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Arthur Laycock [1887-1929]
Arthur L. Laycock [1923-1943]
Ebenezer Laycock [1848-1891]
George Laycock [1832-1897]
George Diggs Laycock [1839-1900]
Harold Laycock [1895-1974]
Herbert Reginald Laycock [1883-1937]
James Laycock [1804-1???]
James Laycock [1823-1864]
James Laycock [1897-1918]
James William Laycock [1860-1907]
Dr Joe Laycock [19??-19??]
John Laycock [17??-18??]
John Admiral Laycock [18??-1???]
John Laycock [1813-1875]
John Laycock [1918-1944]
John William Laycock [1852-1927]
Jonathan Laycock [16??-1735]
Jonathan Laycock [1625-1696]
Jonathan Laycock [1662-1680]
Joseph Laycock [1819-1???]
Joseph Sunwood Laycock [18??-1???]
Joseph Wilson Laycock [1861-1???]
Joshua Laycock [16??-17??]
Joshua Laycock [1666-1721]
Joshua Laycock [18??-19??]
Newton Laycock [1861-1925]
Richard Laycock [1849-1902]
Robert Laycock [16??-1720]
Samuel Laycock [1825-1895]
Rev Samuel Field Laycock [1842-1906]
Sidney Laycock [1907-1979]
Thomas Laycock [18??-1???]
Thomas Laycock [18??-19??]
Thomas Laycock [1834-1896]
Thomas Booth Laycock [1839-1909]
Thomas Henry Laycock [1868-1893]
Tommy Laycock [1890-1926]
Walter Laycock [1893-1916]
William Laycock [1795-1859]
Rev William Laycock [1812-1882]
William Laycock [1815-1892]
William Laycock [1818-1904] 

Laycock, Arthur
[1887-1929] Son of Thomas Laycock.

Born in Todmorden [4th March 1887].

He was a well-known cornet and trombone player.

After his 9th birthday, his parents bought him a second-hand cornet, and arranged for him to visit Arthur Hirst, the conductor of the local Cornholme Band, for private lessons. He gained considerable fame with various brass bands in the district and around Britain. After the death of their parents, his elder brother, Ellis took care of the family.

On 27th November 1913, Arthur played before King George V and Queen Mary at Lambton Castle.

In June 1914, he married Maggie Cowgill.

At the outbreak of World War I, he joined the 16th Durham Light Infantry and played in the regimental band. Later, he suffered facial burns from a domestic accident – when he tried to take a flaming chip pan outside – and Harry Mortimer had to deputise for him. Harry remembers Arthur as an immaculate, if pedantic, man paying painstaking attention to his appearance and to his playing, and was once heard to say

Perhaps one day I might be as good a cornet player as Arthur Laycock

to which someone replied

Yes, you might, but you will never look as well-dressed as he does

Laycock, Arthur L.
[1923-1943] Son of Betty & Tom Lonsdale Laycock of Ambler Thorn.

During World War II, he served as a Sergeant with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He died 30th March 1943 (aged 20).

He was buried at Queensbury Cemetery [A 131]

Laycock, Ebenezer
[1848-1891] Son of Rev William Laycock.

Baptised at St George's Church, Barnsley [16th July 1848].

He died in Chelsea [28th November 1891].

He was buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram with his parents

Laycock, George
[1832-1897] Son of William Laycock.

Born in Southowram.

He was a stone mason [1851] / a warehouseman [1861] / a tea dealer [1871, 1881, 1891] / a draper [1881]. In later years, he was member of the school board for Southowram School.

In 1852, he married Hannah Balmforth [1830-1???] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Southowram


  1. Elizabeth Ann [1856] who was a spinner / weaver [1871]
  2. James William
  3. James William [1860]
  4. Sarah Jane [1862]
  5. Arthur [1868]

The family lived at Common Lane, Bank Top, Southowram [1871].

He was buried at Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bank Top

Laycock, George Diggs
[1839-1900] Son of Rev William Laycock

Baptised at St Mary's Church, Barnsley [20th November 1839]

On 13th March 1884, he married Frances Sach in Lambeth.

He died at St Pancras [31st August 1900]

Laycock, Harold
[1895-1974] Son of Thomas Laycock.

Born in Todmorden.

