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Rev Oliver Heywood : A poem by Rev John Fawcett

Around 1790, Rev John Fawcett wrote the following poem about Rev Oliver Heywood

Heywood, a monument of grace,
 Was in his early youth
Inclined to seek his Saviour's face,
 And taught the way of truth ...

Inspired with love for Jesus' Dame,
 And zealous in his cause,
'Twas now his glory to proclaim
 Salvation by the cross ...

But soon, alas! a storm arose,
 The threatening billows roll;
Yet grace his spirit did compose,
 And strengthened all his soul ...

Compelled to leave his house he fled,
 And sought himself to hide;
He knew not where to lay his head,
 Yet did the Lord provide ...

Ten years he mourned as one restrained
 From his beloved employ;
But God at length his hands unchained
 And brought him forth with joy ...

Abhorring tumult, noise and strife,
 The good of all he sought
And holding forth the word of life,
 He practised what he taught.

The pious labours of his pen
 Were yearly multiplied
To save the souls of dying men
 He every method tried.

His latter years were crowned with peace,
 He saw his labours blest
He saw the infant church increase,
 And felt his heart at rest.

At length, in an advanced age,
 Called to the realms on high,
He quitted life's tumultuous stage
 With honour and with joy.

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