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Emil and Alice Remmen Album

Contains Emil and Alice Remmen family pictures. See links below for additional albums and information on Emil's military service.

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My most prized possession is an intangible that I can leave to neither family. This is the joy that I have known as your mama and grandmother. You have all been so forgiving of the many mistakes I have made down through the years. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The loving and thoughtful concern that both families have shown has been my stay through the sorrows that we have borne together. All I can wish for you is that your children will be as kind and loving, with the warm relationship that we have enjoyed. The spontaneous giving of love, time, and effort and all your thoughtful care has enriched my life. I could never have made it alone!

God Bless and my love to you all,


Written by Alice Remmen (wife of Emil Remmen) shortly before her death, to families of her daughters Patricia and Elizabeth.


Emil and Alice Remmen
You can see earlier pictures of Emil Remmen and Alice Moore and their families in their respective family albums. Click on any photo to see a larger image.

Emil and Alice Remmen Marriage Certificate

Married at the First Presbyterian Church at 7th and Spring St, in Seattle, Washington, since torn down.

The War is over!

Emil holding the paper with Alice to the right and Elizabeth Remmen in front of Alice. Helen Ross (Alice's sister) is standing next to Alice.
(ca. August, 1945)

15th Anniversary Newspaper Article

Emil and Alice Remmen 15th Wedding Anniversary
(1938, Bremerton, Washington)

25th Anniversary Newspaper Article

Their 25th Wedding Anniversary
(1948, Bremerton, Washington)

25th Anniversary Picture

Alice Remmen, center, serving cake at her 25th Wedding Anniversary.
(1948, Haddon Hall, Bremerton, Washington)

Emil, Patty, Alice, and Betty Remmen

Emil, Patricia, Alice, and Elizabeth Remmen at 40th Wedding Anniversary.
(1963, Bremerton, Washington)

Alice in 1923

"My Sweetheart."
Alice Remmen with her Kitty, in front of their first home shortly after their marriage. I know she looks young, but she was actually 15 years old at the time!
(1923, Tacoma, Washington)

Alice Remmen with cat

Alice Remmen
(ca. 1923)

Alice, in 1925

Alice Remmen
(ca. 1923)

Emil and Alice

Emil and Alice Remmen
(ca. 1925)

Eva Boehmer, Emil, and Alice

Eva Boehmer, Emil and Alice Remmen
(ca. 1923, Green River, Washington)

Alice and Eva Boehmer

"Two of a kind is a pair."
Alice Remmen and Eva Boehmer
(ca. 1923, Green River, Washington)

Alice and Eva Boehmer

Alice Remmen and Eva Boehmer.
(ca. 1924)

Eva Boehmer and Alice

"I never knew what a determined looking jaw I have before."
(Eva Boehmer and Alice Remmen, 1937)

Emil's car, the "Dollbuggy"

The "Dollbuggy," to take Dolls for a ride!
(ca. 1920's)

Alice Remmen

Alice Remmen
(ca. 1924)

House on 833 Cogean Ave

The family home at 833 Cogean, in Bremerton, Washington, where they lived for the next 60 odd years until Alice's death in 1988.
(ca. 1925)

House at 833 Cogean Ave in 1927

The home at 833 Cogean again, with streets that have yet to be paved. I remember the large maple trees in the front that buckled the sidewalks, requiring occasional repair by Emil, here only saplings.
(ca. 1925)

Emil all dressed up

Emil Remmen all dressed up for an important occasion, possibly their anniversary.
(ca. 1928, Bremerton, Washington)

Alice with flowers

Alice Remmen, in stylish cape, with bouquet.
(ca. 1928, Bremerton, Washington)

Emil in swimsuit

Emil Remmen

Alice, ready for a swim

"Boy, am I tan!"
...and, of course, modest as well!
Alice Remmen.

Alice Remmen

Alice Remmen
(ca. 1928)

Alice Remmen portrait

Alice Remmen
(ca. 1938)

Emil Remmen

"Isn't this good of Bobby? Taken on the dam." Rockford Dam, MI
(ca. 1937, Emil Remmen, called "Bobby" by Alice.)

Alice all dolled up

"My face doesn't hurt, Honest."
(Alice Remmen, ca. 1940)

Emil and geyser at Yellowstone

Emil Remmen, probably on Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
(ca. 1937)

Anniversary Card

Anniversary Card from Emil to Alice.

Elizabeth and Emil Remmen

Elizabeth and Emil Remmen
(ca. 1945)

Emil Remmen

Emil Remmen
(ca. 1950)

Emil, Alice, Mary Emma and Biddy Martin

Emil and Alice Remmen, Alice's mother Mary Emma and Alice's stepfather Biddy (Alvia Joseph Martin)
(ca. 1925)

Emil, Mary Emma, Helen, and Biddy

Emil Remmen, Alice's mother Mary Emma, Alice's sister Helen,
Alice's stepfather Biddy (Alvia Joseph Martin)
(ca. 1937)

Betty, Mary Emma, Alice, and Biddy

Elizabeth Remmen, Mary Emma Martin, Alice Remmen, Biddy Martin.
(Christmas, 1944)

Alice's family

Alice's niece Helen, Emil and Alice Remmen, unknown man, Alice's half-sister Helen, Alice's mother Mary Emma and Alice's stepfather Biddy (Alvia Joseph Martin), and in front, Patricia Remmen holding her sister Elizabeth.
(ca. August, 1937)

Christmas Dinner

L to R, clockwise: Alice's stepfather Biddy (Alvia Joseph Martin), Patricia Remmen, Elizabeth Remmen, Emil Remmen, Alice's mother Mary Emma, and Alice at Christmas dinner.
(ca. 1944)

Alice's Relations

Helen's daughter Helen, her husband, Helen's son Charles, his wife, Alice and Emil Remmen, Alice's half-sister Helen.
(ca. 1970)

Emil and Alice Remmen 25th wedding anniversary, 1948.

Elizabeth, Alice, and Patricia Remmen

Elizabeth, Alice, and Patricia Remmen.
(ca. 1941)

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