Like his brother, Arthur, he played in several local bands – playing tenor horn and later the trombone

Laycock, Herbert Reginald
[1883-1937] Son of John William Laycock.

Born in Halifax.

He was a veterinary assistant [1914].

In [Q2] 1914, he married Charlotte Ethel Powell [1886-1971] in Rotherham.

Charlotte Ethel was born in Rotherham

The couple died in Sheffield

Laycock, James
[1804-1???] Illegitimate son of Martha Laycock.

Baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley [20th November 1804]

Laycock, James
[1823-1864] Son of William Laycock.

Born in Southowram.

He was a stone mason [1851] / a stone dresser [1861]. In 1846, he married Elizabeth Sheard [1814-1852].


  1. Edward [b 1845]
  2. Joseph [b 1847]
  3. Susannah [1849-1855]

In 1853, he married (2) Ruth Myers née Walker [1816-1868].

In 1845, he witnessed the marriage of his brother Samuel Laycock

Laycock, James
[1897-1918] Son of Hetty & Fred Laycock of Todmorden.

Born in Todmorden.

He lived at 1 Back Der Street, Todmorden.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd/5th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

He died in France [23rd June 1918] (aged 21).

He was buried at the Pernes British Cemetery, France [V C 12].

He is remembered in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £165 17/6d.

Administration was granted to Sarah Ellen Laycock (spinster) 

Laycock, James William
[1860-1907] Son of George Laycock.

He was a stone mason [1881, 1891, 1901].

In [Q2] 1880, he married Susannah Carlton [1861-19??] in Halifax

Susannah was born in Halifax.

She was a worsted winder [1891] / a white worsted winder [1901].


They lived at

  • 5 Sutcliffe Court, Southowram [1881]
  • Clive Street, Halifax [1891]
  • 57 Clive Street, Halifax [1901]

James William died in Halifax [Q4 1907] (aged 47).

The widowed Susannah was innkeeper at the Prospect, Halifax [1911]

Laycock, Dr Joe
[19??-19??] GP at Park Road, Halifax.

He married Patricia Mary Holdsworth.

Patricia Mary was the daughter of
Hugh Reginald Holdsworth


  1. Patricia [b 1943] who married Geoffrey Horrocks Taylor

The family lived at Shaw House until the 1960s, and then above the practice at his Park Road surgery

Laycock, John
[17??-18??] A shoemaker in Shelf.

He married Martha.


  1. James [bapt 14/2/1808]
  2. Mary [bapt 8/12/1811]
  3. Samuel [bapt 11/6/1815]
  4. Sutcliffe [bapt 14/3/1819]

The children were baptised at St John the Baptist, Coley

Laycock, John Admiral
[18??-1???] Born in Scholes.

He was a silk drawer [1889].

On 19th October 1889, he married Sarah Elizabeth Hollas in Kirkheaton.

Sarah Elizabeth was the daughter of
John Hollas

The couple went to live in Huddersfield.


  1. Alfred [b 1890]
  2. Amy [b 1893]
  3. Mabel [b 1896]
  4. Cora [b 1898]

Laycock, John
[1813-1875] Son of William Laycock.

He was a cloth finisher or cloth dresser. In 1839, he married Mary Barker.


  1. Barker [b 1840]
  2. Hannah [b 1842]
  3. William Barker [b 1844]
  4. Elizabeth [b 1850]
  5. James [b 1852]

Laycock, John
[1918-1944] Of 36 Ovenden Way, Halifax.

He was educated at St Mary's Catholic School / employed at the Economic Stores.

During World War II, he enlisted [1939], and served as a Private with the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the Lincolnshire Regiment.

He was at the Dunkirk evacuation, and served in the Middle East.

He was killed in action in France [19th September 1944] (aged 26).

He was buried at the Leopoldsburg War Cemetery, Belgium [IV D 4].

He is remembered on the Memorial at Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

Laycock, John William
[1852-1927] Born in Halifax.

He was a wool manufacturing overlooker [1880].

On 4th November 1880, he married Mary Ann Appleyard in Halifax.

Mary Ann was the daughter of
Samuel Appleyard


  1. Edith Gertrude [1881-1954] who married John Edwin Crowther
  2. Herbert Reginald
  3. Winifred Scott [1889-1955] who married [1928] Thomas Sumner [1879-1954] (farmer) from Southport
  4. May Appleyard [1891-1975] who never married

The children were born in Halifax.

