Service Timeline
Historical Timeline for Cpl. Guy J. Edington

Date / Event

July 11, 1895 - Born Clinton County, Michigan to Joseph and Emma Edington.

September 1, 1897 - Mother dies

1901 - Father dies and moves to Lansing Michigan.

1915 through 1917 - Works for the REO Motor Car Works

November 28, 1917 - Accepted into the Ordnance Department, Carriage Division.

December 13, 1917 - Left Lansing Michigan en route to Rock Island Arsenal for enlistment.

December 14, 1917 - Passed exam inducted into the National Army. Private 2d Company, U.S.N.A. Motor Truck Ordnance Department at Camp Dodge, IA

January 1918 to March 1918 - Transferred to Camp Merritt, NJ Company B, 1st Provisional Ordnance Battalion

March 14, 1918 - Sails with the 1st Battalion American Ordnance Base Depot, Company B from Camp Merritt aboard the USS Henry R. Mallory to France.

April, 1918 - Advanced Ordnance Depot No. 1(Services of Supply)

20 July, 1918 - Intermediate Ordnance Depot No. 4 (Services of Supply) at Mehun-ser-Yevre France.

July through Aug 1918 - Attached to the 56th Regiment Heavy Artillery. (Coast Artillery Corps) Participates with the III Corps as the 56th Regiment serves as Corps Artillery during the 2nd Battle of the Marne III phase.

September through October, 1918 - Unknown

November 1, 1918 - Promoted to Private 1st Class

November 7, 1918 - Promoted to Corporal

Jan. 2, 1919 - Located at the O&T Center No. 3 in Clermont-Ferrand, France APO 723. Confirmed by address on back of a post card.

Feb. 8, 1919 - Ordered to proceed from Ordnance Depot Mehun-sur-Yevre APO 741 to Laval, France to pick up two Staff Obsersation cars. Confirmed by copy of Order stating so.

Feb 15, 1919 - Transferred to the 26th Ordnance Casual Company. Located in Mehun-sur-Yevre. A unit of the 4th Ordnance Evacuation Battalion.

March 5, 1919 - Left Mehun-sur-Yevre en route to Guitres, France on the Gironde River awaiting transportation to the States.

May 10, 1919 - Boarded the transport USS Randor on the Gironde River at Paulliac near Bordeaux, France and sails to the United States.

May 24, 1919 - Debarked USS Radnor on Pier No. 3 Bush Terminal at 10:25 am heading for Camp Merritt NJ.

June 5, 1919 - Mustered out of the Army at Camp Custer Michigan

Oct. 30, 1919 - Married Lena Mae Howard at Ionia, Michigan

Oct. 13, 1981 - Died, Plymouth, Indiana. Buried Ionia, Michigan at Sunset Memorial Gardens.  


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