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Leather industry

There was a small leather industry in the district.

Some of those involved included

William Bayes
Boothtown Leather Works
Scipio Brook

Samuel Camm & Company
Card clothing
Marshall Charlesworth
James Cooke

Dean, Howarth & Company

Richard & Joseph Emmett

Edward Fairburn & Sons
Francis Fleming
Fleming, Birkby & Goodall Limited
J. Fleming & Son
Thomas Fleming, Son & Company
Fletcher & Shaw
Flying shuttle

E. Gledhill & Sons
Mary Gledhill & Son
Amos Graham
W. Grimes & Son

W. Harrison
John Hartley
Hill & Heginbottom

Kerr & Jubb

James Lee & Sons
John Lewthwaite

Henry Oates
John Henry Oates
Walter Holroyd Oates
Ormerod Tool Company

Richard Priestley

Ramsden's (Halifax)
Ryburn Leather Works, Sowerby Bridge

Edwin Stansfield

Wilson Taylor
George Thompson
George Thompson & Sons Limited

James Walton
Waltons of Halifax
Taylor Wheelhouse
Mark Wilcock
Sylvanus Reynolds Wilcock
Thomas Wilson 

In February 1879, there was a depression in the leather trade which led to many business failures locally and nationally

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