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General Notes

Stainland is a district of Calderdale to the south of Halifax, neighbouring on Barkisland and Huddersfield.

It is a hilltop community at about 800 ft above sea level.

The name appears variously as Stanyland, Steynland, and Stayneland, and means stony cultivated land.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Stainland

Bankhouse Mill, Stainland
Bay Horse, Stainland
Beech House, Stainland
Beeston Mill, Stainland
Beestonley Lane Chapel, Stainland
Berry Mill, Stainland
Black Horse, Stainland
Bowling Green Cottage, Stainland
Bowling Green School, Stainland
Bowling Green, Stainland
Bradley House, Stainland
Bradley Mill, Stainland
Brook Mill, Stainland
Bull & Dog, Stainland
Burrwood Court, Stainland
Burrwood Mill, Stainland

Carr Hall Falls, Stainland
Carr Hall Valley, Stainland
Clegg's School, Stainland
Cold Acre Reservoir, Stainland
Coldacre Reservoir, Stainland
Copriding, Stainland
Croft House, Stainland
The Cross, Stainland
Crossfield House, Stainland

Dean House, Stainland
Dog Lane Mill, Stainland
Ducking Stool, Stainland
Duke of York, Stainland

Eaves Top Quarry, Stainland

Fall Spring Graveyard, Stainland
Fall Spring Wood Quarry, Stainland
Fall Spring Woods, Stainland
Firth House Mills, Stainland
Fleece, Stainland
Free Grammar School, Stainland

Gardeners' Arms, Stainland
Gatehead Mill, Stainland
Globe, Stainland
Gosport House, Stainland
Gosport Mills, Stainland
Greave Mill, Stainland
Greetland & Stainland Ward, Halifax
Greetland, West Vale & Stainland Coal Society
Greetland, West Vale & Stainland Coke Society Limited

Hare & Hounds, Stainland
Higher New Yard, Stainland
Hollins Hey Hospital, Stainland
Holme Mill, Stainland
The Holmes, Stainland
Horse Trough, Stainland

Ingwood Mill, West Vale
Intake Farm, Stainland

Jagger Bridge, Greetland
Jagger Green Hall, Stainland
Jagger Green School for Young Ladies, Stainland

Kiln Croft House, Stainland

Lambert House, Stainland Road, West Vale
Little Dublin, Stainland
Lower Moulson Place, Stainland

Manor House, Stainland
Mellor's Mill, Stainland

Nelson's Croft, Stainland
New Inn, Stainland
New Mill, Stainland
New Yard, Stainland
Nicholls's Mill, Stainland

Oddfellows' Arms, Stainland
Old Lindley, Stainland
Over Bradley, Stainland

Park, Stainland
Prospect House, Stainland
Providence Congregational Church, Stainland
Providence Congregational Manse, Stainland

Rawbank House, Stainland
Red Lion, Stainland
Red Lion, Stainland
Rob Royd, Stainland
Rockville, Stainland
Rose & Crown, Stainland
Royal Oak, Stainland
Royd House, Stainland

Saint Andrew's Church, Stainland
Saint Bartholomew's Chapel, Stainland
Bishop Blaize festival
Scar House, Stainland
Scarborough School, Stainland
Shepherd's Cottage, Stainland
Shunts Wood, Stainland
Sowood Green Provided School, Stainland
Sowood Green School, Stainland
Sowood Mechanics' Institute, Stainland
Stainland & Holywell Green Industrial Society Limited
Stainland & Holywell Green Railway Station
Stainland & Holywell Green United Reformed Church
Stainland & Holywell Green United Reformed School
Stainland & Outlane, Parish of
Stainland Association Football Club
Stainland Board of Guardians
Stainland Board School
Stainland Branch Line
Stainland Brass Band
Stainland British School
Stainland Churchwardens
Stainland Community Organisation
Stainland constables
Stainland Co-operative Store
Stainland Cricket Club
Stainland Cross
Stainland Football Club
Stainland Independent Chapel
Stainland Independent Church
Stainland Library
Stainland Mechanics' Institute
Stainland Mechanics' Institute
Stainland Musical Festival
Stainland Overseers of the Poor
Stainland Police Station
Stainland Post Office
Stainland Railway Station
Stainland Recreation Ground
Stainland Road Methodist Chapel, West Vale
Stainland School Board
Stainland Stags
Stainland stocks
Stainland Surveyor of the Highways
Stainland Telephone Exchange
Stainland Urban District Council
Stainland Viaduct
Stainland Vicarage
Stainland Village Pump
Stainland War Memorial
Stainland Well
Stainland Wesleyan Chapel
Stainland Wesleyan Chapel: Graveyard
Stainland Workhouse
Manor of Stainland
Stainland-with-Old Lindley
Stainland-with-Old Lindley School Board
Stainland-with-Old-Lindley Local Board
Stainland-with-Old-Lindley Urban District Council
Stannary House, Stainland
Stubbins, Stainland
Summerfield House, Stainland
Swan, Stainland

Town Ing Mills, Stainland

Upper Bradley Mill, Stainland
Upper Firth House Mill, Stainland
Upper Firth Mills, Stainland

Victory Fields, Stainland

Waggon & Horses, Stainland
Waggon & Horses, Stainland
Waggoners', Stainland
Water Trough, Carr Hall Lane
Waterloo, Stainland
Well Royd, Stainland
White House, Stainland
Wood Mill, Stainland

Young Men's Mental Improvement Society of Stainland

The Mellor family of Stainland
The Shepherd family of Stainland
The Sykes family of Stainland
The Taylor family of Stainland

Beerhouses & Pubs in Stainland

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Stainland, including

See Population and Parish statistics

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