The couple died in Harrogate: John William [20th March 1927]; Mary Ann [16th January 1947]

Laycock, Jonathan
[16??-1735] A skinner. Of Halifax. He went to live at Westercroft Farm, Northowram, and died shortly afterwards

Laycock, Jonathan
[1625-1696] Of Elm Wood, Shaw Hill.

Son of Joshua Laycock. He was a Quaker, and meetings were held at his house in 1689.

In 16??, he married (1) Mary, daughter of David Hemingway.


  1. Jonathan

Mary died [16??].

Jonathan married (2) Elizabeth [?] [16??-1703].

Jonathan and Elizabeth were buried at the Quaker Burial Ground, Halifax [Graves 4 and 5]

Laycock, Jonathan
[1662-1680] Son of Jonathan Laycock.

He was buried in the family's garden at Elm Wood, Shaw Hill. Heywood tells us that

[Jonathan] was felling a tree near the Free School when he was taken up almost dead, he hath no sense or feeling of them at all, strike, prick, punch them he cannot feel, there he lyes still as a sad spectacle. He dyed and was buried in their own garden [Jan 8 1680-81]

His gravestone there was reconstructed in 1816

Laycock, Joseph
[1819-1???] He was plasterer/ farmer of 40 acres with 1 man [1871].

In 1873, there was a

Sale by Auction of Farm Stock and Household Items for Joseph Laycock

He married Mary.


  1. child
  2. child

The family lived at Pasture House, Southowram [1871]

Laycock, Joseph Sunwood
[18??-1???] In 1854, a man named Edward Laycock found a child wandering in Sun Woods, Shelf. The boy had been abandoned by his parents.

He was baptised Joseph Sunwood Laycock at Coley Church [18th February 1854].

The Church record of the baptism shows

February 18th Joseph Sunwood Farrar. Father and mother not known.

Farrar is crossed out and Laycock written in

At the foot of the page is written

This child was found by a man named Edward Farrar when gathering sticks in Sun Wood

Farrar is crossed out and Laycock written in

Laycock, Joseph Wilson
[1861-1???] Son of Joseph Laycock, joiner.

He was a commercial clerk [1885].

In [Q3] 1885, he married Lydia Murgatroyd in Halifax.

Lydia, of Bedford Street, Halifax, was the daughter of
John Murgatroyd

Laycock, Joshua
[16??-17??] An early Quaker leader at Mankinholes. A meeting at his home is recorded on the 3rd December 1667. The group rented land nearby – at a rate of 2d of silver for a term of 900 years – as a burial ground. A gravestone – for JS 1685 – can still be seen. The land has been built upon

Laycock, Joshua
[1666-1721] Surgeon and apothecary.

He lived at Shaw Hill, Halifax.

He was a Quaker and held meetings at his house.

He married Elizabeth [16??-1704].


  1. Jonathan

Elizabeth was buried at Quaker Burial Ground, Highroad Well

Heywood records that he

died May 15, a Quaker very rich

Laycock, Joshua
[18??-19??] Son of Thomas Booth Laycock.

He was a quarry owner and stone merchant at Pump Lane Quarry, Southowram [1905]. He lived at Higgin Lane, Southowram

Laycock, Newton
[1861-1925] Son of Samuel Laycock.

Born in Halifax.

Singer and musician.

In 1895, he was appointed superintendent of singing in the schools at Gateshead, and later at Sunderland. He had a genial nature and worked well with children. He was a fine bass singer, and did excellent work as a teacher, being honorary chorusmaster with the Gateshead Choral Society and later with the Sunderland Philharmonic Society. He was also choirmaster for many years at churches in Sunderland

Laycock, Richard
[1849-1902] Born in Sowerby Bridge [12th October 1849].

He was landlord of the Pear Inn, Sowerby Street [1895-1902].

In [Q1] 1902, he married Bella Bedford [1860-1947] in Halifax.

Bella was born in Sowerby Bridge


  1. Annie [1888-1970]
  2. Amy [1890-1964]
  3. Emily [1894-1958]

Richard died 23rd May 1902.

