Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Foldout

Local Laundries

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local Laundries

Aked's Road Steam Laundry
S. Appleyard

Bankfield Laundry, Halifax
Brighouse & Lightcliffe Steam Laundry

Calder Vale Steam Laundry
The Cottage Hand Laundry, Brighouse
Cross Hills Laundry, Halifax

Devon Street Hand Laundry, Halifax

Eclipse Laundry, Brighouse
Electric Laundry
Elland Steam & Electric Power Laundry
Exley Bank Laundry

Falcon Laundry Company Limited

Halifax Steam Laundry
Holywell Green Laundry Company

Lightcliffe Laundry
Maple Laundries Limited

New Street Laundry, New Pellon

Park Lodge Laundry, Ovenden
Perseverance Laundry, Elland
Prospect Laundry, Halifax

Joseph Richardson

Shuttleworth's Steam Laundry
Snow White Laundry, Todmorden
Sunlight Laundry Company

Todmorden Steam Laundry

Victoria Laundry, Queen's Road

Wheatley Steam Laundry Company Limited
Willow Hall Laundry, Halifax
Windle Royd Laundry, Halifax
Windle Royd Laundry, Warley

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