Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion : Photograph

Grave of Harry Maslen & Others

Ripponden Churchyard

The Grave of Harry Maslen & Others in Ripponden Churchyard

The inscription on the upper face

here rest
awaiting the Morning of the Resurrection
when he shall awake up after his Redeemer's
Likeness, and be satisfied with the fulness of
His Great Salvation
He died on the 18th of Jany 1835, Aged 45 Yrs
Reader, may thy Last End be like his
ALSO MARY MASLEN of Ripponden, Wife
of the late THOMAS MASLEN of Birchen Lane,
London, and Mother of the above mentioned
HARRY MASLEN. She departed this life
on the 31st Decr 1839 in the 79th year of her age
ALSO MARY MASLEN the wife of
HARRY MASLEN, who departed this Life the
10th Day of April 1841, Aged 52 years
"Absent from the Body, present with Christ the Lord"

[Taken in October 2010]

The inscription on the South face:

Here Lies Interred
the body of Sarah
Wheelwright Daughter of
John Wheelwright
of Rishworth Mill who
departed this Life the
2nd of May 1752 
in the 33rd year of her
George Riley of Slitherom
Rishworth died the 15th and
buried here the 18th of
November 1784 Aged 71 Years
Mary Riley the eldest Daughter
of John Wheelwright of Rish
worth Mill and Wife to the
above George Riley died the
26th of June 1791 and was Bu
ried here the 28th Aged 81

[Taken in November 2016]

This image [HH976.JPG] was kindly submitted by Derrick Habergham

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