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General Notes

The village of Southowram is a district of Calderdale immediately to the east of Halifax.

In old documents, the Southowram township included

The township appears as

The name uses the element owram and means on the south bank, slope or ridge – of the Red Beck – as distinct from Northowram

It was a part of the Honour of Pontefract.

In 1865, the district was included in the extended Halifax Borough.

On 25th December 1866, Southowram was lighted with gas for the first time.

Pronunciation: The name is pronounced south-aar-əm with the stress on the second syllable, and the third syllable has the neutral schwa vowel

Because of the village's resources – stone, clay and coal – there have been several plans and proposals to link Southowram with the rest of the world (and Halifax), including

but all came to naught

Some sites, sights and other entries for Southowram

Adgel Farm, Southowram
Adgil Grove Farm, Southowram
Anne's Court, Southowram
Ash Grove School, Southowram
Ash Grove, Southowram
Ashday Cottage, Southowram
Ashday Hall, Southowram
Ashday Lane Methodist Sunday School, Southowram
Ashgrove Mine, Southowram
Ashley House, Southowram
The Astey family of Southowram

Bank Bottom Mine, Southowram
Bank Top Cricket Field, Southowram
Bank Top Farm, Southowram
Bank Top Library, Southowram
Bank Top Post Office, Southowram
Bank Top School, Southowram
Bank Top, Southowram
The Banke, Southowram
Bankfield Farm, Southowram
Barker Royd Farm, Southowram
Barker Royd Mill, Southowram
Barker Royd Quarry, Southowram
Barker Royd, Southowram
Bath Mills, Southowram
Beacon Mine, Southowram
Bell House Farm, Southowram
Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Southowram
Bethesda Primitive Methodist School, Southowram
Binns Bottom Mine, Southowram
Binns Top, Southowram
Birks Royd, Southowram
Birks Top, Southowram
Blaithroyd Farm, Southowram
Blaithroyd Working Men's Club, Southowram
Blaithroyd, Southowram
Bolton House, Southowram
Bolton Lodge, Southowram
Brier Lodge, Southowram
Brig Royd, Southowram
Broadway, Southowram
Brookfoot Hill
Brooksbank, Southowram
Broomfield House, Southowram
Burwood, Southowram

Calder Mine, Southowram
Canker Dam Mill, Southowram
Castlemaine House, Southowram
Chancery Buildings, Southowram
Change, Southowram
Chapel House, Southowram
Chapel le Briers, Southowram
Childhood memories of Southowram village in the 1950s
Cinder Hills Colliery, Southowram
Clough Head Cottage, Southowram
Coal Pit Farm, Southowram
Colburn Farm, Southowram
Colburn, Southowram
Coldwell Hill Farm, Southowram
Coldwell Hill, Southowram
Cote Hill Farm, Southowram
Cromwell House, Southowram
Cromwellbottom Hall
Cross Platts, Southowram
Crossley's Buildings, Southowram

Delf Hill Chapel, Southowram

Far Mires, Southowram
Field House Farm, Southowram

Gate House, Southowram
Glenwood, Southowram
Grange House, Southowram
Grove House Farm, Southowram

Halfpenny Can, Southowram
Halifax House, Southowram
Hall Ing House, Southowram
Hall Ings, Southowram
Higgin House, Southowram
Higgin Lane Sunday School, Southowram
Highfield Coal Pit, Southowram
Highfield Cottages, Southowram
Highfield Farm, Southowram
Highfield Mine, Southowram
Highfield Observatory, Southowram
Highfield Pit Farm, Southowram
Highfield, Southowram
Hill's Yard, Southowram
Holdsworth's School, Southowram
Hollins House, Southowram
Holly Royd, Southowram
Holmfield & Southowram Light Railway
Horrowings, Southowram

Ireland Farm, Southowram
Ivy House Farm, Southowram

Lacey's Chapel, Southowram
Laverock Hall, Southowram
Law Farm, Southowram
Law Hill House, Southowram
Law Hill School, Southowram
Lightowler Buildings, Southowram Bank
Little Ireland Farm, Southowram
Little Marsh, Southowram
Little Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Longbottom Buildings, Southowram
Longlands, Southowram
Lower Norcliffe, Southowram
Lower Place Farm, Southowram
Lud Hill Cottage, Southowram

