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General Notes

Copley is a district of Halifax, on the floor of the Calder valley below Skircoat Green and between Sowerby Bridge and Elland.

Adam de Copley is mentioned at the time of William the Conqueror's siege of York in 1070.

Copley was incorporated into the Borough of Halifax in 1900.

In 1847, the Ackroyd family left Boy Mill, Luddendenfoot and moved worsted production to Copley. Jonathan Akroyd bought land and the mill and conceived Copley model village for their employees. This was built by his son Edward Akroyd in 1849.

The name means field with a copse of small trees, clearing beneath a hill, clearing on a hill or clearing belonging to [someone called] Cop

Some sites, sights and other entries for Copley

Cherry Well, Copley
Copley & Skircoat Band
Copley & Skircoat Green Conservative Club
Copley Arms, Skircoat
Copley Chemical Works
Copley Council School
Copley Cricket Club
Copley Data Centre
Copley Evening School
Copley Factory School
Copley Gas Works
Copley Gate
Copley Hall
Copley Horticultural & Floral Society
Copley Industrial Co-operative Society
Copley Lane Canal Bridge
Copley Lane Railway Bridge
Copley Liberal Club
Copley Library
Copley mill
Copley Mills
Copley Mills Brass Band
Copley model village
Copley National School
Copley Police Station
Copley Post Office
Copley Primary School
Copley Railway Station
Copley Range
Copley River Bridge
Copley Sewage Plant
Copley Toll Booth
Copley Viaduct
Copley Vicarage
Copley War Memorial
Copley Ward Conservative Club
Copley Woods
Manor of Copley

Holmes Road, Sowerby Bridge

Long Wood, Copley

Oaksroyd, Copley
Old Rishworthians' Rugby Union Football Club

Parish Church of Saint Stephen the Martyr, Copley
Past & Present Illustrations of Copley & District [1930s-1984]

Saint Stephen's Sunday School, Copley
Scar Wood, Copley
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Copley
Sharp & Mallett
Alph Sharp & Company
Spring Wood, Copley
Sterne Mills, Copley

United Methodist Free Church, Copley

Volunteer Arms, Copley

Wilson Bridge, Copley
Wood House, Copley
Woodhouse Bridge, Copley
Woodhouse Scar, Copley

The Copley family
The Savile family of Copley

Beerhouses & Pubs in Copley

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Copley, including

See Copley surname, Thomas de Talvace and The Savile family of Copley

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