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Here you will find all the pages contained in my web site. I have them grouped into the different sections of the web site so you can easily find you way around my site.

My Grandfather, Cpl. Edington's History Pages:

Index Page
State Side Training and Sailing for France
War Department Letter
Western Union Telegram
Camp Dodge
Camp Merritt
USS Henry R. Mallory
Service Timeline
Biography Page
Steam Engine Photos
Doughboy Buddies 
Duties after the War
5 Days leave to Paris 
The Voyage Home Page
26th Ordnance Company
General Order No. 38-A
USS Radnor

US Army Coast Artillery Corp History Pages:

Coast Artillery Unit History page

6th, 7th, and 8th Provisional Artillery Regiments, CAC

Howizter Regiment, 30th Artillery Brigade, CAC Railway Artillery Reserve

31st Artillery Brigade
32d Artillery Brigade
35th Artillery Brigade
36th Artillery Brigade
38th Artillery Brigade
39th Artillery Brigade
42nd Artillery CAC
43rd Artillery CAC
44th Artillery CAC
45th Artillery CAC
49th Artillery CAC
50th Artillery CAC

51st Artillery CAC [ Forts of the 6th Provisional Regiment ]
52nd Artillery CAC
53rd Artillery CAC [ Battery B ] [ Regimental Muster ]
54th Artillery CAC
55th Artillery CAC [ Col. Shedd ] [ 55th Artillery "Peace Years" Hawaii ]
56th Artillery CAC [ HQ CO ] [ Battery A ] [ Battery B ] [ Battery C ] [ Battery D ]
57th Artillery CAC [ HQ CO. Medical and Supply CO. ][ Ordnance Detachment ] [ 1st Battalion ] [ 2d Battalion ] [ 3rd Battalion ]
58th Artillery CAC [ HQ Co. and Battery A ] [ Batteries B, C, D and Supply Co. ] [ Battery E ]
60th Artillery CAC [5th Company, Virginia Coast Artillery] [ 9th Company Virginia Coast Artillery ]
61st Artillery CAC
62nd Artillery CAC
63rd Artillery CAC
64th Artillery CAC
65th Artillery CAC [ 65th Artillery Muster ] [ 65th Artillery Battery D, Pg 1 ] [ 65th Artillery Battery D, Pg 2 ]
68th Artillery CAC
69th Artillery CAC
70th Artillery CAC
71st Artillery CAC
72nd Artillery CAC
73rd Artillery CAC
74th Artillery CAC
75th Artillery CAC
Argonne Orders

1st Trench Mortar Battalion
2nd Trench Mortar Battalion
3d Trench Mortar Battalion
4th Trench Mortar Battalion
8th Trench Mortar Battalion
9th Trench Mortar Battalion

First Army Artillery Park

I Corps Artillery Park

II Corps Artillery Park

IV Corps Artillery Park

52nd Ammunition Train CAC

1st Anti-Aircraft Battalion

Coast Defense Commands & Companies, Forts and Camps

Coast Defense Commands, Coast Defense Companies and Forts Main Page

[ Springfield Armory, Springfield Mass. ] [ Fort de Lesseps, Canal Zone ] [ 31st Co., Ft Caswell, NC ] [ Fort Rosecrans, San Diego ]

[ Camp Custer, MI ] [ Camp Dodge, IA ] [ Camp Merritt, NJ ] [ Camp Merritt Nurse Emma Sjogren ]

[ Coast Defenses of Galveston, Texas ] [ Camp Mills, NY ]

Weapons of the Coast Artillery Corps Pages:

155mm GPF Gun

8-inch British Howitzer

9.2-inch British Howitzer

American 5-inch and 6-inch Seacoast Gun

400mm (40cm) Railway Mount

American Railway Artillery Projects

Coast Artillery Personnel Tidbits page

Coast Artillery Ammunition page

Vehicles of the AEF

American Dog Tags

US Army Ordnance Department History Pages:

The History of the Ordnance Repair Shops at Mehun, France

HMORS, Heavy Mobile Ordnance Repair Shops

Mobile Ordnance Repair Shops

US Army Infantry Unit Histories Pages:

117th Infantry, 59th Infantry Brigade, 30th Division

119th Infantry, 60th Brigade, 30th Division

308th Infantry, 154th Infantry Brigade, 77th Division

325th Infantry, 82nd Division

28th Division

32nd Division

166 Ambulance Co. 117th Sanitary Train, 42nd Division

1st Engineer Regiment, 1st Division

US Navy Ships Histories Pages:

Main Ships History Page

[ USS Henry R. Mallory ]