Marsh Farm, Southowram
Marsh Fold, Southowram
Marshalls PLC

Near Mires, Southowram
New Hall Mine, Southowram
New Marsh Farm, Southowram
New Road Inn, Southowram
Newhouse, Southowram
Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Norcliffe Farm, Southowram

Oak End Farm, Southowram
Old Close Farm, Southowram
The Otes family of Southowram
The Outhwaite family of Southowram

Park Farm, Southowram
Park Gate East, Southowram
Park Nook Mine, Southowram
Pasture House Farm, Southowram
Pasture House, Southowram
Pit Farm, Southowram
Pit Hill Farm, Southowram
Pit House Farm, Southowram
Pit House, Southowram
Place House, Southowram
Pot Ovens, Southowram
Prospect House, Southowram
Providence Buildings, Southowram
Pudding Park Wood, Southowram
Pump Farm, Southowram

Robin Close, Southowram
Robin Hood's Scar, Southowram
The Royd, Southowram
Roydlands, Southowram
Royds Mount, Southowram

Saint Ann's in the Grove, Southowram
Saint Anne's Church, Southowram
Saint Anne's in the Grove Church, Southowram
Saint Anne's Cricket Club, Southowram
Saint Anne's Southowram Quarterly Messenger & Record
Saint Michael & All Angels' Church, Southowram Bank
Siddal Pit Farm, Southowram
Siddal Top Farm, Southowram
Siddal Wells Mine, Southowram
Slead Cottage, Southowram
Slead Hill, Southowram
Slead House, Southowram
Smythe Bridge, Southowram
Snydal Farm, Southowram
Snydle Farm, Southowram
Society of Druids, Southowram
South Holme Farm, Southowram
Southowram & Elland Light Railway
Southowram Annual Subscription Concert
Southowram Bank Board School
Southowram Bank Mine
Southowram Bank Mission Church
Southowram Board of Guardians
Southowram Brass Band
Southowram Club & Institute
Southowram Co-Op
Southowram Coal Club
Southowram Coal Company Limited
Southowram Community Centre
Southowram constables
Southowram Cricket Club
Southowram Economic Stores
Southowram Floral & Horticultural Society
Southowram Hall
Southowram Home Guard
Southowram Library
Southowram Local Board
Southowram Male Voice Glee Union
Southowram Mechanics' Institute
Southowram National School
Southowram Nursery School
Southowram Overseers of the Poor
Southowram Police Station
Southowram Post Office
Southowram Prize Band
Southowram Quarries
Southowram School Board
Southowram Social Club
Southowram stocks
Southowram Subscription Band
Southowram Surveyor of the Highways
Southowram Urban District Council
Southowram Vicarage
Southowram War Memorial
Southowram War Memorial Trust
Southowram Ward, Halifax
Southowram Wesleyan Chapel
Southowram Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Southowram Workhouse
Manor of Southowram
Spring Hall, Southowram
Sunny Bank Clough, Southowram
Sunny Bank Farm, Southowram
Sunway, Southowram

Thumpas Farm, Southowram
The Tilly family of Southowram
Toft House Farm, Southowram
Twinge House, Southowram

United Methodist Free Chapel, Southowram Bank
United Methodist Free Church, Southowram
United Methodist Free Sunday School, Southowram Bank
Upper Delves, Southowram
Upper Marsh Farm, Southowram
Upper Marsh, Southowram
Upper Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Upper Place Farm, Southowram

Valley Top Chapel, Southowram

Wakefield Bank, Southowram
Walterclough Gardens, Southowram
Walterclough Hall School, Southowram
Walterclough Hall, Southowram
Walterclough Mill, Southowram
Walterclough Mine, Southowram
Walterclough, Southowram
Watson Cottage, Southowram
Watson House, Southowram
Wellington Club
Ernest Hargreaves Westwood
Whitegate Brick Works, Southowram
Willey Hill Pit, Southowram
Windy Wall Nook Mine, Southowram
Withinfields Junior & Infants' School, Southowram
Woodcote, Southowram

Yew Tree House, Southowram
Yew Trees, Southowram

The Aspinall family of Southowram
The Farrar family of Southowram
The Freeman family of Southowram
The Gibson family of Southowram
The Haigh family of Southowram 

Beerhouses & Pubs in Southowram

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Southowram, including

See Hemingway, Northowram, Ouram and Southowram's Quarries, Delves & Mines

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