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Arthur William Alexander [1843-1895]
Catharine Anne Alexander [1822-1874]
Dr Disney Alexander [1769-1844]
Disney Legard Alexander [1821-1868]
Sir Douglas Alexander [1864-1949]
Edward Alexander [1767-1822]
Edward Nelson Alexander [1797-1859]
Ellen Alexander [1803-1854]
F. N. Alexander [17??-18??]
Dr Gervase Alexander [1773-1856]
Dr Gervase Alexander [1802-1871]
Gervase Disney Alexander [1880-1933]
Henry Hamerton Alexander [1831-1854]
Jeremiah Alexander [18??-18??]
Dr John Alexander [17??-1801]
John Alexander [1730-1801]
Captain John Alexander [1785-1859]
Dr John Alexander [1804-1837]
Lewis Alexander [1774-1857]
Mary Isabel Alexander [1882-19??]
Captain Nicholas Alexander [1785-1858]
Dr Reginald Gervase Alexander [1847-1916]
Dr Richard Alexander [17??-18??]
Dr Robert Alexander [1739-1822]
Robert Alexander [1771-1795]
Robert Alexander [1795-1843]
Robert Disney Leith Alexander [1885-1951]
Thomas Clinton Alexander [1826-18??]
Dr William Alexander [1708-1786]
William Alexander [1742-1766]
William Alexander [1763-1808]
Dr William Alexander [1806-1888]

Alexander, Arthur William
[1843-1895] Son of Dr William Alexander.

He was a solicitor / partner in Craven, Rankin & Alexander / registrar of the West Riding County Court / District Registrar of H.M. Court of Justice / Registrar of the County Court of Yorkshire holden at Halifax [1891].

He was unmarried. He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

He is mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1895.

See Raywood Micklethwaite Stansfeld

Alexander, Catharine Anne
[1822-1874] Daughter of Dr Gervase Alexander. She was unmarried

Alexander, Dr Disney
[1769-1844] Son of Dr Robert Alexander.

He was

On the death of Dr Richard Richardson, he took over as honorary physician to the Dispensary and the West Riding Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield [?]. He succeeded doctor and phrenologist Sir William Ellis as Superintendent of the West Riding Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield [1831-1836].

On 8th August 1796, he married (1) Agnes, daughter of Edward Haigh.


  1. Disney [b 1799] who died young
  2. Harriet [1801-1888] who died unmarried
  3. Robert

On 18th July 1811, he married (2) Mary, daughter of William Edwards.

He wrote several works, including

  • A book of poetry Horæ Politicæ [1790]
  • A Treatise on Croup [1794]
  • A collection of 3 Methodist discourses entitled Christian Holiness [1799/1800]
  • Contributions to the Annals of Medicine [1801]
  • Reasons for Methodism [1796]
  • Reasons for Methodism in 2 letters [1799]
  • A book of poetry Horæ Poeticæ [1837]

The family lived at Lupset Cottage, Wakefield

Alexander, Disney Legard
[1821-1868] Son of Edward Nelson Alexander.


Alexander, Sir Douglas
[1864-1949] Bt.

Son of Harriet & Andrew Alexander [1832-1914].

Born in Hipperholme [July 1864].

His family lived at Binns Top, Southowram [1871].

In 1872, the family emigrated to Ontario, Canada, and settled in Hamilton.

He moved to New York City, where he became a secretary in the Singer Manufacturing Company, the sewing machine producer [1891].

He rose to become a member of the Board, vice-president, and president.

During World War I, the Singer factory in Britain produced munitions and, in 1921, in recognition of the co-operation between the Company and the British government, he was created a baronet by George V for services to the welfare of industrial workers.

He died May 1949 (aged 85).

He was buried in the family vault at Hamilton, Ontario

Alexander, Edward
[1767-1822] Son of John Alexander. Of Dannetts Hall, Leicestershire.

On 15th January 1793, he married his cousin, Ellen, daughter of Samuel Waterhouse. They had no children

Alexander, Edward Nelson
[1797-1859] 2nd son of Lewis Alexander. Solicitor. He was at 4 Aked Road, Halifax [1837] He practised with Holden Hamerton. With his father, he was a partner in Lewis & Edward Nelson Alexander for a time. He was a partner in Alexander & Hammerton [1850]. He was one of a number of attorneys who were
commissioned for taking acknowledgements of deeds executed by married women

He was a numismatist. He was one of the founder members of the Halifax Literary & Philosophical Society, and the Halifax Agricultural Society.

