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General Notes

Luddenden is a district of Calderdale west of Halifax on the river Ludd. The village lies partly in the townships of Midgley and Warley.

The name uses the elements Ludd, ing and dene, and means clearing in the Ludd valley, or valley of the loud stream and refers to the Luddenden Brook.

The spellings Ludingdene, Luddington and Luddyngden are found.

The community is first mentioned in 1284.

In 1375, a corn mill was moved from Warley to exploit the Luddenden Brook. With the introduction of water power, many textile mills were established in the district.

The place is mentioned in the Weavers' Rhyme

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, and both the remaining syllables have the neutral schwa vowel: lud-ən-dən

Some sites, sights and other entries for Luddenden

Abbey, Luddenden
Apple House, Luddenden

Baht meat week
Beauvoir Engineering
Bilton Pier, Luddenden Dean
Bridge, Luddenden
Broadfold House, Luddenden

Carr Well, Luddenden
Castle Carr, Luddenden Dean
Catherine House Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Catty Well Beck, Luddenden
Church Hill, Luddenden
Clough Cottage, Luddenden Dean
Copperas House, Luddenden

Dean House Farm, Luddenden
Dean House Wood, Luddenden
Dean House, Luddenden
Dimmin Dale

Far Broad Fold, Luddenden
Foresters' Arms, Luddenden

Glen Royd, Luddenden
Granby, Luddenden
Greystones, Luddenden

Haven, Luddenden
Heble Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Herrebothlegh, Luddenden
High Lee, Luddenden
Higher Oldfield Farm, Luddenden
Hollins Lodge, Luddenden
The Hollins&44; Luddendenfoot
Hulmehouse, Luddenden

Ive House, Warley

Jerusalem Farm, Luddenden

Lane House, Luddenden
Limers' Gate, Luddenden
Load Clough, Luddenden
Lockups, Luddenden
Lord Nelson, Luddenden
Low Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Lowe Farm, Luddenden Dean
Ludd brook
Luddenden & Midgley War Memorial
Luddenden Bridge
Luddenden Brook
Luddenden Burial Board
Luddenden Church Bridge
Luddenden Church of England Primary School
Luddenden Circulating Library
Luddenden clock
Luddenden Clothing Factory, Halifax
Luddenden Co-operative Society
Luddenden Cross
Luddenden Dean
Luddenden Dean Spa
Luddenden Dean Wesleyan Chapel
Luddenden Dene Church of England (VC) J, I & N School
Luddenden Gas Company
Luddenden Junior School
Luddenden Mechanics Institute
Luddenden Mills
Luddenden National School
Luddenden Non-Provided Schools
Luddenden Old Band
Luddenden Post Office
Luddenden Prosecution Society
Luddenden Reading Society
Luddenden Saga
Luddenden School Pierrot Troupe
Luddenden Valley Railway
Luddenden Wesleyan Sunday School
Luddenden Working Men's Club
Luddenden, Luddendenfoot & Midgley Joint Hospital

Midgley & Luddenden Valley Methodist Church
Mill Field Ends, Luddenden
Mill House, Luddenden
Murgatroyd's Arms, Luddenden
Murgatroyd tomb, Luddenden

New Box House, Luddenden
New Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Newhouse, Luddenden
Nibble & Clink Dam, Luddenden

Ogden spindles
Old Smithy, Luddenden

Peel House, Luddenden
Pin Hill Top, Luddenden
Naylor Pollard

Red Lion, Luddenden
Riding Bridge, Luddenden
Riding Head, Luddenden

Struglar's Hall, Luddenden

Temperance Hotel, Luddenden
Travellers' Rest, Luddenden

Upper Mytholm Farm, Luddenden

Wade Bridge, Luddenden
Wade Wood Reservoir, Luddenden
Wade Wood, Luddenden
White Swan, Luddenden
Wolf, Luddenden
Woodlands, Luddenden

The Dearden family 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Luddenden

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Luddenden, including

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