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Stoney Royd Cemetery

Stoney Royd Cemetery – aka Halifax Corporation Cemetery and the Borough cemetery – was built by Halifax Corporation on the site of Stoney Royd House.

It was begun on 7th June 1860. Opened in 1863.

In May 1863, the Cemetery Committee recommended that a part of the Cemetery be set aside for use by the Roman Catholics. A deputation of Nonconformists and Dissenters – including Rev Bryan Dale, Rev Russell Lant Carpenter, Rev James Comper Gray, and Rev Thomas Michael - objected to this on the grounds that, if this were to happen, any and every other religious denomination might claim similar concessions, to the detriment of the Cemetery, and that Catholics already had use of the Halifax General Cemetery.

There were 3 chapels: Anglican, Catholic and Nonconformist.

Stoney Royd Hospital was opened here in 1872.

There is a War Memorial here.

As the graveyards of some other churches and chapels in the district have closed, the remains were reinterred at Stoney Road. These include:

The following people, and/or members of their family, were buried and/or have memorials here:

Henry Aaron
John Ainley
John Aked
Priestley Alderson
Robert Allen
Thomas William Allen
Harriet Ashworth
Arnold Atkin
Henry Cooper Atkinson
Samuel Atkinson

William Henry Bairstow
Alfred Bancroft
Herbert Bancroft
Albert Bate
Thomas Batty
Thomas Ingham Bellwood
John Evan Birch
Lewis Blackburn
Nathaniel Booth
Lewis John Bradley
Sidney Herbert Bray
John William Brennan
Elijah Brewster
Francis Gerald Broadbent
Willie George Brookes
Henry Brown
Robert James Burgess
Patrick Burns

Rev George Trotter Carr
Eric William Cave
James Coates
Lewis Collinge
Bernard Conroy
Joseph Cordingley
William Cross
Clement Crossley
George Howard Crowther

Joseph Bromley Dale
Dennis Denville
Michael Devers
Sam Duckett
Sam Duckitt
Patrick Dunleavy

William Henry Earnshaw
Henry Edmunds
Herbert James Elliott

Jabez Bunting Farrar
John Frederick Farrar
James Feeley
Frederick Fielden
Lord Fielden
James Patrick Fletcher
John Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher
Ronald Foster

Stanley Edward Samuel Gardner
Sam William Gaukroger
James William Gladwin
Oswald Gledhill
Leslie Graham
James Greenwood
Jesse Greenwood
Tom Greenwood
Ernest Gregson

Robert Craven Haley
Joseph Hardy
John Henry Hartley
Hilton Heslop
John Bailey Holroyde
Frank Exley Hull

James Jackson
Albert Jenkinson

William John Kay
Patrick Kearney
William Keating
John Keighley
John Kelcher
Jake Kyte

William Arthur Lamb
Lyttleton Lawry
Tommy Laycock
Herbert Lister
John William Longbottom
George Longridge
James Lupton
William Bingley Lupton
John Lynch

John Henry Magson
Patrick Maher
Bernard Mangan
Dominic Marley
James Marsden
John Joseph Marsh
John Mason
Benjamin Maud
Robert McAllister
Patrick McAvan
John Gowan McCrea
James H. McHugh
Alexander McKay
Charles McKenna
Rev James McKenna
Samuel Main McLachlan
Thomas McMeeking
Henry Horace Merry
Jeremiah Midgley
Adam Mitchell
James Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
William Monument
William Monument
William Charles Moore
Joseph Moorhouse
Gerard Moran
Stanley Mottram
John Joseph Mulroy
Thomas Bernard Mulroy
James Murphy
John Murphy
Michael Murray

Benjamin Burton Nagle
John King Naylor
Charles Needham
John Needham
James William Nettleton
Edward Newcombe
Edward Newsholme
Thomas Piercey Nicholson
John Normington
Joseph Normington
Joseph Norton

Neil O'Boyle
James O'Connor
Henry Oates
Joseph Steven Ockwell
Charles Oldham
Henry Oliver
Thomas Oram
John Ordish

Dumont Pallier
John Patchett
William Paton
John Payne
John Peters
John Philips
Mary Beatrice, daughter of David Pickles
George Pickles
George Pickles
Paul Pickles
Samuel Pickles
James Pickup
Squire Pinder
Joseph Pitchforth
Thomas Ainley Pitchforth
John Platts
Henry William Pohlmann
Edward Porter
Joseph Powell
Henry Priestley
Thomas Priestley
Thomas Pulman

Annie Quick
Hugh Quigley

David Ramsden
Joseph Ramsden
Thomas Ramsden
Harold Ratcliff
Charles Frederick Rawnsley
Frederick Rawnsley
Ebenezer Redhead
Edouard Riedel
Willie Riley
Thomas Roberts
Gaetano Rocca
William Frederick Ryan

James Savage
John William Sellars
James A. Sennett
F. N. Sheriden
Thomas Parr Simpson
Edgar Smith
Frank Smith
John William Smith
Lewis Smith
Solomon Charles Smith
Joseph Stansfield
Charles Clifford Stott
John Sugden
John Edward Sunners
Alexander Suter
Leonard Swall

Edgar Taylor
Robert Taylor
Robert Leslie Taylor
George William Thomas
Ernest Thompson
J. Turner

James Walker
William Walker
James Walsh
Margaret Walsh
William Arthur Walsh
George William Walton
Annie Wayman
The victims of the fire at Wellington Mills
Marianne Atkinson, mother-in-law of Dr Edmond West Symes
Frederick Whitaker
Marshall Whitehead
John Wilson
Joseph Woodward

George Yates 


The small Gothic Lodge is listed, and has been used as Council Offices for the Parks Department.

It was boarded-up [2003] and then converted into a private house [2008].

A porcelain model of a part of the Lodge is used as The Magic Lantern in the Lilliput Lane series of china ornaments

See Marshall Hunsworth, Quarmby & Mills, William Riley and South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard

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