. 19, Brig. Gen. Michael J. Lenihan ;

Oct. 29, Brig. Gen. Robert A. Brown ;

Nov.15, Brig. Gen. Henry Jervey;

Dec. 15, Maj. Charles H. Smith.

1918-Apr. 4, Maj. Richard R. Pickering;

Sept. 12, Lt. Col. Richard R. Pickering;

Sept. 13, Maj. Ralph S. Kimball;

Dec. 12, Lt. Col. Richard R. Pickering.

1919-May 12, Maj. Gen. Robert Alexander through June 20



Bkrs. & Cks. Sch.; Cp. Hq.; Gd. & F. Bn.; 329th, 330th, 331st, 332d, 333d, 334th Gd. & F. Cos. ; 303d, 307th Labor Cos. ; M. Sh. Trk. Us. 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369; 57th M. Comd.; M. T. Cos. 482, 513, 657, 797 ; MtcL Co. 331; Med. Sup. Det. ; Ord. Det. ; 4th Prov. Gd. Co. ; Res. Labor Bns. 427, 428, 446 ; Sig. C. Det. ; Salv. Co. ; Util. Det.


1st Division: 1st M. G. Bn., 2d M. G. Bn., 3d M. G. Bn., 1st F. A. Brig., 1st Engrs., 2d F. Sig. Bn., Hq. Tr., Tns. (less 1st Sn. Tn.), garrison duty.

2d Division: DHQ., 2d F. A. Brig. (less 2d T. M. Btry.), 4th M. G. Bn., 5th M. G. Bn., 2d Engrs., Hq. Tr., 2d Am. Tn., garrison duty; 2d Sn. Tn., staging.

4th Division: DHQ., 7th Inf. Brig., 8th Inf. Brig., 10th M. G. Bn., Hq. Tr., 4th Tn. Hq. and M. P., preparing to embark; Hq. 7th Inf. Brig., 47th Inf., 10th M. G. Bn., garrison duty.

5th Division: 9th Inf. Brig., 10th Inf. Brig. (less 15th M. G. Bn.), 19th F. A., 9th F. Sig. Bn., 5th Tn. Hq. & M. P., garrison duty.

6th Division: Div., (less Hq. 11th Inf. Brig., 52d Inf., 6th F. Sig. Bn., 318th Engrs., 318 Engr. Tn.), preparing to embark; DHQ., 53d Inf., 54th Inf., 6th F. A. Brig. (less 6th T. M. Btry.), 6th F. Sig. Bn., Hq. Tr., 318th Engr. Tn., garrison duty.

7th Division: DHQ., Hq. 13th Inf. Brig., 56th Inf., 14th Inf. Brig. (less 34th Inf.), 7th F. A. Brig. (less 7th T. M. Btry.), 19th M. G. Bn., 5th Engrs., 10th F. Sig. Bn., Hq. Tr., 7th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 7th Am. Tn., 5th Engr. Tn., garrison duty.

8th Division: Div. (less DHQ., 62d Inf., 319th Engrs., 319th Engr. Tn., preparing to embark; Hq. 8th F. A. Brig., 8th T. M. Btry., Hq. Tr., staging; 12th Inf., 13th Inf., 62d Inf., garrison duty.

10th Division: 210th Engrs., 210th Engr. Tn., preparing to embark; 28th M. G. Bn., staging.

27th Division: DHQ., Hq. 53d Inf. Brig., 105th Inf., 106th Inf., 104th M. G. Bn., 105th M. G. Bn., Hq. 52d F. A. Brig., 105th F. A., 106th F. A., 102d T. M. Btry., 102d Tn. Hq. & M. P., Hq. Tr., 102d Engr. Tn., staging.

28th Division: 53d F. A. Brig., 103d F. Sig. Bn., 103d Am. Tn., 103d Sup. Tn., 103d Engr. Tn., preparing to embark.

29th Division: 54th F. A. Brig., 104th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 104th Am. Tn., 104th Sn. Tn., preparing to embark.

30th Division: Div. (less 60th Inf. Brig., 105th Engrs., 105th F. Sig. Bn., 105th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 105th Engr. Tn.), preparing to embark.