After his death, Bella took over at the Pear Inn [1902-1907]

Laycock, Robert
[16??-1720] Curate at Rastrick [1694-1703] and Curate at Luddenden [1710-1720]

Laycock, Samuel
[1825-1895] Son of William Laycock.

Born at Bank Top, Southowram.

At the age of 15, he attended Sunday evening cottage prayer meetings, and joined his father's classes.

He was a quarryman / a wool comber [1841, 1845, 1851] / a town missionary [1861] / a dissenting minister [1865] / a Methodist minister [from 1871].

He was instrumental in the construction of the Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bank Top.

On 11th December 1845, he married (1) Roseanne (or Rose AnnJagger [1828-1846] at Halifax Parish Church. His brother James made his mark as a witness.


  1. William Henry [1846-1890]

On 2nd September 1846, Roseanne died of typhus at Spring Hall, Southowram, with Samuel present at the death. William Henry was raised by his grandparents Mary and William Laycock at Common Lane, Bank Top.

In 1850, Samuel married (2) Hannah Sykes [1826-1???] of Southowram.


  1. Rose [1857-1865]
  2. Newton

He became one of the most popular preachers of the district, and was in great demand for special services and public meetings.

After his marriage he became a hired local preacher for a time in the Halifax circuit, and was subsequently engaged by the Reformers as an evangelist.

Joseph Crossley heard him preach whilst he was sheltering from a rain shower in the chapel porch, and was so struck with Samuel's power over men, his deep insight into human nature and needs, that he waited to the end of the service, and with his usual generosity engaged him for mission work and employed him as a town missionary. This engagement continued for 5½ years, until Crossley suggested to Rev John Simpson that steps should be taken for his introduction to the work of the ministry, undertaking to supplement his income as a probationer so as to remove any difficulty on financial grounds. This was achieved 1863, even though Samuel was then 38 years old when the usual age for probationers was 25.

For the next 35 years he served at various places across Yorkshire.

He settled at Great Horton, where he hoped to end his days, but he moved to Gateshead, with his son, Newton, who had secured an important position under the School Board.

He died shortly afterwards and was buried at Bradford

Laycock, Rev Samuel Field
[1842-1906] BA.

Son of Rev William Laycock.

Born in Ecclesfield, Barnsley [17th December 1842].

Baptised 1st September 1844.

He was educated at St John's College Cambridge [1863], ordained priest [1859], and ordained deacon at Manchester [1866] and served at Christ Church, Salford [1866-1868], St Mary's, Droylsden [1868-1870], and St John's, Workington [1871-1873] before becoming Vicar of St George's, Sowerby [1873-1906].

He was a member of the Committee of the Sowerby Bridge Evening Continuation Schools [1896].

On 13th July 1871, he married (1) Margaret Robotham [1850-1889] at Christ Church, Salford.


  1. Mary [b 1874]
  2. Dora Margaret [1875-1945]
  3. Charles William [1877-1938] who became a preacher
  4. Caroline Ellen [1879-1951]
  5. Samuel Theodore [1880-1932]
  6. Winifred [1884-1918]
  7. Anna [1885-1964]
  8. John [b 1886]
  9. James Frederick [1888-1928]

In 1895, he married (2) Maria Russell Anderson [1851-1904] in Birkenhead.

In April 1906, he was taken ill as he was going to the early morning service. Some time later, it was thought that he was fit enough to go to Southport, but, as he was going to the railway station, he felt worse and was taken home, where he died shortly afterwards [14th May 1906].

Members of the family were buried at St George's Church, Sowerby

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £2,001 3/9d. Probate was granted to his children Charles William and Mary.

In 1907, a stained glass window was installed at St George's, Sowerby in his memory

Laycock, Sidney
[1907-1979] Born in Skipton [11th November 1907].

He was a school master [1934].

On 19th May 1934, he married Dorothy Tidswell at All Saints' Church, Dudwell.

Dorothy was the daughter of
Sidney Tidswell

The family lived at

  • Sutton-in-Craven

The couple died in Sutton-in-Craven: Sidney [] (aged 1979); Dorothy [] (aged 1998) 

Laycock, Thomas
[18??-1???] He married Mary Sutcliffe.


  1. Ellis [b 1875]
  2. Arthur
  3. William [b 1892]
  4. Harold

After the death of Thomas and Mary, Ellis took care of the family

Laycock, Thomas
[18??-19??] Methodist Minister in Todmorden [1820]

Laycock, Thomas
[1834-1896] Son of William Laycock.

