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Industries & Trades

The Halifax & Calderdale district had a number of traditional trades and industries, many of which flourished until a decline which began in the 1950s.

In the 19th century, many local mill-owners travelled to the south of England and to Ireland recruiting workers for the mills. This resulted in the migration of large numbers of men and families into the district

Basket-making industry
Brighouse at Work

Calderdale Industrial Museum
Carpet industry
Chicken breeding
Coal mining
Cotton industry

Damask industry
Dyes & dyeing

Engineering industry

Gravel working

Hemp industry

Iron-working industry

Jute industry
Linen industry
Linoleum industry

Mustard making

Paper-making industry

Recovered wool industry
Rope industry

Silk industry
Soap Industry
Stone quarrying

Tanning industry
Town of 100 trades

Woollen industry

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