He and his wife were subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

In 1830, he produced a manuscript history of the Manor of Southowram.

On 14th August 1820, he married Harriet Legard [1801-1851].

Harriet was the daughter of Sir Thomas Legard of Ganton


  1. Disney Legard
  2. Charlotte Matilda [b 1822]
  3. Eliza Mary [1824-1867]
  4. Thomas Clinton
  5. Frances Catherine [b 182?]
  6. Henry Hamerton

The family lived at

Alexander, Ellen
[1803-1854] Daughter of Dr Gervase Alexander.

One of Anne Lister's acquaintances. In her journals [27th May 1821], Anne wrote of her fancies for the girl.

She married John Clarke Prescott

Alexander, F. N.
[17??-18??] See Halifax Literary & Philosophical Society

Alexander, Dr Gervase
[1773-1856] MD.

Third son of Dr Robert Alexander. Halifax doctor. He lived at Grove House, Halifax.

In 1802, he was a Captain of the Halifax Volunteer Corps of Infantry. He published a Translation of the Odes of Horace into English Verse.

On 26th August 1800, he married Helen Hudson.


  1. Gervase
  2. Ellen
  3. John
  4. William
  5. Frances [1807-1878] who married William Elill Hurst
  6. Catharine Anne

Around 1810, he rented Holly House, Halifax

Alexander, Dr Gervase
[1802-1871] MD.

Eldest son of Gervase Alexander.

On 16th October 1838, he married Eliza Kirby from Sheffield.

He died at his home in the Haymarket, London

Alexander, Gervase Disney
[1880-1933] MRCS, LRCP.

Elder son of Dr Reginald Gervase Alexander. Educated at Cambridge and St Thomas's Hospital.

In 1916, he became Gervase Disney Alexander de Cobham, Chevalier, 12th Baron Cobham.

He was unmarried

Alexander, Henry Hamerton
[1831-1854] Youngest son of Edward Nelson Alexander. He served with the Army in India with Her Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot. He returned to England with tuberculosis

Alexander, Jeremiah
[18??-18??] Photographic artist / photographer at 8 Horton Street, Halifax. In August 1868, an advertisement stated that he has discovered a process of enamelling Cartes de Visite. Recorded in 1874

Alexander, Dr John
[17??-1801] Of Hope Hall, Halifax.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Bramley.

He died 24th August 1801.

An announcement of his death described him as

a gentleman greatly respected for his private virtues and professional skill

Question: Was he the man who built the Dusty Miller, Mytholmroyd


Alexander, John
[1730-1801] Eldest son of Dr William Alexander. Practised as a doctor in Halifax.

In 1762, he married Frances Hamer.

Frances was the daughter of James Hamer of Hamer Hall, Lancashire


  1. William
  2. Elizabeth [1766-1???] who married John Bramley
  3. Edward

He died 24th August 1801.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Alexander, Captain John
[1785-1859] Son of Dr Robert Alexander.

Served in the Royal Navy. He was decorated for gallantry and wounds received off Toulouse.

He married Anna Maria Price [1787-1858]

Anna Maria was the daughter of Rev Price Vicar of Crewkerne, Somerset

Alexander, Dr John
[1804-1837] Son of Gervase Alexander.

He died unmarried

Alexander, Lewis
[1774-1857] 4th son of Dr Robert Alexander. He was a solicitor who practised in Halifax at Northgate [1816], with Edward Nelson at 4 Wade Street [1822, 1829], with Holden Hamerton, and partner in Alexander & Hammerton

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

On 2 September 1793, he married (1) Elizabeth Nelson, at Birstall.


  1. Robert
  2. Edward Nelson
  3. Sarah Maria [1801-1837] who married solicitor George Nelson Emmet
  4. Eliza [b 1804-1???] who married Holden Hammerton

In 1834, he married (2) Jane Moody.

The family lived at Hopwood Hall [1837].

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Alexander, Mary Isabel
[1882-19??] Daughter of Reginald Gervase Alexander.

She married (1) John Leslie Morton Shaw.

Her husband died in 1925.