Born in Southowram.

He was a flag tracer [1851] / a shiper of stone [1861] / a stone mason [1871, 1881, 1891].

In 1859, he married Hannah Priestley [1831-1???].


  1. Mary Ellen [b 1860]
  2. Frances [b 1865]

The family lived at

  • Halifax [1871, 1881, 1891]
  • Blackpool [1891]

Laycock, Thomas Booth
[1839-1909] Son of William Laycock.

He was a quarry owner and stone merchant at Sunny Bank Quarry, Southowram [1905]. He lived at 12 Higgin Lane, Southowram.

He married Unknown.


  1. Joshua

He was buried at Wesleyan Chapel, Southowram

Laycock, Thomas Henry
[1868-1893] Born in Halifax [22nd January 1868].

He married Mary Jane Oldfield.

Mary Jane was the daughter of
Samuel Oldfield


  1. Eveline [1892-1965] who married Arthur Cain
  2. Daisy [1893-1979] who married (1) Fernanda Waddington & (2) Michael Kay [1842-1909] and had a daughter Clarris Jane Kay [1904-1964] who married Ernest Wilson

Thomas Henry died in Halifax [January 1893].

Mary Jane died in Halifax [December 1930]

Laycock, Tommy
[1890-1926] Landlord of the Junction, Halifax [1926].

He was buried at Stoney Royd Cemetery

Laycock, Walter
[1893-1916] Son of Sarah & Ellis Laycock of 9 Derdale Street, Todmorden.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 8th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 14th September 1916 (aged 23).

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [6A & 6B], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Laycock, William
[1795-1859] Born in Sowerby.

He was a cloth dresser [1841] / a local Methodist preacher and class leader in Halifax.

On 31st January 1813, he married Mary Bentley at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary was born in Southowram


  1. John
  2. William
  3. Sarah [b 1817]
  4. Joseph [1821-1843]
  5. Martha [1819-1846]
  6. James
  7. Samuel
  8. Ruth [1828-1901] who married (1) Isaac Firth and (2) Robert Heyhurst
  9. Susannah [1830-1899]
  10. George
  11. Thomas

The family lived at

  • Bank Top, Southowram
  • Common Lane, Southowram [1846]

He died at Bank Top from bronchitis, with his son Samuel in attendance [31st December 1859].

He was buried at Wesleyan Chapel, Southowram

Laycock, Rev William
[1812-1882] Born in York [9th April 1812].

Baptised at St Cuthbert's Church, York [12th April 1812].

Vicar of Southowram [1853, 1874].

He edited the St Anne's Southowram Quarterly Messenger & Record.

He was said to be very broad-minded towards Nonconformists

On 7th May 1838, he married Elizabeth Shaw [1818-1891] in Ecclesfield.

Elizabeth was born in Carlton


  1. George Diggs
  2. William [b 1841]
  3. Samuel Field
  4. Ebenezer

Rev Laycock died 5th July 1882 (aged 70).

Elizabeth died at Southport [24th March 1891] (aged 73) 

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram

Laycock, William
[1815-1892] Son of William Laycock.

Baptised on 9th July 1815.

He was a cloth dresser.

He married (1) Charlotte.


  1. John Henry [1837-184?]
  2. Thomas Booth
  3. Mary Ann [1842-1856]
  4. Ruth Ann [b 1845]
  5. Martha J [b 1848]
  6. Eliza [b 1850]

In 1854, he married (2) Mary Chadwick [1822-1890].


  1. Fred [b 1858]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1860]
  3. Emma [b 1862]
  4. James William [b 1864]

Laycock, William
[1818-1904] He married Emily.


  1. David [1854-1890]
  2. Mary Elizabeth [1856-1858]
  3. Elizabeth Ann [1858-1863]
  4. William Alfred who died in infancy

William died April 9th 1903 [aged 84]

Emily died February 8th 1904 [aged 86].

The couple were buried at St John's Church, Dewsbury Moor. The children were buried at St Martin's Church, Brighouse


Laycock surname
Other forms of the surname include Leacock and Lowcock

There are over 30 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Laycock, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

Unattached BMDs for Laycock:

Marriages 1899, 1934

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