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Our web site is all about our family, with recent news, photos, genealogy information, family trees, and family history. Since we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have included a page on our hometown of Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington. Thank-you for visiting, and please drop in again sometime soon!

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Last Updated: Sept 18, 2001


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Our Family Pages

What have we been up to? Go to our Family Pages to see for yourself!

Genealogy Center

Go to our Genealogy Center at Rootsweb to see our family history pages. You will find historical photo albums, stories about our past, family trees, and favorite genealogy links.

Local Community Information

If you would like to pay us a virtual visit, then go to our Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington page! This page also has many good links for anyone who is planning to relocate to our area.


Photo Albums
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Fishing in Sitka, Alaska, June 2001

Elizabeth, Daniel, and Brian in Hawaii

Marty on ridge above Man Eaten Lake

Camping at Cultus Lake, B.C., Canada

Fishing in Sitka, Alaksa Album
Pictures from fishing with Ty in Sitka, Alaska, June 2001.

Hawaii Album
Pictures from the
Endless Summer
of 1999.

Marble Mountain Wilderness Album
Pictures from hiking in Northern California.

Family Album
Camping at Cultus Lake, B.C., Mount St. Helen's, our trip down to Marty and Heather's.

Elizabeth, Daniel, and Brian in Hawaii

Daniel's Graduation
Daniel's Graduation from Basic Training, March 7, 2003.

Florida Pictures
Working in Jacksonville, Florida, Jan - Aug 2003.





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