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Local Cemeteries, Graveyards & Burial Grounds

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local Cemeteries, Graveyards and Burial Grounds


General Notes

Burial grounds – as distinct from churchyards – were started by nonconformists in the 17th century.

The local cemeteries and burial grounds will be of interest to anyone tracing their family history.

Many towns and cities opened their own public cemeteries following an Act of Parliament in 1853.

Cemeteries, Graveyards & Burial Grounds

All Saints', Dudwell: Graveyard
All Souls' Burial Ground, Halifax
All Souls' Church, Halifax: Graveyard
All Souls' Parochial Burial Ground, Halifax
Ambler Thorn United Methodist Chapel: Graveyard

Bacup Municipal Cemetery
Bethel Methodist Chapel, Shelf: Graveyard
Bethel Methodist New Connexion Graveyard, Outlane
Bethesda Methodist Chapel, Elland: Graveyard
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bank Top: Graveyard
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bank Top: New Graveyard
Birchcliffe Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard
Blackley Baptist Graveyard
Blackmires Wesleyan Methodist Church: Graveyard
Blackshawhead Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Blake Dean Baptist Church, Widdop: Graveyard
Bolton Brow Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Booth Independent Church: Graveyard
Boulderclough United Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Bramley Lane Chapel, Lightcliffe: Graveyard
Bridge End Congregational Church, Rastrick: Graveyard
Brighouse Cemetery
Butts Green Baptist Chapel, Warley: Graveyard

Christ Church, Barkisland: Graveyard
Christ Church, Pellon: Graveyard
Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge: Graveyard
Christ Church, Todmorden: Graveyard
Clifton Burial Ground
Cloughfoot Independent Congregational Chapel: Graveyard
Cragg Vale Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Cragg Vale Wesleyan Chapel, Graveyard
Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Cross Lanes United Methodist Chapel, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard

Denholme United Methodist Chapel, Luddendenfoot: Graveyard

Eastfield Chapel, Lightcliffe: Graveyard
Eastwood Congregational Church: Graveyard
Ebenezer Chapel, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard
Ebenezer Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Soyland: Graveyard
Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard
Ebenezer United Methodist Chapel, Luddenden Graveyard
Elland Cemetery
Elland Particular Baptist Church: Graveyard
Elland Unitarian Chapel: Graveyard
Elland Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Exley Cemetery

Fall Spring Graveyard, Stainland
Friends Burial Ground, Elland
Friends Burial Ground, Halifax
Friends Burial Ground, Hartshead
Friends Burial Ground, Highroad Well
Friends Burial Ground, Rastrick
Friends Burial Ground, Shoebroad
Friends Burial Ground, Shore
Friends Burial Ground, Sowerby Bridge

General Baptist Chapel, Queensbury: Graveyard
Greetland Methodist Church: Graveyard

Hanover Methodist Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard
Heptonstall graveyard
Heptonstall Slack Baptist Cemetery
Heywood's Chapel: Graveyard
Hipperholme Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Graveyard
Holy Trinity Church, Halifax: Graveyard
Holy Trinity Church, Littleborough: Graveyard
Holy Trinity Graveyard, Queensbury
Holywell Green United Reformed Church: Graveyard

Illingworth Moor Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Illingworth Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard

King Cross Cemetery, Halifax
King Cross Methodist New Connexion Chapel: Graveyard
Krumlin Wesleyan Chapel, Barkisland: Graveyard

Lightcliffe Old Church: Graveyard
Lindwell Primitive Methodist Church, Greetland: Graveyard
Lineholme Baptist Church, Stansfield: Graveyard
Lister Lane Cemetery, Halifax
Lower Wyke Moravian Chapel: Graveyard
Luddenden Cemetery
Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Luddendenfoot Congregational Churchyard
Lumbutts United Methodist Free Chapel: Graveyard

Machpelah House, Hebden Bridge
Mankinholes Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Mill Bank Wesleyan
Mill Bank Wesleyan Methodist Graveyard
Moor End Congregational Church, Pellon: Graveyard
Mount Olivet Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church, Wainstalls: Graveyard
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel, Norland: Graveyard
Mount Tabor Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: Graveyard
Mount Zion Chapel, Lightcliffe: Graveyard
Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden: Graveyard
Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, Norland: Graveyard
Mount Zion United Free Methodist Church, Cornholme: Graveyard
Municipal Cemetery, Whitworth: Graveyard
Mytholmroyd Wesleyan Methodist Church: Graveyard

New Longley Primitive Methodist, Norland: Graveyard
Norland United Methodist Church: Graveyard
Northgate End Chapel: Graveyard
Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden: Graveyard
Octagonal Methodist Chapel, Heptonstall: Graveyard