31st Division: Div. (less 106th Engrs.), preparing to embark; 106th T. M. Btry., 106th Engr. Tn., staging; Hq. Tr., demobilizing.

32d Division: Hq. 63d Inf. Brig., 125th Inf., 128th Inf., 119th F. A., 119th M. G. Bn., staging.

33d Division: Div. (less DHQ., 129th Inf., 108th T. M. Btry.), staging.

31th Division: 109th Engrs., staging.

35th Division: Div. (less 110th Engrs., 110th Engr. Tn., 110th Sn. Tn.), preparing to embark; Hq. 60th F. A. Brig., 129th F. A., 110th Engrs., 110th Am. Tn., 110th Engr. Tn., staging.

36th Division: Div. (less 143d Inf., 111th F. Sig. Bn.), preparing to embark; DHQ., Hq. 71st Inf. Brig., Hq. 72d Inf. Brig., 141st Inf., 142d Inf., 144th Inf., 131st M. G. Bn., 132d M. G. Bn., 133d M. G. Bn., 111th Engrs., 111th F. Sig. Bn., Hq. Tr., 111th Sup. Tn., 111th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 111th Engr. Tn., 111th Sn. Tn., staging.

37th Division: DHQ., 145th Inf., 147th Inf., 148th Inf., Hq. 74th Inf. Brig., 134th M. G. Bn., Hq. Tr., 112th Sup. Tn., 112th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 112th Engr. Tn., 112th Sn. Tn., staging.

38th Division: Div. (less 138th F. A., 139th F. A.), preparing to embark; 138th F. A., 113th T. M. Btry., 113th Am. Tn., 113th Sup. Tn., staging.

39th Division: 156th Inf., 140th M. G. Bn., 142d M. G. Bn., 65th F. A. Brig., 114th F. Sig. Bn., Tns. (less 114th Engr. Tn.), preparing to embark; 140th F. A., 114th F. Sig. Bn., staging.

40th Division: Div., preparing to embark; DHQ., Hq. 79th Inf. Brig., Hq. 80th Inf. Brig., 159th Inf., 160th Inf., 143d M. G. Bn., 144th M. G. Bn., Hq. Tr., 115th Am. Tn., 115th Tn Hq. & M. P., 115th Sup. Tn., staging.

4lst Division: Div. (less 116th Engrs.), preparing to embark; 148th F. A., staging.

42d Division: Div., preparing to embark; 165th Inf., staging.

76th Division: 301st Sup. Tn., 301st F. A., staging.

77th Division: Div. (less DHQ., 302d T. M. Btry., 302d F. Sig. Bn., 302d Engr. Tn., 302d Sn. Tn.), staging.

80th Division: Hq. 160th Inf. Brig., staging.

8lst Division: Div. (less DHQ., Hq. 16lst Inf. Brig., 321st Inf., 322d Inf., 306th Engrs., Hq. Tr., 306th Engr. Tn.), preparing to embark; Hq. 156th F. A. Brig., Hq. Tr., staging.

82d Division: 157th F. A. Brig., 307th Engrs., 307th F. Sig. Bn., 307th Am. Tn., 307th Sup. Tn., 307th Engr. Tn., 307th Sn. Tn., preparing to embark; 328th Inf., staging; Hq. 163d Inf. Brig., Hq. 164th Inf. Brig., demobilizing.

83d Division: 330th Inf., 158th F. A. Brig., Tns. (less 308th Engr. Tn.), preparing to embark; Hq. 165th Inf. Brig., 329th Inf., 331st Inf., 322d M. G. Bn., 324th M. G. En., 324th F. A., 308th T. M. Btry., staging.

81th Division: Div., preparing to embark; 309th T. M. Btry., 309th Am. Tn., 309th F. Sig. Bn., staging.

85th Division: Div. (less 310th Sn. Tn.), preparing to embark; DHQ., Hq. 169th Inf. Brig., Hq. 160th F. A. Brig., 328th F. A., 329th F. A., 330th F. A., 328th M. G. Bn, Hq Tr., 310th Am. Tn., 310th Sup. Tn., 310th Sn. Tn., staging; 310th Tn. Hq. & M. P., demobilizing.