[ Mallory's USMC Stories ] [ Mallory's Navy Stories ] [ Mallory's Army Stories ] [ Mallory's Merchant Marine Stories ]

[ SS Henry R. Mallory Masters and Commanders ]

[ USS South Dakota/Huron ] [ USS Radnor ] [ USS Mercury ] [ USS Madawaska ]

[ HMS Andania ] [ USS Covington ] [ HMS John Ebbs ] [ USS Columbia ] [ USS Charleston / page 2 ]

[ USS Maryland/Frederick ] [ USS Maryland/Frederick Ships Muster ] [ HMS Strathfillian ] [ USS St. Louis ]

[ USS Zeppelin ] [ USS Aeolus ] [ HMS Campanula ] [ Sub Chaser SC110 ]

[ HMS Otranto ] [ USS Minnesota ] [ USS Virginia ] [ USS Mongolia ] [ USS Ericsson ]

[ USS Rijndam ] [ USS Colorado/Pueblo USS Pueblo WWI ]

[ HMS Cardiganshire ] [ USS Jenkins ] [ USS Terry ] [ USS McDougal ] [ HMS Anselm ] [ USS West Virginia/Huntington ]

[ USS Galveston / page 2] [ The Dewey Drydock YFD-1 ] [ USS California/San Diego ] [ USS Princess Matoika ] [ USS Nansemond ]

[ SS Plymouth ] [ USS President Lincoln ] [ USS Pennsylvania / USS Pittsburgh ] [ USS Princeton ] [ HMS Roxburgh ]

[ USS Aphrodite ] [ USS Tennessee/Memphis ] [ USS Washington/Seattle ] [ USS Montana/Missoula ] [ USS North Carolina/Charlotte ]

[ SS Dresden (1) ] [ USS Celtic ] [ USS Housatonic ]

[ RMS Cedric ]

German WWI U-boats
[ U-86 ] [ U-90 ] [ U-111 ] [ U-117 ] [ U-156 ]

US Army and US Navy Officers Histories

Main Officers Page Officers Quarters

Major John A. Hoag
56th Artillery
Major Ralph S. Kimball,
Commanding Officer, Camp Mills
1st Lt. T. D. Johnson
aide-de-camp to Gen. Davis, 31st Brigade, CAC
Rear Admiral Harley H. Christy
Captain of the USS San Diego
Rear Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd, Sr.
Served on the USS Columbia
Captain Raymond D. Hasbrouck
Captain USS Covington & USS Minnesota
Rear Admiral V. L. Cottman
First Captain of the USS California
Captain George A. Blair
Company Comander Co. C
117th Inf., 30th Div
DSC and Purple Heart
Captain John R. Drake
166th Ambulance Company,
117th Sanitary Train , 42nd Division
Major John Izard,
Regimental Adjutant
60th Artillery, CAC
Commander Stephen Clegg Rowan, USN,
Executive Officer of the Frederick during WWI
2nd Lt. Leonard C. Hoskins
First Coast Artillery Corps Officer Killed in Action during WWI
Lt. jg Paul L. Hughes, USN
Junior Officer, USS South Dakota, during the actions in Russia
Lt. Cmdr. Marcus S. Harloe
Captain of the USS Radnor
Captain R. J. Van Buskirk, USA
3rd Battalion CO. 74th Arty, CAC
Captain Roscoe E. Brightup, USA
Commander, Battery A, 56th Arty, CAC
Lt. jg George Comer, USN
USS Radnor's Navigation Officer and Artic explorer
Captain Frederick Wells Gilchrist, USA, Battery B, 71st Arty, CAC
Major Ralph C. Harrison, USA
3rd Battalion CO, 71st Arty, CAC
Captain Carl Hocker, USA
CO Battery D, 65th Artillery CAC
Class of 1915, West Point,
Retired as a full Colonel.
Lt. Hendon, C.A.C.
51st Artillery, C.A.C.
RADM Forrest A. Rhoads
A Journey from Apprentice Seaman to Rear Admiral
Vice-Admiral Clarence S. Kempff
C.O. USS Aeolus during WWI
1st Lt. Robert Mochrie
44th Artillery, CAC, taken prisoner by the Germans on the next to the last day of the war.
Captain Matthew C. Gleeson
Chaplain, US Navy Corps of Chaplains
Captain Ralph E. MacLeod
2nd Battalion Adjutant, 71st Artillery CAC
Lt. James J. Igoe, South Carolina Naval Militia
Served as Executive Officer of the USS Celtic during the Spanish-American War
Captain Allen J. Robinson, USA Ord.
C. O. 26th Ordnance Casual Company

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32nd Division
Company K, 325th Infantry, 82nd Division
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