Patmos Independent Chapel, Todmorden: Graveyard
Pellon Lane Particular Baptist Graveyard
Pilkington Hall Burial Ground, Mankinholes
Providence Congregational Church, Ovenden: Graveyard
Providence Congregational Church, Stainland: Graveyard
Providence Congregational Graveyard, Elland
Providence Methodist Church, Midgley: Graveyard

Quaker Burial Ground, Elland
Quaker Burial Ground, Halifax
Quaker Burial Ground, Hartshead
Quaker Burial Ground, Highroad Well
Quaker Burial Ground, Rastrick
Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad
Quaker Burial Ground, Shore
Quaker Burial Ground, Sowerby Bridge
Queensbury Cemetery

Rastrick Cemetery
Ripponden Graveyard: Unidentified
Rishworth Independent Church: Graveyard
Rishworth Particular Baptist Chapel: Graveyard
Roadside Baptist Church, Rishworth: Graveyard
Rokeby Chapel, Halifax Parish Church
Rooley Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Sowerby: Graveyard
Roundhill Primitive Methodist Graveyard, Ambler Thorn

Saint Andrew's, Stainland: Graveyard
Saint Anne's in the Grove, Southowram: Cemetery
Saint Anne's in the Grove, Southowram: Graveyard
Saint Bartholomew's, Dean Head: Graveyard
Saint Bartholomew's, Ripponden: Graveyard
Saint Chad's Church, Rochdale: Graveyard
Saint George's Church, Lee Mount: Graveyard
Saint George's, Sowerby: Graveyard
Saint James's Church, Calderbrook: Graveyard
Saint James's, Halifax: Graveyard
Saint James the Great, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard
Saint John in the Wilderness, Cragg Vale: Graveyard
Saint John the Baptist, Coley: Graveyard
Saint John the Baptist, Halifax: Graveyard
Saint John the Divine, Cliviger: Graveyard
Saint John the Divine, Rishworth: Graveyard
Saint John the Evangelist, Bradshaw: Graveyard
Saint John the Evangelist, Clifton: Graveyard
Saint Luke's, Norland: Graveyard
Saint Mark's, Siddal: Graveyard
Saint Martin's, Brighouse: Graveyard
Saint Mary's Church, Todmorden: Graveyard
Saint Mary's, Cottonstones: Graveyard
Saint Mary the Virgin, Elland: Graveyard
Saint Mary the Virgin, Illingworth: Graveyard
Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddenden: Graveyard
Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot: Graveyard
Saint Matthew's, Lightcliffe: Graveyard
Saint Matthew's, Northowram: Graveyard
Saint Matthew's, Rastrick: Graveyard
Saint Michael's & All Angels', Shelf: Graveyard
Saint Michael's, Mytholmroyd: Graveyard
Saint Paul's, Cross Stone: Graveyard
Saint Paul's, King Cross: Graveyard
Saint Peter's, Hartshead: Graveyard
Saint Peter's, Sowerby: Graveyard
Saint Peter's, Walsden: Graveyard
Saint Stephen's, Copley: Graveyard
Saint Thomas's, Greetland: Graveyard
Saint Thomas the Apostle, Claremount: Graveyard
Salem Methodist New Connexion Chapel, North Parade: Graveyard
Salendine Nook Baptist Chapel: Graveyard
Sandy Gate Burial Ground, Hebden Bridge
Scholemoor Cemetery & Crematorium
Scout Road Wesleyan Chapel, Mytholmroyd: Graveyard
The Sepulchre, Hartshead
Shore General Baptist Church, Todmorden: Graveyard
Sion Congregational Church, Halifax: Graveyard
South Parade Methodist Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard
Southowram Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Sowerby Bridge Cemetery
Sowerby Green Congregational Chapel: Graveyard
Square Congregational Graveyard, Halifax
Square Independent Chapel, Halifax: Graveyard
Stainland Independent Church: Graveyard
Stainland Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Steep Lane Baptist Church, Sowerby: Graveyard
Stones Methodist Church, Ripponden: Graveyard
Stoney Royd Cemetery

Throstle Bower Wesleyan Chapel, Wainstalls: Graveyard
Todmorden Burial Grounds

Undercliffe Cemetery
Union Croft Chapel, Ambler Thorn: Graveyard
Unitarian Chapel, Todmorden: Graveyard
Unitarian Church, Todmorden: Graveyard
Unitarian Sunday School, Todmorden: Graveyard
United Methodist Free Church, Southowram: Graveyard
Upper Brockholes Methodist Chapel: Graveyard

Vale Baptist Church, Todmorden: Graveyard

Wade House Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shelf: Graveyard
Wainsgate Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge: Graveyard
Warley Congregational Church: Graveyard
Warley Town Cemetery
Witchfield Methodist Chapel, Shelf: Graveyard

Zion Congregational Church, Ripponden: Graveyard

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