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Also Luddenden Foot. A district of Calderdale between Halifax and Mytholmroyd, lying in the valley, at the foot of the hillside below Luddenden.

The name is recorded Luddingdeneforth [1307], Luddendenfoote [1601], and Luddington Foote [1640].

The name may mean the ford near luddenden. or the place below Luddenden.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Luddendenfoot

Acre Farm, Luddendenfoot
Anchor & Shuttle, Luddendenfoot
Anchor, Luddendenfoot
Aulay House, Luddendenfoot

Bank Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Bankfield, Luddendenfoot
Bar Wood, Luddendenfoot
Black Lion Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Black Lion, Luddendenfoot
Blackwood Hall School, Luddendenfoot
Blackwood Hall, Luddendenfoot
Blackwood Hall, Luddendenfoot
Bog Trap, Luddendenfoot
Booth House, Luddendenfoot
Boy Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Boy Mill, Luddendenfoot
Brampton Dam, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Hall, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Lower Lock, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Old Hall, Luddendenfoot
Brick Mill, Luddendenfoot
Buck Trap, Luddendenfoot
Bug Trap, Luddendenfoot

Chatburn & Jennings, Luddendenfoot
Civic Centre, Luddendenfoot
Coach & Horses, Luddendenfoot
Cooper House Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Cooper House Mills, Luddendenfoot
Cooper House, Luddendenfoot
Co-operative Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Crossfield's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Crown & Anchor, Luddendenfoot
Currer Bridge, Luddendenfoot

Danny Lane Mill, Luddendenfoot
Delph Mills, Luddendenfoot
Denholme Cottages, Luddendenfoot
Denholme Mills, Luddendenfoot
Denholme School, Luddendenfoot
Denholme United Methodist Chapel, Luddendenfoot
Denholme United Methodist School, Luddendenfoot
Drinking Fountain, Luddendenfoot

Ellen Holme Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Ellen Holme Mills, Luddendenfoot
Ellen Royd Bridge, Luddendenfoot

Fairlea Mills, Luddendenfoot
Farrar's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Finkle Street Reservoir, Luddendenfoot
Foxcroft's Mill, Luddendenfoot

General Rawdon, Luddendenfoot
Golden Lion, Luddendenfoot
Great Scout Farm, Luddendenfoot
Greenfield, Luddendenfoot
Grove, Brearley
Grove Brewery, Brearley

Halifax Road Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Hand Carr Clough, Luddendenfoot
Hand Carr Farm, Luddendenfoot
Hand Carr Mill, Luddendenfoot
Higgin Mill, Luddendenfoot
High Lee Green Co-Op
High Lee Green Cricket Club, Luddendenfoot
High Lee Railway Dam, Luddendenfoot
High Royd Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Highroad Well, Warley & Luddendenfoot United Reformed Church
Hole Bank Head, Luddendenfoot
Hollin Bar Farm, Luddendenfoot
Hollins Gate, Luddendenfoot
The Hollins&44; Luddendenfoot
Holme Royd Mills, Luddendenfoot
Holmes Park & Recreation Ground, Luddendenfoot

Kershaw House, Luddendenfoot

Lane House Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Lanehouse Nursery Gardens, Luddendenfoot
Little Scout Farm, Luddendenfoot
Longbottom Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Longbottom Fulling Mills, Luddendenfoot
Lower Oldfield, Luddendenfoot
Luddenden, Luddendenfoot & Midgley Joint Hospital
Luddendenfoot Aqueduct
Luddendenfoot Association Football Club
Luddendenfoot Board School
Luddendenfoot Bowling Club
Luddendenfoot Bowling Green
Luddendenfoot Brass Band
Luddendenfoot Bridge
Luddendenfoot Bridge Tavern
Luddendenfoot British Legion
Luddendenfoot British Restaurant
Luddendenfoot C of E School
Luddendenfoot Catholic Church
Luddendenfoot Catholic Mission
Luddendenfoot Congregational Church
Luddendenfoot Congregational Savings Bank
Luddendenfoot Congregational School
Luddendenfoot Co-operative Hall
Luddendenfoot Cricket Club
Luddendenfoot Economic Stores
Luddendenfoot Evening School
Luddendenfoot Floral & Horticultural Society
Luddendenfoot Free Church Friendly Society
Luddendenfoot Friendly Society
Luddendenfoot Gas Supplies
Luddendenfoot Industrial Co-operative Society
Luddendenfoot Industrial Society
Luddendenfoot Joint Sewage Works
Luddendenfoot Junior & Infant School
Luddendenfoot Library
Luddendenfoot Local Board
Luddendenfoot Mechanics' Institute
Luddendenfoot Mill
Luddendenfoot Nursing Institution
Luddendenfoot Oddfellows' Friendly Society
Luddendenfoot Post Office
Luddendenfoot Railway Station
Luddendenfoot Recreation Ground
Luddendenfoot River Bridge
Luddendenfoot School Board
Luddendenfoot Slipper Baths
Luddendenfoot Sunday School
Luddendenfoot Surveyor of the Highways
Luddendenfoot United Methodist Free Chapel
Luddendenfoot United Reformed Church
Luddendenfoot Urban District Council
Luddendenfoot War Memorial
Luddendenfoot Ward, Halifax
Luddendenfoot Wesleyan Methodist Church
Luddendenfoot Working Men's Club
Luddendenfoot Working Men's Club & Institute

Magson House Farm, Luddendenfoot
Magson House, Luddendenfoot
Martins Bank, Luddendenfoot
Midgley Working Men's Club, Luddendenfoot
Morley Hall, Luddendenfoot
Mount of Remembrance, Luddendenfoot
Mytholmroyd, Luddendenfoot & District Free Church

Narrow Nick Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Narrow Nick, Luddendenfoot
Naylor Lane Bar, Luddendenfoot

Oddfellows' Hall, Luddendenfoot
Old Brandy Wine, Luddendenfoot

Parish Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Luddendenfoot

Raw End Farm, Luddendenfoot
Red Lion, Luddendenfoot
Rose Hill Mills, Luddendenfoot
Round House, Luddendenfoot
Royal Oak, Luddendenfoot

Saint John of God Respite Care Home, Luddendenfoot
Saint Mary's Church of England School, Luddendenfoot
Saint Walburga's Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot
Sand House, Luddendenfoot
Sands Farm, Luddendenfoot
Shawcroft, Luddendenfoot
Stansfield Hall, Luddendenfoot
Stansfield House, Luddendenfoot
Station Road Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Stott's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Swamp Cottage, Luddendenfoot
Swamp, Luddendenfoot
Synchro Works, Luddendenfoot

Tenterfields Business Park, Luddendenfoot
Tillotson's Buildings, Luddendenfoot

Upper Foot Farm, Luddendenfoot
Upper Foot

Victoria Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Victoria, Luddendenfoot

Weavers' Arms, Luddendenfoot
Westroyd House, Luddendenfoot
White Horse, Luddendenfoot
White Lion, Luddendenfoot
Whitworth's Mill, Luddendenfoot
Wood Bank School, Luddendenfoot
Wood Bottom Dye Works, Luddendenfoot
Wood Top Dye Works, Luddendenfoot
Woodman, Luddendenfoot

The Clay family of Luddendenfoot
The Whitworth family of Luddendenfoot 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Luddendenfoot

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Luddendenfoot, including

See At the Foot of the Ludd

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