They lived at The Red House, Exeter.

In [Q2] 1937, she married (1) John Bazley White They lived in Kent

Alexander, Captain Nicholas
[1785-1858] Son of Dr Robert Alexander.

Served in the Royal Navy.

He died at Cheltenham

Alexander, Dr Reginald Gervase
[1847-1916] MA, MD, FLS.

Son of Dr William Alexander.

He was educated at Cambridge University and at Edinburgh University, a consultant physician [1891], Medical Officer at the Halifax Infirmary & Dispensary [1895], Doctor and consulting physician at the Bradford Infirmary [1905], Honorary Medical Officer at the Royal Halifax Infirmary [1905], a Fellow of the Linnaean Society, and an authority on phthisis

On 29th May 1879, he married Alicia Mary Greenwood [1807-1867].

Alicia Mary was the only daughter of John Greenwood


  1. Gervase Disney
  2. Mary Isabel
  3. Robert Disney Leith
  4. Muriel Helen [b 1887] who married John Edmund Burnet Thornely

The family lived at

Living with them in 1901 was brother-in-law Albert R. Greenwood [aged 45].

Reginald Gervase died after a heart attack at his home, Blackwall Lodge, Halifax.

See Baron Cobham

Alexander, Dr Richard
[17??-18??] Of the Alexander family.

He owned land at Spring Gardens, Sowerby Bridge

Alexander, Dr Robert
[1739-1822] Son of Dr William Alexander.

Halifax surgeon and apothecary. He was one of the people who advanced money for the construction of Halifax New Market in 1790, and a trustee of the Halifax Market Company.

He lived at Hope Hall, Belvedere, Hipperholme and Hopwood Hall, where he died. He was a supporter of Horley Green Spa.

On 12th May 1768, he married Harriet Disney.


  1. Disney
  2. Robert
  3. Gervase
  4. Lewis
  5. Maria [1776-1822] who died unmarried
  6. Anne [1779-1822] who married [1805] Walter Edward Hodgson, a London solicitor
  7. John
  8. Nicholas

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Alexander, Robert
[1771-1795] Son of Dr Robert Alexander.

He was a Lieutenant in the 49th Regiment.

He was unmarried.

He died and was buried at Port au Prince in the West Indies

Alexander, Robert
[1795-1843] FSA, QC.

Son of Lewis Alexander. Barrister at Lincoln's Inn.

In 1829, he married Matilda Legard.

He was one of the founder members of the Halifax Literary & Philosophical Society.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835]

Alexander, Robert Disney Leith
[1885-1951] Son of Reginald Gervase Alexander.

In 1933, he succeeded his brother Gervase Disney as 16th Baron Cobham.

In 1923, he married (1) Christina Jean Honeybone. They were divorced in 1934.

On 10th December, 1934, he married (2) Evelyn Sinclair Turnure

Alexander, Thomas Clinton
[1826-18??] Son of Edward Nelson Alexander. Emigrated to Australia

Alexander, Dr William
[1708-1786] Son of Dr Elias Alexander of York.

Halifax Surgeon.

In 1730, he married Elizabeth Allenson.


  1. John
  2. Anne [1734-1800] who married Samuel Waterhouse
  3. Robert
  4. William

The family lived at Hope Hall.

They owned Clare Hall, and Hoyle House.

William wrote Plain and easy directions for the use of Harrogate Waters in 1773.

See Sally Simpson and Warley Grammar School

Alexander, William
[1742-1766] Son of Dr William Alexander.

He trained in medicine, but died young and unmarried. He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Alexander, William
[1763-1808] MD.

Son of John Alexander.

Doctor. He was interested in botany.

On 5th July 1803, he married Harriet Pickford, fourth daughter of Sir Joseph Radcliffe, at Huddersfield. They had no children.

He died 17th March 1808.

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Alexander, Dr William
[1806-1888] FRCP, JP.

Well-known Halifax doctor.

Son of Dr Gervase Alexander. Like his grandfather, Dr Robert Alexander, he was a supporter of Horley Green Spa


The Alexander family of York & Halifax
Local family of doctors and surgeons.

Members of the family lived at Hope Hall and Hopwood Hall

The family is discussed in the book Yorkshire Pedigrees

Alexander surname
There are over 30 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Alexander, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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