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Abbott's Ladies' Home, Skircoat Green

Abbott's Ladies' Home on Skircoat Green Road, Halifax. It comprises 12 almshouses – 2 detached and 10 semi-detached – and a porter's lodge built by W. S. Barber with £60,000 left in the will of John Abbott. The total cost of the land and construction was £17,880.

It is said that the land was formerly a cricket ground.

The homes opened in January 1877.

Accommodation was provided for [a number of] ladies who must be either


Preference was given to those who were born in the parish of Halifax or who have resided there for 5 years.

Each lady received either


All the property is listed.

It is said that the Charity was known as The John Abbott's Trustees Ladies' Home because Abbott did not specify that the bequest was to be used for homes for single women, and the Trustees applied that criterion

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