86th Division: Div. (less 17lst Inf. Brig.), preparing to embark ; DHQ., Hq. 171st Inf. Brig., Hq. 172d Inf. Brig., 341st Inf., 342d Inf., 343d Inf., 344th Inf., 331st M. G. Bn., 332d M G. Bn., 333d M. G. Bn., Hq. Tr., Hq. 16lst F. A. Brig., 333d F. A., 311th Tn. Hq. & M. P., staging.

88th Division: 176th Inf. Brig., 163d F. A. Brig., 337th M. G. Bn., 313th Engrs., 313th Am. Tn., 313th Sup. Tn., 313th Sn. Tn., preparing to embark; 349th Inf., 337th M. G. Bn., 339th M. G. Bn., 338th Engrs., 313th F. Sig. Bn., 313th Am. Tn., 313th Tn. Hq. & M. P., 313th Engr. Tn., staging.

89th Division: Div., preparing to embark.

90th Division: Div., preparing to embark; 165th F. A. Brig., 343d M. G. Bn., 315th Engrs., 315th Engr. Tn., staging.

91st Division: 166th F. A. Brig., 316th Am. Tn., 316th Sup. Tn., preparing to embark; 346th M. G. Bn., 316th F. Sig. Bn., staging.

92d Division: Hq. 167th F. A. Brig., 351st F. A., staging.


Air Service: 177th, 213th, 222d, 47lst, 649th Aer. Sqs.; lst, 3d A. S. Met. Regts.

Artillery: First Army Arty. Park; IV Corps Arty. Park.

Coast Artillery: 54th Ammunition Train; lst, 3d, 6th Anti Aircraft Battalions; 4th, 5th, 8th A. A. Sectors; 33d, 35th, 36th, 37th, 40th Brigade Headquarters; 44th, 45th, 5lst, 55th, 56th, 62d, 63d, 67th, 68th, 69th, 73d, 74th Artillery Regiments; 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th Trench Mortar Battalions

Cavalry: 2d, 15th Regts.

Chemical Warfare Service: Cos. A, B, C, D, E, F 1st Gas Regt.

Engineers: 11th, 13th, 18th, 20th, 33d, 55th Regts.; 36th, 77th, 12lst, 132d, 137th, 515th, 532d, 537th, 548th, 550th Bns.; 465th Engr. Pon. Tn.

Infantry: lst, 5lst, 59th, 802d, 804th, 806th, 809th, 8llth, 813th, 814th Pion.

Medical Department: Base Hosps. 11, 13, 25, 30, 31, 34, 40, 41, 42, 48, 49, 53, 54, 70, 87, 99, 118, 123; Camp Hosp. 76; Evac. Hosps. 4, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32.

Motor Transport Corps: 7th, 8th, 9th, 22d, 57th M. Comds.; M. Rep. Us. 301, 302, 303, 307, 312.

Quartermaster Corps: 309th, 315th, 329th, 330th, 335th, 337th, 342d F. Rmt. Sqs.; Serv. Bns. 305, 308, 316, 322, 323, 324, 327, 332, 334, 338, 341, 345, 348, 446; Res. Labor Bn. 427; Water Tk. Tn. 301; 4th Prov. Gd. & F. Bn.

Signal Corps: 2d, 3d Sig. C. Dep. Bns.; 317th, 321st, 323d, 324th F. Sig. Bns.; 55th, 402d, 403d, 404th, 408th, 409th, 410th, 411th, 414th, 419th Tg. Bns.

Tank Corps: 301st, 304th Tk. Centers; 304th, 305th Tk. Brigs.; 301st, 303d, 304th, 329th, 330th, 332d, 335th, 336th, 337th, 344th Tk. Bns.

Transportation: Corps: 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 38th, 40th, 41st, 42d, 43d, 55th, 60th, 66th, 67th, 68th, 71st, 73d, 75th, 80th, 81st, 82d, 92d, 93d, 94th, 104th, 106th, 107th, 110th, 111th, 115th, 117th, 119th, 121st, 137th, 140th, 143d, 145th, 146th, 165th, 810th, 815th, 819th, 821st, 824th, 849th, 850th, 852d, 857th, 860th, 865th Cos.

Veterinary Corps: Vet. Hosp. 18.

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